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Posted in full at: at January 07, 2017 at 11:33AM

Posted in full at: at January 07, 2017 at 11:33AM

GOP resistance grows to Obamacare repeal without replacement:

It is always difficult to find detailed analysis of the GOPs plan to repeal the ACA in the comment section of news/blog articles:

But this comment caught my eye:


Daniel Pomerantz · Vanderbilt University School of Medicine:

“Neal* is right! In order to pass a “responsible” “repeal and delay bill”, it [the bill] needs to reintroduce the risk corridors that got removed because of Rubios 2014 budget rider. So in fact the only “responsible” bill would be to actually REINSTATE a prior OBAMACARE provision (which will undoubtedly piss off the right wing). They also indefinitely delay implementation of the “repeal” of 1) Medicaid Expansion, 2) Insurance Subsidies/ Exchanges 3) Individual and Employer Mandates 4) the Top End Tax Cuts. And that doesn’t even address the issue Planned Parenthood Funding which will undoubtedly spook not only Senators like Murkowski now that they are firing with real legislative bullets, but also Tuesday Group/ Moderate House Republicans in Affluent Suburbs that voted for HRC this election.

I’m really enjoying seeing these GOP clowns squirm and think they will blow this like they did when they botched the 2011 Social Security Grand Bargain.

Also don’t forget this! No business/ labor interest group, including traditionally GOP supporting ones like the Chamber of Commerce and the AMA, support this bill. Other than Heritage Foundation, no conservative think tank or interest group is supporting this as well, including the AEI. And the anti-repeal ads are already mobilizing on TV and the Internet. These guys are gonna be in a world of political hurt, pass or not….

….the insurance companies/ lobby had less sway over GOP “repeal” bills in the past 6 years after ACA passage before because these bills were always political theater (and assumed to be vetoed by Obama). Now that [Trump] is actually too stupid and paranoid to listen to policy experts about what is actually bad law, these lobbies need to work double time convincing more “conservative” and “reasonable” GOP congressmen (especially in the Senate) to not send Trump the equivalent of legislative terrorism.”

*Neal had written: “The problem without a replacement is how the insurance markets will react. To stabilize the markets they will have to give them money so that they will stay in place until a replacement is done. Only problem that will increase the debt and the cost of medical care and hurting the GOP claims.”


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