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Universe: MCU, Non-powered Ghost Hunters AU
Pairings: James “Bucky” Barnes/Tony Stark
Rating: T
Warnings: None 
Chapters: 1 of ??? 
Bucky Barnes and the gang are your (way better than) average gang of ghost hunters taking on their next big haunt along the historic Route 66, when it so happens that Bucky attracts the attention of a nameless spirit during one of his impromptu spirit communication sessions. 
Or, as it’s alternatively known, how Bucky unexpectedly dates a ghost. 
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Marvel is Marvel 2017

Sep. 25th, 2017 12:36 pm
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The idea here is to organize a gift exchange designed for Marvel and its many branched runs, authors, related and unrelated fandoms. The idea is to include the X-Men side and the Avengers side and every other side that non-Marvel fans don't realize is Marvel. The idea is to include any timeline you want, any world you want, any character you want, so long as it's Marvel.


Dreamwidth Community | LiveJournal Feed | 2017 AO3 Collection | 2017 Tagset

  • Nominations: Sunday, September 24 - Saturday, October 14

  • Sign Ups: Tuesday, October 17 - Sunday, October 29

  • Assignments Out: Monday, November 6

  • Works Due: Saturday, December 9

  • Works Revealed: Sunday, December 17

  • Authors Revealed: Sunday, December 24

I meme therefore I am

Sep. 25th, 2017 01:26 pm
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Late start for work today because Nefer woke us both up complaining, and it turns out she's most likely got another UTI. We had to take her in to the vet, who could work us in this morning, luckily, so she's got a shot of antibiotics, a shot of painkiller, and a sample taken for culturing to figure out which bacteria it is. We've also locked her in the spare bedroom and bathroom with her own litterbox, food and water, and the microwavable heating pad to give her a few hours without Sora going YOU SMELL WEIRD AND ARE ACTING FUNNY I SHOULD TRY TO DRIVE YOU OUT OF THE PRIDE.

She didn't want to be locked up, but the painkiller is a morphine derivative and the vet assured us that life was going to get very good for her about an hour later, so I expect she's snoozing away in a sunbeam right now, content in the knowledge that she is now edging ahead of Sora for the title of Most Expensive Member of the Household.

Meme time!

What Kind of Dungeons and Dragons Character Would You Be? )
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Posted by Ask a Manager

I was on public radio’s Marketplace Weekend again this weekend, taking more questions from listeners about job searching. (This was a bonus round because we got so many questions from people the week before!) We talked about:

  • what to do if you’re overqualified
  • advice to someone who’s applied for 700 jobs and isn’t having any luck
  • when you’re worried about a credit check while you’re job searching
  • how to use your network
  • and more

The segment is six and a half minutes and you can listen here:

I answered more questions on the radio this weekend was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

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Posted by Roman Loyola

Autoplay video: The bane of the web. You either hate them, or are completely disgusted by them. Fortunately, with Safari 11 in macOS High Sierra (Safari 11 is also available for macOS Sierra), you can easily disable autoplay video and surf the web in relative peace.

Here’s how to stop autoplay videos in Safari 11.

Editor's note: This article originally posted using the beta version of High Sierra. It has been updated using the final release.

Stop autoplay videos: The quick way

1. When you’re on a website with autoplay videos, you can change how those video behave. Click on Safari > Settings for This Website or right-click the URL box and select Settings for This Website.

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Posted by Roman Loyola

Safari’s Reader mode is a way for users to peruse a webpage without distractions from ads, videos, sponsored content links, and other web elements you may not consider essential to the article you are reading.

In Safari 10 (the version that comes with macOS Sierra), Reader mode has to be enabled manually (View > Show Reader or press Shift-Command-R). With Safari 11 in macOS High Sierra and Sierra, you can set the browser to open most pages in Reader mode. (Some pages, like the homepage of news sites, can’t be opened in Reader mode. But the individual articles can.)

