Nov. 9th, 2015

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Fun with Jim and Spock (podfic fanvid):

Definitely an over 18 vid and NSFW. Link takes you to the AO3 page.

Summary:   A mature “children’s book” for K/S fen.

Creators:  ivycrosspamdizzleTLara

Tags:kiscon, vidding, fanvid, kirk/spock, vidders: ivycross pamdizzle TLara, DWCrosspost, NSFW
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This vid was made by my friend LynnC in 2002. The recent Han/Luke post on tumblr inspired me to contact her to get permission to upload it. Enjoy!  You can leave feedback at the AO3 post.

Vidder: LynnC
Fandom: Star Wars (Han/Luke)
Music: "Lowlands" by Dream Academy
Year: 2002

The low pressure band
had broken up but not let go
As holy stormy monday
broke out on the streets below
If not to hear your voice
is still the thing I can't replace
Somehow I can always see your face 

in the lowlands

I rise up in the evening
and rebuild a heart of stone
All around the border
where your memories have grown
'Til someone told me don't you know
there is no hiding place
Not until you meet it face to face

In the lowlands
On the battlefield
I can see a big bright continent
where fear does not exist
Where you could walk away from me
and I would not resist
And I won't be coming back again
to see where we went wrong
Never more to hear your siren song 

In the lowlands
In the rain
On the street
In all the places
Where we used to meet
In the lowlands
In the lowlands


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Posted in full at: at November 09, 2015 at 08:01AM

This vid was shown at Kiscon 2015.

Vidder:  Yunuen

Tags:kiscon, star trek, vidding, fanvid, DWCrosspost, vidder:Yunuen, Kirk/Everyone
Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)


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