Aug. 30th, 2015

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Click here to support BAM Video Vault (aka Vidding Network) by Garfield Stinvil

As the drive to raise  money to move BAM Video Vault to its new home continues, the site owner is posting some interesting updates. This one caught my eye:

“The annual Digital Music Report released TUESDAY by IFPI has found that “the recording industry is making more money from fan-made mashups, lip-syncs and tributes on YOUTUBE than from official music videos.” - See more at:” 

As fandom grows more mainstream, the more pressure our communities will face from commercial entities that  seek to monetize our culture.  We are particularly  dependent on for profit platforms (tumblr, Youtube, Facebook, twitter etc) to form the infrastructure for our communities. This is one of the reasons that AO3 was built - we need to own the servers if we want to continue to shape our communities to meet our needs and desires.  Supporting alternative streaming platforms like BAM Video Vault is another way of achieving that goal. The current fundraising target is $1000 and they’ve just raised over half of that amount. 

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music: Kyla La Grange

I’ve been better, with the things I’ve said
When I took the lead instead of being led if Youtube is being weird

Please renew Killyjoys. Thanx bye.


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