Here’s how to set Reader mode in Safari 11. What this will do is open any pages that are Reader compatible in Reader mode when you visit a particular website.

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Doomsday Clock #2 cover

Sep. 25th, 2017 02:30 pm
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“Some really good people are working on Before Watchmen and it saddens me to see that. I won’t be supporting it in any way. I just can’t. And in all honesty — I can’t help but feel a little bit less for every creator who works on these books. Have you no decency?” -- Erik Larsen

Cover under the cut... )
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Posted by Ryan Felton on Jalopnik, shared by Melissa Kirsch to Lifehacker

If you ride the subway in New York City long enough, you’re bound to see a passenger move between cars mid-ride. Me, I couldn’t do it. Too afraid. But this? What you see above? I mean, damn. Over the weekend, this clip emerged of a guy apparently riding a subway in a very unorthodox way—by hanging onto the door as the…


Fandom Giftbox!

Sep. 25th, 2017 11:21 am
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I'm super excited about what I got this year, because Wonder Woman icons! Two sets!

And then I got a wonderful ficlet from an AU where Boromir didn't die and how Aragorn's coronation then went. (movie verse, and very sweet).

AND THEN I got Murderbot fic! About Murderbot's favourite show getting cancelled, and Murderbot doing what any fan would do. It's a sweet and funny little follow up to All Systems Red and I'm so pleased with it.

I wrote three fic:

Sunday Tea on Mars
Babylon 5, post series, Catherine/Jeff/Michael/Lise, 1,800 words, Teen.
Lise knows she's been with Michael too long when a presumed-dead Minbari prophet at the breakfast table is the least of her worries.

My Dreams Under Your Feet
Star Wars: The Force Awakens, post movie, Leia/Poe, 2,100 words, Explicit.
Poe isn't sure he has it in him to give Leia everything she needs after the Battle of Starkiller Base, but he knows he's going to try.

In Your Arms Tonight
Star Wars: The Force Awakens, post movie, Finn/Poe, 1,100 words, Teen.
When Finn gets back, he's taking that wilderness survival training Poe keeps telling him about.

Tanner Ranch, Texas

Sep. 25th, 2017 01:28 pm
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Posted by <a rel="author" href="/users/JoeyPare/pseuds/JoeyPare">JoeyPare</a>



This is a found story that was started 4 or 5 years ago. It was written before I discovered MOB’s Dossiers on Blackraptor. It is an excerpt out of Vin Tanner’s life and the ranch he was raised on, plus an insight into his Army career.

“My” Vin Tanner is a combination of a close friend, a veteran, a US Army Airborne Ranger / Special Operations and an acquaintance that was in Black Ops.

Translation: Opa is Dutch for Grandfather

Words: 8348, Chapters: 2/5, Language: English

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First I moved house in June. Now the Best Little Law Firm in Delaware is moving offices on Friday.

Time for another round of OMGWTF, How Did I Acquire So Much Stuff? With bonus anxiousness over whether any of the papers I'm stuffing into the shredder pickup bin are vitally important somehow.

At least my new office will not overlook a vacant lot full of cats in heat, rampant weeds, and the occasional homeless dude. Aveline also assures me the new place is within walking distance of a nice little coffee shop.

Reading Log: The Swan Riders by Erin Bow; The Kingdom of Little Wounds by Suzanne Cokal; I'll Have What She's Having by Erin Carlson; The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare; The Reluctant Queen by Sarah Beth Durst; Vengeance Born by Kylie Griffin; Secrets in Death by J.D. Robb; Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw; Darkchild by Sydney Van Scyoc; and the 5-author serial novel The Witch Who Came in From the Cold
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Posted by Michael Simon, Roman Loyola

The next version of Apple’s operating system for the Mac is called macOS High Sierra. While the OS is mostly about software refinements, it also lays the foundation for future innovations in the worlds of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality).

You can learn more by taking a look at our favorite High Sierra features listed below. That’s followed by an FAQ, where you can get details on High Sierra’s release date, system requirements, installation instructions, and more.

