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I've seen people reblogging a post that  (1) LJ servers are now being housed in Russia and (2) "the Russian government now has access to private information on private citizens across the country, their interests, their views, their families" and (3) and recommending that fans delete their LJ blogs and communities. If you do reblog/post please let people know they don't have to delete wholesale - they can import their blogs and communities to Dreamwidth. I've seen too many people anguishing over the loss of their creations, the comments and feedback, and their fandom history etc because they do not know they have choices. So if you're going to pass along a message of "FIRE!!!" , please point them towards the exits safely.

Dreamwidth FAQ: (importing personal blogs) (importing communities)

edited: As of 12/27/2016 only the Cyrillic/Russian accounts seem to have been relocated to Russian. No ETA on when/if the rest of the world will be moved, but you may still want to backup your personal blog or community nonetheless.

Here are Russian language posts about the Russian journals that have been blocked  and speculation about what is happening (use Google Translate):

edited: I ran my LJ through and it seems to point to Russia. I don't  know enough about how the Internets work to validate. BOTTOM LINE: BACKUP YOUR LJS

edited 12/302016: LJ pages are no longer secure (payment pages are still secure).

Also, if you do backup to Dreamwidth, please consider buying a paid account.
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