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 So [personal profile] xlorp  and I have decided we'll do what we can (which is all any of us can do). We plan to make 1 phone call a week (since phone calls are what moves the DC machinery) and also focus on local topics which have a big impact on our quality of life

To help us select what to focus on, we'll be using several resources. This one is public and open to anyone:

A call a day keeps fascism away! Scripts & strategies for contacting elected officials and other forms of resistance. 
Sign up here: or peruse  their archive

edited: there is also a Weekly Call To Action Google Doc. The first link goes to a set of tips. The second link goes to the actual list. Last week is was about Bannon, This week the ACA and getting the House Oversight Committee to start looking into Trumps conflict of interest issues

Two amazing tools to help you reach out to your Congresspersons (we have tested both)

Jessica Fish (@Fishica) tweeted at 0:57 PM on Thu, Nov 17, 2016:
MAGIC ALERT: You call this number and it auto-connects you to ALL of your congressfolks offices, hops from 1 to the next. 1 (844) 872-0234

Add Their Numbers To Your Phone
Text your US address to (520) 200-2223 to get a list of your star and federal reps.

(zip alone is often enough. If you are really paranoid, use the address of that neighbor who leaves their dog home alone on long weekends until it barks itself hoarsely to sleep).

This year we're skipping holiday gifts and we donated to:

TransLifeLine (transgender support hotline)
Southern Poverty Law Center
Planned Parenthood


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 This may be a long shot, but do any VCR era vidders still have copies of their vid storyboards or notes? It is for a vidding history project,

And digital/more recent vidders - do you still create a storyboard for your vids? I'd like to include a few example pages.

A storyboard is "a written set of lyrics of the song, ideally written only on the left half of the page to leave the right half available for notes."
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 when did anime vids start being shown at convention? I have 2 dates for live action vidding - informal room parties and then formal programming first show, first contest)

I found this:

Anime Music Videos are about 21 years old now... 1983 is about the time that the first AMV(s) started to emerge... Most of them were done back then by people who had access to video editing suites and two VHS decks since owning 2 VCRs back then was a luxury that only a few could afford... To give you some idea why, When I had my first VHS machine back in 1984-85, Video tapes would cost me about $12.00 US for standard grade, and that was considered cheap... 

Anyway, in around the late 80s, two VCRs were getting common and so "Home" made AMVs started to appear... The trick back then was to try to make your edits without the "Rainbows" since Flying erase head VCRs back then costed you about $1200 US. I kid you not since my first 4 head Hi-Fi VCR cost me that much! 

Back then as well, AMVs were a cult of a small group of people and AMV contests were shown in rooms the size of shoe boxes. Most people laughed at us and figured it was a novelty and would wear out. Boy were they wrong! 

a Lot of AMVs on VCRs were made in the 90s.. a lot of them suffered from poor quality and audio/video drops. Getting clean and good footage was an issue due to the costs and availability. 

What made the breakthrough in better quality videos in the 90s was Laser Disk!! Although 30 minutes of anime tended to cost about $50-75 US, most of us were silly enough to buy them. Heck, I bought all the Gundam 0083 discs at $60.00 per episode and used them to make my first Gundam video back in 1983... So there should be no whining about not being able to afford your sources!! Also keep in mind that if you adjust for inflation, ot would be like buying your anime discs for $100.00+ a pop! 

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I think we need to set up a Fanlore Account on Tumblr. We already have a Twitter account run by OTW Communications (thank you Pip!) and there is a way for those regular tweets to be automatically sent to a Fanlore Tumblr. I'd be willing to set up the Official Fanlore account on Tumblr and also tweak some of the cross-post settings so that we can mirror either the Tumblr posts here or DW posts like this one on Tumblr .

But we need someone to manage the Tumblr account. It should be a low key affair. I make regular fandom history and Fanlore posts on my tumblr blog which could be reblogged.  The Ask Box could be left open in case anyone wants to touch base via Tumblr. Thee are also periodic OTW announcement posts that might be suitable for reblogging.

Anyone other ideas for this Official Fanlore Tumblr account? Tumblr is a rich visual medium and we have lots of content on Fanlore that would be great for blogging.

Anyone interested?
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 Yahoo email has been getting worse.Many people who are using POP or IMAP  to access their email on their phones are finding it no longer works. There is an option to "allow access from less secure apps" that may help but for many that too fails. Accessing your Yahoo email on the web is still sometimes available but often that does not work on your phone. They turned off email forwarding so you cannot forward your email to another account like gmail.