Editor’s note: We’ve updated this story with a link to the macOS High Sierra review.

macOS High Sierra: The Macworld review

Here's our full review of macOS High Sierra. High Sierra is mostly an under-the-hood upgrade that sets the Mac up for the future. There are cool features in Photos and Notes, and Safari 11 has controls for autoplay videos. Read our review to learn more.

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Posted by Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya on The A.V. Club, shared by Virginia K. Smith to Lifehacker

I grew up with two Indian cuisines: The food I ate in Indian restaurants on special occasions, and the food cooked by my grandmother. The biggest difference I noticed between the two came in the bread department. My grandma served us many kinds of breads, but they never included naan.


Thoughts on Star Trek: Discovery?

Sep. 25th, 2017 11:45 am
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Hi, everyone! I'm not sure if you've had the chance to catch the first (and only) broadcast episode of the latest series Star Trek Discovery on CBS last night or through Netflix outside of the US, but I thought it'd be a good idea to have a post in this community about it for those who want to discuss it.

My own thoughts are pretty mixed. I'm not much of a fan of the JJ Abrams look myself, and the cinematography was, um, confusing at times with all the dutch angles and cuts. That being said, I'm interested in how the series will portray the Klingons, as they seem to be more inspired by series like Game of Thrones in their look and feel this time around, and I have high hopes for the lead actresses. I'm very wary about the lead's connection to Sarek, Spock's father, and how that will play out.

Please make sure that you label your posts appropriately for spoilers. A good rule of thumb would be something like this: SPOILERS EPISODE 1 or SPOILERS EPISODES 1 & 2 before the main body of your comment.

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The anon period at Remix Revival has ended, so I can now reveal that my creation for the remix was "Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Flint-Vastra (The Carte de visite remix) ", a piece of fanart about Jenny and Vastra from Doctor Who.

I had a few fic ideas as well, but Real Life continues to conspire against me, and I ended up doing fanart instead. It was fun, though, since it's been a while since I've made manips.

(I also took this as an excuse to finally start posting my old manips to AO3)

In return I received Scout's Honor, a lovely remix of one of my The Mentalist fics.

I also received two delightful fics from [community profile] fandomgiftbox: Smiles (The Mentalist, Jane/Cho) and feel the beat from the tambourine (Doctor Who, Doctor & Bill)
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Posted by David Mikkelson

A request for prayers for the families of 30 U.S. military personnel who died when their helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan is several years old.
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Posted by Dan MacGuill

A "satirical" web site published a fabricated claim that the Browns and other NFL teams had been forced to issue refunds due to the national anthem controversy.
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In this week's commonly confused words, we will look at the difference between amoral and immoral. Participating in our examples will be the cast of Person of Interest )

Remix fic! and fic report

Sep. 25th, 2017 12:45 pm
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Remixes are revealed! My awesome Trek AOS remix was written by [ profile] LadyMerlin and mine is:

Let's See What Happens (The False Destiny Remix) (1205 words) by celli
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Gregor Vorbarra/Laisa Toscane Vorbarra
Characters: Gregor Vorbarra, Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan, Laisa Toscane Vorbarra, Alys Vorpatril
She didn’t know what shoes had to do with anything, but her superiors had been firm: anything was a possible lever with the Emperor, track and report it all.

* Coursera Style week 4 story (600/600)
* Coursera Setting week 1 story (308/300)

* Coursera Setting week 2 story (0/500)
* PODSA bedsharing/glasses fic (76/whatever)
* PODSA election night 2008 fic (863/whatever) (DON'T @ ME)

* PODSA gift story (1069/whatever)
* basic income contest story (124/5000) (I may drop this...the Coursera classes are taking up a lot of my writing time.)
* PODSA mpreg (2062/whatever)
* Star Wars auction fic, two scenes left (704/1000+)
* AIRPF AU with [personal profile] rajkumari905 (3316/whatever)
* AIRPF auction fic (0/1000+)
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This book is, theoretically, YA, but also has amazing potential to crossover into MG. I feel like she knew she was going to write kids as they grew, and took the opposite approach that Riordan and Rowling did (ie started with them in the upper age bracket). It works well.

