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Read about it here. The vote is early tomorrow Tuesday Jan 3, so call your rep tonight and leave a message. If their mailbox is full, try the local office. You can find out who is your rep here

Script: “The Gutting of the Office of Congressional Ethics.   I’m calling about the effort to undermine the Office of Congressional Ethics known as the Goodlatte* Amendment. President-elect Trumpf’s many conflicts of interest make Americans such as myself fear we are headed toward kleptocracy, so we need the legislative branch to provide a check on executive power. If the House dismantles its own ethics office, how can we trust that they have the spine to represent our interests in the Trumpf Administration? Please vote “no” on this rule change.”

*Pronounced “GUUD-lat”

Why the House Ethics Changes Matter?

If you live in any of these districts, call ASAP. These are the members of the House Judiciary Comitte. Even if you don't live in the specific district, but the state - call the reps from that state

Bob Goodlatte, VA, Chairman
F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr., WI
Lamar Smith, TX
Steve Chabot, OH
Darrell E. Issa, CA
J. Randy Forbes, VA
Steve King, IA
Trent Franks, AZ
Louie Gohmert, TX
Jim Jordan, OH
Ted Poe, TX
Jason Chaffetz, UT
Tom Marino, PA
Trey Gowdy, SC
Raúl R. Labrador, ID
Blake Farenthold, TX
Doug Collins, GA
Ron DeSantis, FL
Mimi Walters, CA
Ken Buck, CO
John Ratcliffe, TX
David A. Trott, MI
Mike Bishop, MI

John Conyers, Jr., MI
Jerrold Nadler, NY
Zoe Lofgren, CA
Sheila Jackson Lee, TX
Steve Cohen, TN
Henry C. "Hank" Johnson, Jr., GA
Pedro R. Pierluisi, PR Judy Chu, CA
Theodore E. Deutch, FL
Luis V. Gutiérrez, IL
Karen Bass, CA
Cedric L. Richmond, LA
Suzan K. DelBene, WA
Hakeem S. Jeffries, NY
David N. Cicilline, RI
Scott H. Peters, CA

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