I am testing a low RAM email client (eM Client) that can run continuously in the background of my desktop. I set up an IMAP account for yahoo mail, created a filter/rule that copies the email over to the IMAP version of my gmail account and puts it into a folder so I can read it on my phone. I am certain there are other more simpler  workarounds, but the most important part of this message is to make certain you have found a way to download your Yahoo email, contacts and calendar and store it elsewhere as I am not certain how much longer yahoo will be viable.

PS.   I am am paid subscriber to yahoo mail and they no longer have a support number to call. Or rather, I am still looking for it. They have not answered any support emails and the forum gets you canned responses.

PPS. Gmail allows you to import your contacts, emails and calendar from yahoo via POP, so if you can get POP to work, that is a good way to back up your entire yahoo account. Once imported you may have problems getting new emails, but it will be a start. Also, POP only imports items stored in your mail folder (inbox. IMAP allows you to access all folders.)

PPPS. Besides eM Client, you can try other free Desktop email apps like Thunderbird for IMAP.  There may be other third party apps that work across desktops and phones.

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 The Fanlore page about the Moonridge auction could use updating. The page is here:

Some links to help refresh people's memories

Things to add: number of participants, who moderated for what years, websites, amounts raised....
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 I am pulling together links of the vidding meta as far back as I can go.  Here is what I have so far

*vidding newsletter
*vidding LJ meta tag

any other forums, blogs or tumblrs?


Aug. 7th, 2016 08:49 am
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I feel like I should be wearing a sign: 

"Hi my name is [XXXXXX]. If I don't remember you, or the fact that we had that amazing time at [XXXX] or that we roomed together while I was studying at [XXXX] or that we once overthrew the government of  [XXXX] while wearing [XXXXX] and drinking [XXXXXX], please don't be offended. My memory is a bit threadbare.  I am just happy to see you, my dear [XXXXXX]."
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Sometimes I try explaining media fandom culture as follows:

Popular culture is like food. In the past, most of us cooked our own food and ate at home. We followed recipes that were handed down informally from generation to generation. Most of us could never afford to hire a chef or to go to a restaurant.

Then recipe books began to be published. Restaurants flourished. People started eating out once a year, then once month, and finally once or twice a week. Diner food arrived and with it, fast food was quick on its heels. The consumption of frozen dinners exploded. Home cooking was supplanted by prepackaged meals. We ate more and more alone, on the go, and communal family dinners fell out of favor.

Fan fiction, fan art and fan vids are like home-cooking. Commercially produced TV, books, and movies are like restaurant food. The meals prepared by fandom creators are usually based on the commercial recipes. Sometimes we follow the recipe closely. Sometimes we tweak it and add our own ingredients. Sometimes we go totally off script, especially when it becomes clear that commercial food markets have no interest in catering to our nutritional needs or dietary preferences. As fans, we still love to eat out, but mostly we love to cook for ourselves and our friends. What we cook varies in quality. Sometimes home cooked fanfiction is on par with MacDonald's and sometimes it is better than a 3 star Michelin restaurant. But that too is a matter of taste and preference.

But no one in their right minds would argue that home-cooking is illegal. That food is copyrighted and that no one should be able to replicate a recipe at home. That the only "authorized" food is the food that is produced by commercial kitchens, marketed by corporations and served up by trained chefs.

The ability to interact with popular culture - to absorb it, to reshape it, to respond to it - is a basic human need. It is as basic as eating and drinking. We have always sat around the fire telling and retelling the stories of our people. Just as we have always sat around the fire while eating the food we cooked for one another. And hopefully we always will.
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What we need:

more kindness, more history, more context, more empathy, more listening skills, more good faith
less blame, less assumptions, less zero sum conclusions, less bridge-burning, less finger pointing
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 I've seen this mentioned in numerous places but have not yet found the name of the case.

"Boldly Going Where No Copyright Claim Has Gone Before

One of the most notorious cases of copyright omission happened in connection with a little show called Star Trek— another NBC series, but this one a production of Desilu Studios. When originally telecast during the 1966-67 TV season, the entire first season’s voyages of the starship Enterprise aired without a single indication of copyright anywhere in the program.