ANYWAY, the most basic pitch is "Nigerian Harry Potter", but it's SO much more developed than that. Okorafor's world is brilliant and terrifying, and Sunny's magical world is MUCH closer to the real one than Harry's is. I absolutely loved it.

Penguin is publishing a book 2 (Akata Warrior) in a couple of weeks, and I am really pumped about it.
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Posted by Michael Simon

Siri can finally Google itself. In a change that’s surprising only because it took this long, Apple has announced it will be switching from Bing to Google results when handling Siri and Spotlight web queries.

Now, when you ask Siri to search the web for something or it doesn’t know the exact answer to what you’re asking, your results will be from Google, not Bing. The change won’t affect the majority of what Siri can do, just where it sends you when it doesn’t know the answer to something. Curiously, image searches will still default to Bing and video search results will now come directly from YouTube, according to TechCrunch.

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Posted by Roman Loyola

Operating system updates can be an exciting time for users. There’s the potential to be more productive with new apps, interface enhancements that make your computer easier to use, and flashy new features that remind you how much of an impact technology can have on your life.

If you want to get caught up in the excitement of an OS update, you should read Jason Snell’s iOS 11 review. iOS 11 is where all the action is right now.

But waitagoshdarnminute, this is the macOS High Sierra review. You want to know all about Apple’s upgrade for the Mac. Well, you’ve come to the right place, but if you are expecting fireworks, you won’t find them here—though you might find them in High Sierra eventually. (I’ll explain later.)

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(no subject)

Sep. 25th, 2017 11:42 am
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My condo has become a Bermuda Triangle for electronics. A few months ago: dropped Kobo and shattered screen. Two months ago: phone fried in freak accidents. Three weeks ago: computer begins screwing up when booting; kitchen tablet stops charging. Last week: main tablet starts having flickering screen, similar malfunctions (intermittent, non-demonstrable, start-stop for no apparent reason). Also, at one point my Kindle Fire was having charging problem, but that one just needed a new cable.

Really, it is no longer safe to have electronics in my house...

That said, after running 10 separate diagnostics, all of of which proclaimed with great certainty that my hard drive is fine, and waiting an hour for a Genius Bar tech to come over to look at it... of course, it's the hard drive. :( Which I'm annoyed about, since it hasn't been that long since I replaced this one. I've looked online, and it may be an issue of the mini not getting enough ventilation and overheating the HDD; macs are notorious for that, and mine is snugged into a fairly tight space. So I ordered a new monitor stand with lots of space for the mini to breathe, and we'll see. The same company that replaced it last time is doing it this time, but I think they're overcharging me for labor, so I'm going to check out some new places next time I need something the Genius Bar can't fix.

(I've also discovered that independent repair shops all express disdain of the Genius Bar. either I'm missing some major examples of Genius Bar incompetence, or the stores all feel really threatened by the existence of free tech support. One guy was actually arguing with me this morning about how Their store's diagnostics are much better and the Apple Store is no good. As the Genius Bar had literally nothing to gain by not giving me a good diagnostic, I'm choosing to go with with option: threatened.)

Took the sling off more this weekend, and that was nice. I can use it for short periods of time to type, if I keep most of the weight on my wrist rest, but getting dressed is still Fraught.
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Posted by Kaila Hale-Stern

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away called 2011, I started watching the television show Teen Wolf because everyone in online fandom told me to.

I tried to love Teen Wolf; I really did. The show was loosely modeled on the 1985 movie starring Michael J. Fox, and it had a lot of hallmarks of the kind of content that I like: supernatural good and bad guys, brooding antiheroes, family drama, close-knit friendships, and pretty people upon which to gaze. The friendly cast went out of their way to interact with fans and even engage with fan theories and popular “ships.” I got sucked into the world of Teen Wolf for a while. I still have a winter hat that I bought, shaped like a wolf’s head, from when I was feeling it.

