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Posted in full at: at January 03, 2017 at 06:55PMNAACP on Twitter:
Today (Jan 3, 2017) members of the NAACP staged a protest in Jeff Sessions office and were arrested. Jeff Sessions is Drumpf’s pick for Attorney General. His record on human rights, civil rights and women’s rights was so bad in the 1980s that  Congress refused to confirm as a federal judge. This week over 1,000 law school professors signed a letter saying he must not become Attorney General.   His application to the Senate Judiciary Committee omitted key information but the Republicans are pushing his nomination anyway.

What to do?

Call your State Senators. You can find them  here:

Use this script:

“Good afternoon. My name is (NAME) and I am a resident of (CITY) and a constituent of the senator’s. I am calling today to voice my opposition to the nomination of Jeff Sessions to the position of attorney general. Senator Sessions has indicated that he finds the Voting Rights Act “intrusive,” and I very seriously doubt his commitment to promoting equal rights among all Americans. I’d like to find out Sen. (NAME)’s  position on his nomination and whether he’she will be supporting or opposing Jeff Sessions nomination.”

If they support Jeff Sessions or refuse to answer how they will vote, tweet your opposition to them.

Bonus: Call the Senate Judiciary Committee:

Additional reading:

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