It wasn’t until years later — and after Star Trek had metamorphosed from a short-lived cult TV show into a cultural phenomenon and highly prized commodity — that the copyright lapse even drew any attention. It was at the time of the advent of home video, when a number of small mom-and-pop outfits, believing that first year of Star Trekto be in the public domain, began selling copies of the episodes on videocassette.

Paramount, which had inherited the Star Trek franchise and produced the remaining two years of the series and all of its spin-offs after parent company Gulf + Western purchased Desilu in 1967, sought to regain exclusive rights to the first season by mounting a legal challenge to the little nickel-and-dime distributors that were circulating those first 26 episodes.

The upshot? Based on its existing copyrights on all subsequent Star Trek properties, Paramount won the right to retroactively copyright the entire first season of Star Trek, in the process, successfully suing all of those little companies — the ones that thought they were in the clear selling public domain shows — right out of business."

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 Some of the paths suggested by people like Ghandi, MLK etc are not an option for many people for many different reasons and I certainly do not know what experiences have led people to this point in their lives.  But this brings me back to my original position: The only person I can change is myself. (usually poorly, slowly, and with less success than I had hoped for).

So....if I am able, I will send a nice email to someone, leave a positive comment, compliment someone, be kind to someone.  If I see someone struggling, I will stop and ask if I can help. As it was said:  intent does not matter, only actions.
TL; DR: be excellent to one another.

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Back in 2010, one fan wrote about her perception of the intersection between fandom, social justice and the rest of the world:

"....I think a lot of people don't notice how broad and long term the effects of fandom's existence.....really are. There is a generation of published authors that have come out of fandom, and right now a new generation is writing their first fanfic and getting their first feedback comment. There are TV writers who didn't know what slash was 5 years ago but now consider slashers an essential part of their audience. Research of online fannish communities is a growing field in Social Sciences departments in universities all over the world. Every day I see more and more awareness and acknowledgment of fandom in the real world, every day it seems like more people are paying attention and more people are taking part in this community. When I was 9 years old, I didn't have a computer; when my sister was 9 years old, she was posting her fanfic on Taking that in mind, I can't think of a fannish community I'm familiar with that hasn't been affected by the "social justice" issues that have recently become more and more mainstream in my corner of fandom. And the communities that haven't been touched by it at all, will likely be touched by it in 5-10 years' time.

-[community profile] scans_daily  started as a place to talk about homoerotic subtext in comics, today they have a How Not to Fail 101 post they make their community members adhere to. The campaign to protest the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie was as successful as it was, had the broad effect that it did partially because of the social justice work that had previously been done in fandom and because more people were receptive to issues like whitewashing in Hollywood ......Around 2006 someone came into a fan community for the US scifi show "Stargate: Atlantis" and expressed the opinion that the show was sexist and treated its female characters poorly. In 2006 that post had several pages of comments flaming that person and reciting various bingo squares on how it's nobody's problem but her own. Today that kind of reaction would be unthinkable in the same corner of fandom..... and many of the people you saw on the flamming side in 2006 are today regularly speaking out about feminism and other issues in media.

-I've seen people say that they don't see the kind of awareness and understanding about social issues in their RL interactions as they do in fandom. And to that, honestly, all I have to say is look around. Again, 5 years ago you wouldn't have been having these conversations in fandom. 10 years from now some kid is going to publish their novel who grew up reading non-faily fic about trans characters...... I see the effects all of this is having on the world; I don't know how you can see them. And I know this is not just a "product of the times," it's the result of a lot of hard work from a lot of dedicated people, and if they - we - weren't doing this, it wouldn't happen by itself (and it won't, in future)."

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 They can be from any of the films.

Mine (so far) are:
*Kid Fears (multi-generational retelling of the Star Wars saga)
*Lowlands (Han/Luke)
*(still considering the last one)
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 I made all the appropriate genuflections at the Altar of Technology.

*Sleeping Cat Photo (in the sun)
*Sexy Text to Partner
*Used Google Voice to ask "What is 42" and "What is Skynet" and listened to ...IT?.... read from Wikipedia
*Asked for the locations of the nearest Starbucks and Shawarma

I am ready for 2016.

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 I am working on the Han/Luke Fanlore page and am looking for some of the early fanfic that was published. So far the earliest seems to be Theresa K's "The Promise" which appeared in 1993 in Dyad 12.  Any other ones from before1995?

edited: we found a few written by Felicity Granger in Bright Center of the Universe dating to around 1991.