But Teen Wolf was never a very good show, with its first season consisting of 93% lacrosse games, 4% bumbling high school angsty hijinks, and 3% transformative monster makeup that was usually more laughable than scary. Still, for me, the appeal lay in the sense of community and camaraderie that had sprung up around the show, and the affection for the characters, who all seemed to have clearly defined parts: the smart-mouthed best friend, the beautiful love interest whose family background prompted a Romeo/Juliet-type storyline, the rude, macho jock, etc.

What was exciting about Teen Wolf at the time is that everyone had secrets and suggested hidden depth: the picture-perfect Queen Bee was also a brilliant student, tragedy lay in most characters’ pasts, and the out gay character was the most popular kid in school.

It felt refreshing that “otherness” in the show was represented by being an actual mythical creature, not because of sexual orientation or race. In this representation, Teen Wolf was groundbreaking for a little while. And then, as often happens when there is an obsessively dedicated fanbase, criticism and toxicity set in after disappointed expectations, and the show’s creatives dropped all kinds of (lacrosse) balls. I’ll let the Advocate explain:

Teen Wolf also flipped the objectification script by flaunting the buff bods of the boys in its cast at every opportunity, including numerous homoerotic locker room scenes, and then took it even further. Boys would flirt with boys as well as girls — most frequently by Stiles Stilinski (played by Dylan O’Brien). Before long, it became obvious that the creative minds behind Teen Wolf weren’t simply using queer elements to infuse the show with gay appeal, they were ramping up the gay appeal to court a young audience. And this audience had grown up with LGBT visibility in various forms.

By the time Teen Wolf entered its third season, the show was primed to be one of the gayest ever aimed at a young audience. A new gay teen was introduced in the form of alpha wolf twin Ethan (played by Charlie Carver), who became romantically involved with Danny, and “Sterek” speculation, which had been encouraged by the show’s cast and production team, was at an all-time high.

But while the third season included standout moments for visibility such as a hotel room make-out session between Danny and Ethan in the episode “Motel California” (which was depicted in the same light as an opposite-sex smooch fest that took place later in the same episode), the show’s potential to be an LGBT entertainment beacon began to fade. Danny and Ethan’s romance received little screen time and went largely undeveloped, with Ethan’s character moving away from Beacon Hills following the heroic death of his straight twin brother at the season’s end.

[…] Additionally, the is-he-or-isn’t-he draw of Stiles’s sexuality became less of a reason to watch and more of a point of contention for several fans who began to accuse the show of “queer baiting” by continuing to tease viewers that the character might swing both ways while avoiding any actual payoff.

When news originally broke that Teen Wolf’s fourth season, which wrapped last week, would include a new gay teen of color named Mason (played by Khylin Rambo), many fans were hopeful that the show’s potential to greatly further LGBT visibility would be realized.

Instead, the opposite happened.

Stiles became romantically involved with the female werecoyote Malia (played by Shelley Henning), Danny completely disappeared from the show with no explanation, and Mason — who received very little character development – essentially became a token character.

Fans hungry for LGBT visibility from a show that had begun with such potential were outraged at the new direction, and when The Advocate published a recent interview with the show’s principal cast discussing the history of the show’s positive LGBT elements, a wave of angry comments ensued.

While some might dismiss fan outrage over the show’s dwindling LGBT representation, their passionate outcry highlights a growing divide between younger viewers and those who are creating the shows they watch. For a generation that has never known a time when LGBT people were not represented on the small screen in some form, limited visibility and queer subtext are no longer enough to hold their interest.

