Nov. 8th, 2015

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Vidder’s summary:  Do not attempt to adjust your television set…
Signal interference with the past and present is normal. If crossing of alternate realities persists for more than 4 hours–god help you.

This vid was shown at Kiscon 2015. The complete list of vids is here:

Vidder:  Kerinaty’s channel

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Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (deleted scene)

Seriously though, this scene. WHY DID THEY DELETE THIS SCENE?

And as they went away with Luke letting Han’s hand trail out of his, I thought, “…as though millions of Han/Luke shipper voices suddenly cried out and were silenced.”

In all my days I’ve never shipped this till…

Welp, if I didn’t ship it before…

True story from ancient fandom corner: people did ship it, and that shit was stomped on harder than any slash has ever been stomped on. There were lawsuits. SW slash went WAY underground–even in the days when all slash was underground. There were ‘zines, but they were precious as carbuncles and basically if you had one or wrote in one you were like a fucking badass slash bandit.

As far as we know, no one was sued  for publishing a Star wars slash zine or fiction. The reason that Star Wars slash zine fandom went dark, had to do with two het stories published in 1981: the Swedish zine The Dark Lord and then later Slow Boat To Bespin. This led to Lucasfilm issuing a series of protocols requiring the publication of family friendly material.  These protocols  put a damper on Star Wars zine publishing overall because they were subjective and arbitrary.

Of course given the homophobia of the times that classified any gay material, even G rated, as adult, this meant that published slash in Star Wars fandom pretty much dried up until the late 1990s, when brave slash fans resumed publishing Han/Luke slashInterestingly, even at the height of the Lucas anti-sexuality crusade, two slash writers were able to obtain permission to publish a slash story using original characters.  It took some effort to get permission, including a letter of protest written directly to Lucasfilm.

One good thing that came out of the Star Wars fanzine crackdown - before the crackdown, Lucas had demanded that fans submit a copy of their zines to his offices. Eventually he grew tired of them and the collection was given to Ming Wathne, who added thousands of other fanzines from other fandoms and ran the Fanzine Archives, a fanzine lending library. In 2008, she donated the collection to the University of Iowa and is open to the public.

You can still read some of the late 1990s Han/Luke fic online. 

(cover of Elusive Lover 1, artwork by Zyene)

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List o’ fanvids by awesome people:

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