Stacy Doyle

Dec. 7th, 2015 02:03 pm
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A little over a year ago, fan friend Stacy Doyle passed away. Her partner Liz asked us to help find a home for her fanzine  and fanvid collection. One Sunday in Feb, a few of us* gathered together to catalogue, box and shipp her fanzine collection.

A collection in her name has now been established up at Texas A&M University. On Stacy's bio page Liz wrote:

""What can I say about Stacy … she was generous of her time, friendly, loving, and a born caregiver. She was at her happiest when she was helping someone. It didn’t matter if the help was big or small. Helping you figure out your new phone, computer or getting your VCR/DVD to talk to your TV or helping you decorate for Halloween or Christmas or helping you move.

Once she discovered fandom she was in 7th heaven, as they say. She found she wasn’t the only one into Star Trek, Starsky and Hutch, Man from U.N.C.L.E, and so forth that was just the beginning of her fanish pursuits. She convinced her Mom to drive her to conventions in Sacramento, yes, she had to be driven, as she didn’t have her drivers license yet. Once she got it and that freedom it garnered her, she was able to go to local conventions by herself. As she went to more and more conventions she discovered costumes, zines, and vids!..."

*A huge thank you to Mishie, [personal profile] franzeska and [personal profile] xlorp for doing the hard work in getting the collection to TAMU.
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 The recording "T'hy'la" is a K/S filk song. We have been unable - so far - to ID who wrote it or who sung it. It does not help that the recording is poor. Having said this, we'd love to 'crowd-source" transcribing the lyrics. Below are 2 transcribed versions of the lyrics - questionable words are in brackets. If you're interested in helping, drop me a note or email me at mdawn6 @ and I'll send you the link to the file.

Version A


You needed me now
I needed you then
The time has
come to [heal] again

my t'hy'la
:28 time marker
From a distant [year] you call my name
From a distant land I came

:40 time marker
Reach out
to me my brother
Call out my name in your
No matter where I am I'll hear
seek me out and see what you find


1:15 time marker
I thought I could make it
without you
[Heritage can't be denied]
Somehow you reached out and touched
Somehow a part of me [cries]


1:45 time marker
[Away for 3 years from Vulcan]
Vulcan nature or thought
1:53 [Friendship] is something forever
Feelings could never be fought


You needed me now
I needed you
The time has come to [begin] again

Version B


You needed me now
I needed you then
The time has come to [heal] again

my t'hy'la
From a distant [year] you call my name
From a distant land [I kind]

Reach out to me my brother
Call out my name in your mind
No matter where I am I'll hear you
[pick] me out and see what you find


I thought I could make it without you
Where have you cast me tonight
Somehow you reached out and touched me
Some how a part of me [cries]


1:45 [I'm very unsure about most of this verse]
A way for be it a Vulcan
Vulcan nature or thought
1:53 Stretch him is something forever
Feelings could never be fought


You needed me now
I needed you then
The time has come to heal again

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 It is short (2 min) filk song about Mary Sue Fan Fic. Drop me a note or email mdawn6 @
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I have not verified all of these GoFundMe/YouCaring Campaigns. I decided to give to the ones with the least amount raised so far (since I don't have enough to give to everyone). Additional links appreciated. Check here for the latest updated list.

Bennetta Bet-Badal:
Aurora Godoy:
Robert Adams:
Tin Nguyen:
Michael Wetzel:
Nicholas Thalasinos:
Juan Espinoza:
Harry Bowman:
Yvette Velasco:
Sierra Clayborn:

If you can afford only one donation consider:

San Bernardino United Relief Fund (

Arrowhead United Way, a nonprofit, has set up the San Bernardino United Relief Fund to help those affected by the mass shooting. Donations can be made online or by texting "SBUNITED" to 71777. You can also send checks made payable to SBUNITED, Arrowhead United Way, 646 North D. St., San Bernardino, CA 92401.

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One downside of the OTW event calendar is that (a) they don't get many submissions about conventions  and (b) when they do, they only post about it in the month the event is happening so it gives no time to plan.

So here is my list of known conventions. It is not comprehensive - the event has to be fan run with a focus on media fandom  and no Creation Cons or actor cons.   As always caveat emptor,  especially with events that don't have a track record.