Essentially: Teen Wolf built much of its initial wildly enthusiastic reception on a promise of a new era for LGBT characters, then was seen, time and again, to let fans down with teasing winks and nominal characters who were openly LGBT but otherwise unimportant. By the time Ethan and Mason were introduced I had long since stopped watching, but I would see the occasional bursts of frustration and anger go by on my Tumblr dashboard. I’d shake my head and mourn for the promise that Teen Wolf once held to be truly groundbreaking herein.

Instead, like much other media these days, the show seemed to believe that it was enough to simply include LGBT-labeled characters, pat themselves on the back for it, then move on. Giving those characters fully rich romantic lives and plotlines—or, God forbid, letting one of them be a lead character—seemed entirely out of the reach of Teen Wolf‘s claws.

So as I read this morning about the show’s finale, I’m no longer interested in it enough to watch even the last show—Teen Wolf happened for me a long time ago. But seeing so many mentions of it reminded me of when a lot of us thought that LGBT representation was going to get its due on a slick MTV series made for a new generation, and the sadness I continue to feel that we’re still so far from it.

Did you watch the Teen Wolf finale?

(image: MTV)

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Posted by Patrick Lucas Austin

Avid gamers are most likely using the digital marketplace and multiplayer matchmaking app Steam to play their games library on the big screen, even if it’s just the battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. But Steam and its TV-friendly streaming console Steam Link (favored by users who aren’t playing on their…


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Posted by Claire Lower on Skillet, shared by Claire Lower to Lifehacker

Greetings, and welcome to Will It Casserole?, Retro Week’s answer to Will It Sous Vide? Basically, instead of making whatever you want me to with my immersion circulator, I’m going to re-imagine whatever you want me to make into a casserole.


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Marvel has been teasing a character that has been absent for some time returning for Marvel's Legacy one-shot. Now Marvel is revealing who it is.

Read more... )
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Title: The Sinner and the Serpent (10 works so far)
Author: HKrowe/Paynesgrey
Summary: Lilith was once Adam's first wife, but history has a way of forgetting her. What history also forgot, is her obsession with Adam's second wife, and how her lust drove Eve to commit her biggest sin. A Collection of poems and short stories.
Pairings: Lilith/Eve
Main Characters: Eve, Lilith, God, Adam
Rating: Adult
Warnings: adult themes for sex, violence, heresy
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: I do not own the Goddess Lilith, but I love to write about her for sure.
Author's Notes: This is an ongoing serialization of the relationship between Lilith and Eve from the Judeo-Christian Bible, but focused as an original myth/fairytale.

Links: @AO3 | @wattpad

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Posted by Marykate Jasper

Our xenophobe-in-chief issued the third version of his travel ban on Sunday, just as the second version was set to expire. This new version of the ban adds restrictions to three additional countries (Chad, North Korea, and Venezuela) and removes one previously banned country: Sudan. Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen are still on the ban list. With more tailored restrictions and the addition of countries with a non-Muslim majority, this new ban may prove more difficult to fight in court, but since these new restrictions are indefinite rather than 90 days long, the fight against them is more crucial than ever.

Despite the removal of Sudan, this new proclamation is undoubtedly more of the same, meant to appeal to the xenophobia and Islamophobia of Trump’s base. It even specifically targets immigrant visas, in case it was unclear that this is about preventing more non-white people from becoming U.S. citizens. “The United States affords lawful permanent residents more enduring rights than it does to nonimmigrants,” reads the proclamation. “Lawful permanent residents are more difficult to remove than nonimmigrants even after national security concerns arise, which heightens the costs and dangers of errors associated with admitting such individuals. And although immigrants generally receive more extensive vetting than nonimmigrants, such vetting is less reliable when the country from which someone seeks to emigrate exhibits significant gaps in its identity-management or information-sharing policies, or presents risks to the national security of the United States. For all but one of those 7 countries, therefore, I am restricting the entry of all immigrants.”

Even in its official language, this proclamation views permanent residents’ rights as some sort of burdensome, unnecessary security concern.

