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1. Call your Senators and ask them not to defund Planned Parenthood

2. Ask them to hold off repealing The Affordable Care Act until 

A. there is a replacement plan that 

B. budgets for the costs of repeal and puts protections in place for people who are currently covered under the ACA.

And then…ask your family and friends to do the same.

Basically: tell your Senators not to rush ahead and pass legislation without thinking of how much it will cost or who is going to lose health care, birth control or cancer screenings. They are in the driver’s seat and there is no need for them to step on the accelerator while blindfolded. There are real life people in the crosswalks!

Because of the growing unease over the lack of budgeting and planning, several Senators from the following states have started expressing concerns over the House Bill to repeal Obamacare without a replacement, to refuse to allow the budget to look at any of the costs of repealing and replacing and to remove access to basic women’s health care and cancer screening for millions of women. Your phone calls to your Senators may give them the “covering fire” or excuse they need to pump the brakes. The senate likes to think of itself as a “deliberative” body working as a counter balance to the fly-by-night House of Representatives. Appeal to that ego. (ad campiagn focusing on the  wavering states)







West Virginia

”The decision to add the controversial Planned Parenthood language, which is opposed by most Democrats, could have a major impact on getting the Affordable Care Act repeal legislation through the Senate because supporters need the backing of at least 50 of their 52 members and two pro-choice senators, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, won’t commit to approving the bill with the Planned Parenthood provision in it…

Further complicating matters for Senate GOP leaders is Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, who announced this week he plans to vote against the Obamacare repeal legislation because the underlying budget measure it is attached to doesn’t balance and adds to the deficit. If Murkowski, Collins and Paul all voted against the budget bill, it would be enough to torpedo the Obamacare repeal legislation.”

Finally, even if you don’t live in these states, call your Senators anyway.

If you don’t like making phone calls, fax a quick email using one of the free online fax services (printed paper carries more weight than an email. Phone calls are best). 

Finally, you can also call on the weekends and leave a message. Try their local offices - they often have more than one.

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Date: 2017-01-07 11:31 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] heliophile
Very out-of-the-blue (sorry!) but I was just wondering if you might think it was worth asking David Futrelle at We Hunted the Mammoth (current strapline "Surviving the Trumpocalypse") if he would like to point people towards these specific activism suggestions you've been posting? Most of them are USAnians and the site is running a regular "Resist Trump by ..." feature, so there could be quite a few people interested in these links.
Apologies if not appropriate, or if you already did, or something!

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Date: 2017-01-07 07:42 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] heliophile
It's mainly humour+anti-misogyny, mocking PUAs and right-wing extremists etc, and now since the election it's also trumpocalypse resistance.

Thank you! I just mentioned it, so I guess it's possible the odd person might wander over to have a look.


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