Multifandom Gen
Mediawest (also has slash programming). May 2016, Lansing, Michigan USA
Southern Media (Southern USA)

Multifandom Slash
CON.TXTJuly 2016, Arlington VA (mostly slash, gen welcomed)
Connexions - 2017? (East Coast, USA)
Escapade - Feb 2016, Los Angeles, CA USA 
Get/Together - Wellington, New Zealand, usually early October, multifandom slash focus
PacificCon - April 2016, Seattle, WA, USA (slash and some gen)
Revelcon March 2016, (Houston, Texas)
Sinpozium - Sydney Australia, usually early June, multifandom slash focus
Slash/Night - Feb 2016, part of the Brighton Digital Festival, UK
TGIFemslash - Feb 2016, Los Angeles, CA USA
Tribal Forces (Pennsylvania, USA)
Wincon (also has gen programing) - moves around the US, 2016 dates and location not yet announced

Doctor Who
Coal Hill Con - May 2016, New Hampshire, USA

Harry Potter
Misti Con (next one in May 2017), New Hampshire, USA

My Little Pony
Everyfree - May 2016, Seattle, WA, USA (note: this event has paid guests, including actors and may be more commercial than fan focused)

The Professionals Slash
Pros (somewhere in the middle of the USA)

Sherlock Holmes
221BCon - April 2016, Atlanta GA  (note: this event has paid guests, including actors)
Sherlock Seattle - Oct 2016, Seattle, WA, USA (this event is still seeking funding - check out their fundraising page)
A Scintillation of Scions, June 2016, Maryland, USA: (pn thier page they also link to another Washington DC event, Gridlock DC that was held in 2015)

Starsky & Hutch Slash
Starsky & Hutch: (Maryland)

Star Trek Slash
Kiscon 2015 - USA - just ended so keep an eye out for the next one
Kimset UK - Sept 2016 - Buckinghamshire, UK

Destielcon  Cincinnati, Ohio, USA - (held in 2015 in the USA and they're doing a survey to see if they can host one in 2016)

Vividcon - Aug 2016, Chicago, IL, USA
VidUKon - June 2016, Cardiff, Wales, UK

I am certain there are more events, so I will use this post as a master list that you can link to. Drop a comment or send me an ask if you know of any other fan run, non-actor conventions.

EDITED: This list will focus on media fandom conventions. Many general sci-fi events have some media fandom panels, but I'd like to keep this list focused on TV, movie and anime fandoms and events which do not featured paid guests (actors, authors, show runners, celebrities etc).   Please include a link to the convention's website/tumblr/blog.

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Jonah (I met a man with weary eyes..
....Jonah, why did you run?) 
written by April Valentine

T'hy'la ("Reach out to me my brother
call out my name in your mind...
...I thought I could live without you...")

Who wrote: "What Do You Do With A Drunken Vulcan" Twas Roberta Rogow!
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 The Sinful Desire Archive is evaluating the process of moving the site to AO3. To do this they need two things: 
(a) 1-2 members to help coordinate the migration and 
(b) volunteers to help migrate the stories through a semi-automated process.

Please email mdawn6 @ if you are interested.

The migration process will take some time depending on how many volunteers they are able to get. Once the migration begins, the site will be frozen and no new stories will be added. Currently Sinful Desire has been renewed through March 2016. If the site goes offline before the migration is complete, they will still be able to compelte the migration if there is enough interest and volunteers.

If no one volunteers to coordinate the migration, then the site will not be migrated and it will go offline. Archive migration is driven by community interest.
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 I "asked" several of the fanbook project organizers to see what printers they are/were using.  This list will be updated

PrintNinja: (min print run of 250, average for soft with perfect or coil, 100 full color pages (or 50 sheets) around $15 (including shipping and proof copy). If you go up to 200 pages (100 sheets) the price is around $24. You can tweak this a bit and if you can manage 500 copies, the price drops significantly (ex: 200 page zine would drop down to to $14 again).  They have a good price calculator

First Choice Books:  Canada based. The project used it because it was local and suggest that fans use local printers to avoid having to pay shipping costs for the proof copy. Pricing: need to call or email to get estimate

Print Trade Co located in Norcross, Georgia, USA:

JiMi Agency: prints books on a case by case basis located in Seoul, Korea

Blurb:  USA and UK. Does both artbooks and magazine style printing.

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A long and ugly formatted list of the first two screens of books/essay etc that contain references to Fanlore. The search engine was Google Books.

Again - very long, and ugly raw links.