For nonimmigrants, the restrictions are still quite severe, but they vary by country. Citizens of Chad, Libya, and Yemen won’t be allowed to enter on non-immigrant business visas; only students and exchange visitor visa-holders from Iran are still allowed entry; nonimmigrant Somali nationals will be subject to additional scrutiny; North Korea and Syria are banned entirely; the restrictions on Venezuela are mostly limited to government officials and their families. You can read more on the specifics for each country in the proclamation itself.

Current visa holders will not be affected, according to The New York Times. “Administration officials said that the new rules would not apply to legal permanent residents of the United States, and that visitors who currently hold valid visas from the countries listed will not have their visas revoked,” the Times reported. “That means that students already in the United States can finish their studies and employees of businesses in the United States who are from the targeted countries may stay for as long as their existing visas remain valid. People whose visas expire will be subject to the travel ban.”

Refugees are not covered in this proclamation, and so an additional executive order and/or presidential proclamation on refugees is expected in the next few days.

These modifications to the ban, while significant, don’t change – and in many ways amplify – its rotten core. As ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero stated: “Six of President Trump’s targeted countries are Muslim. The fact that Trump has added North Korea — with few visitors to the U.S. — and a few government officials from Venezuela doesn’t obfuscate the real fact that the administration’s order is still a Muslim ban. President Trump’s original sin of targeting Muslims cannot be cured by throwing other countries onto his enemies list.”

However, the Trump administration was undoubtedly craftier in its language this time around. According to the text of the proclamation, these restrictions are based on three factors in the countries’ security apparatuses: identity-management information, national security and public-safety information, and national security and public-safety risk assessment. And countries can supposedly be removed from the ban list once they meet certain standards, with one official describing the ban as “necessary and conditions-based, not time-based.”

In an email to Reuters, Saikrishna Prakash, a professor at the University of Virginia School of Law, said that this may make the new version of the ban more difficult to fight in court, because it explicitly claims to be based on a global review of foreign countries’ security capabilities. She wrote, “The greater the sense that the policy reflects a considered, expert judgment, the less the temptation (by courts) to second-guess the executive. It looks less like a matter of prejudice or a desire to fulfill a campaign promise.”

This new ban is set to go into effect on October 18, more than a week after Supreme Court arguments against the current ban are scheduled to begin.

(Via The Washington Post, The New York Times, and Reuters; image via Shutterstock)

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The Recap: Beth visits a procedurally generated dimension Rick built for her as a child in hopes of rescuing a friend she’d repressed memories of abandoning there, learning in the process that she really is just like her dad; meanwhile, Summer and Morty suffer through custody weekend with Jerry and his rebound alien girlfriend.

This might be one of the most considered, thematically developed episodes of the season. Director Juan Meza-León and writer Mike McMahan last worked together on the season three premiere, and they shine just as well with this comparatively mundane material (for R&M, anyway) as they did with the mindhopping space epic. We’re severely overdue for an episode focusing on Beth, and while a single episode can’t fill that void it makes a pretty good start of it.

The script for this episode structures itself as variations on a theme: the transfer of behavior between generations.  It’s a somewhat baldly stated conceit, but that doesn’t detract from the success of the execution. McMahan’s script (and the rest of the writers as well—I give a fair amount of time to the lead writer, but R&M is clearly a strongly team-based pitch room) connects and twists the theme through each set of parents and children—Rick and Beth (two of a kind), Jerry and Morty and Summer (the kids are a vast improvement), even Tommy and his barely-seen father (Tommy is fucked up in the exact way his dad is accused of, for debatably unrelated reasons).

Jerry’s subplot is a pretty straightforward breather. His new girlfriend is less character than conflict-generating plot device, but it’s hard to begrudge the opportunity to see Morty and Summer operating on the same tired, frustrated wavelength. The show’s always struggled with the “love’ part of the “terrible people who love each other” subgenre; showing that these kids are almost certainly not okay but at least better off as a team scratches that narrative itch in an appealing way. And I have yet to tire of people telling Jerry to get his shit together—at least so long as it continues resulting in at least incremental change.

