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 Someone kindly pointed out that there is a way for paid subscribers on DW to filter out posts on their reading pages by tag.

I will try to tag my political posts either "politics" or "activism" - since I am cross-posting from tumblr, the tags will have to be applied manually so there may be a delay.


I wish there was a way for DW readers to filter out specific posts.

People with paid DW accounts can filter which of your posts they see based on your DW tags.

When I go to "Manage Filters", choose "Default filter", and then click on your name, I get these choices:

Show only content that ...
... is rated [anything(show all content)/safe or non-explicit/safe for work only]
... and the entry is tagged with [any/all/none]
of the selected tags:
(no tags selected)
Available tags (click to select):

activism[18] resistance[1] ......

So, you can tag your political posts, and readers who are burnt-out on politics can filter them out (but that is only available to readers with a paid account. Still, better than nothing.)



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