Read more... )
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How Archive of Our Own Revolutionized Fandom #AO3  #History  #FanLore

A brief snapshot of fandom in early 2007: The first Naruto series had wrapped, and Naruto Shippuden had just started airing. Supernatural was wrapping up its second season with a shocking finale in “All Hell Breaks Loose.” Kingdom Hearts II and Final Fantasy XII came out only the year before, and Final Fantasy 7 fandom was back with a vengeance with the release of Advent Children. The world  The world waited breathlessly for the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.And fandom on LiveJournal was on fire.

View On WordPress

The article is definitely worth the read.  I loved this last bit:

“It’s a place by fans, for fans, where fans can gather and archive their work without concern for legality or censorship. It was born from a desire not to be beholden to original content creators or advertisers, and it has always been true to that goal, staying afloat primarily through charitable donations from users. Fandom has fragmented across social media—some users remained on LiveJournal, while others migrated to Dreamwidth or Tumblr or JournalFen.

For many though, AO3 was the advent of fandom coming together to defend their hobby and preserve their history, a place where the principles of fannish creativity would outweigh watchdog and advertiser concerns about controversial content. Six years and over a million fan works later, they’re still going strong.”

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 The Starsky & Hutch Fanlore Timeline needs help. Anyone can create an free account and add info directly - or you can send edits to mdawn6 @

The Fanlore page:
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The No-Frills Multi-Fandom Friending Meme

DW username: morgandawn
Other platforms (please specify): tumblr (meedee), FB (morgandawn) and twitter (morgandawn6) (I crosspost from public posts from tumblr to twitter and FB, occasionally crosspost to DW from tumblr (meedee)
Active/primary interests or fandoms: fandom history, fandom meta, vidding
If you've seen me around, it's probably because: vidding, fandom history, Supernatural
I post about: all platforms: fandom, my tumblr includes some science, art and fashion. I keep politics to a min.
I post/check my feed: tumblr daily, FB/Twitter/DW weekly
I want to find people that post about: Supernatural, Killjoys, new TV shows, fandom meta,fandom history, vidding
I am most interested in interacting with people on: DW
My blog is: On DW I lock personal or health posts friends only, all else public so don't worry if I don't grant you access on DW. All posts are unlocked on tumblr or twitter. FB all posts are locked. 
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 in order to post to DW from tumblr I have to use DW post  by email service which works great.   problem is that all the formatting gets stripped from the DW post

I need help figuring out if this is a problem with the IFTT recipe that grabs the tumblr post and sends it to DW or if it is DW stripping the formatting.

any help appreciated.
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I've blogged before about how fandom keeps trying to police one another by invoking etiquette when too often that etiquette is shaped over time by ever changing technology and cultures.herehere and hereThe short version: We do not use technology, technology uses us.) 

I came across today a  comment that spoke to my earlier points. It was responding to the ongoing discussion as to why fans today feel they can blog/reblog content without permission or context.

"I think generations and etiquette have much less to do with it than the technology itself. Tumblr, just like DW or any other social media platform, actively shapes what kind of activity they want to occur by the features they offer and those they neglect.

DW, or LJ before it, presents you first and foremost with a large text box. If you were to find a zine picture you really loved, even if it did not occur to you to ask for permission to post it first, you would probably talk about how you found it, wonder who the author was and if they had a local internet presence, etc. Probably you would put the picture behind a cut (also a habit shaped by technology - slow connections and breaking layouts). Conversation would then proceed within the comments of that entry, and the whole thing would stay relatively secluded - this, IMO, naturally feels much more respectful of the artist, no matter whether the person posting thought anything through beforehand.

On Tumblr, you have a photo post, which will always always show the picture first, and any explanation of what this is and why you are talking about it second. This picture will then be shown to wild strangers via the tagging system, and they can appropriate it, and even remove the last shreds of context by removing the "caption" (just note the name of what all that fannish interaction has now become!), with a single click of the reblog button. Any kind of discussion also necessitates appropriation: you cannot comment on anything without first copying it to your own post! With this kind of architecture, even the same person, with the same original intention, produces wildly different results..."
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We have set up a mirror community to help fans locate older vids:

Please sign up,  because the more eyes we have on the searches, the more chances we have locating vids.

Also, if you just want to list the fanvids you have by fandom, we have a sticky post. It may help pull in more queries if people know there are fans of the series reading the community.

Source: Fanlore


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