But all of that is so much side dish compared to the A-plot. The time in the first act spent assuring us that Beth and Rick are smarter than the plot is briefly excruciating, the kind of writing choice with obvious logic behind it that’s still something of a chore to sit through, but it blossoms fantastically into the discussion of Beth-as-young-sociopath. Watching Rick pull out Beth’s childhood toys is wonderfully layered writing: here we have two unambiguously terrible people responsible for multiple deaths with little to no remorse for their actions beyond Beth’s slight discomfort at how this would affect perceptions of her, but the subtext at work speaks volumes. Why did Rick save these toys? Why did Beth forget about this element of her relationship with her father? What does this mean for both of them and also Beth’s unseen mother?

Of course, the most important subtextual question is the pointedly unanswered one: if this cloning project is so ideal and so perfect, then why did Rick ultimately leave his family rather than employ it? The fandom will no doubt have plenty of time to spin theories on the subject, as well as Beth’s decision—next week’s season finale seems to be returning to the Citadel, meaning that it’ll likely be literal years before we see any kind of resolution on this subject.

While slightly frustrating, it makes sense as an issue to leave dangling in light of the direction the show’s taken this season. Beyond questions of practical usage, the idea of the perfect clones flies in the face of the fact this season has hammered home again and again: life is about choices, and actions have consequences. It’s kind of awesome to see Beth begin to embrace who she wants to be rather than who she thinks she should be (even if that…uh, involves a lot of murder), but a brief moment in a literal sealed-off fantasy land isn’t the same as deciding to abandon your not-yet-grown kids without even talking to them (points in Beth’s favor: making sure the kids’d be cared for; points against: not wanting to deal with actually interfacing with them as humans). Whether or not Beth left—I’d say the framing implies pretty heavily that she did—that forces changes on both the character and the central family.

Up to now the show took Beth’s normalcy for granted, using the mundanity of her issues and the narrative archetype of The Oblivious Mom as a source of grounding. With that gone, everything has to stabilize into a new normal. And in a show that so frequently turns its eye toward metatextual subjects and how stories work in particular, I have high hopes for how the writers might explore that topic going forward.

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Posted by JenniferP

Dear Captain,

A few months ago, I met a cute new person and we clicked pretty well from the start. We both had another primary partner at the time and we often talked about those relationships as well as (of course) many other things. After a while, he and his primary broke up, and he was pretty devastated by it. I didn’t mind that he was a bit more “down” when we spent time together, and it seemed only natural to me that he talked about his break-up feelings sometimes. I still don’t mind those things.

Now here comes the difficult part: I feel like this relationship is getting more and more asymmetrical. I’m busy with a demanding job and an active social life (and I like it that way), and he has a lot of time on his hands. He has made it clear that he’d prefer to spend much more time together than we currently do (including weekend trips and the like), while from my perspective we’re close to “too much”. He is way ahead of me with things like “I love you” (WAY too early for me!). I feel like I have to be “on” at all times when we’re together, because he always seems worried that I’m not being enthusiastic enough and something must be wrong and don’t you like me anymore?

He’s had a bunch of personal issues come up lately, and he’s generally pretty unhappy right now. I find it really hard to find a balance between being kind to a person I like, and setting some “don’t make me responsible for your happiness!”-boundaries. I understand anxiety and sadness and insecurity, because I deal with plenty of that in my own life, but it feels like he’s subconsciously weaponizing these things to demand my time and attention. He often says things like:

  • “you’re the only good thing in my life right now”
  • “I feel like everyone is rejecting/leaving me lately”
  • “I’m not doing so well,
    Please view this post in your web browser to complete the quiz.
    , can I come by tonight? I need comfort”
  • “I’m dealing with so much shit that I can’t carry it on my own”
  • “You give me so much strength when we spend time together”

I really like this guy! We have a lot in common and we’ve had fun times together. I would love to see him once or twice a month for many moons to come, and for us to grow closer over time, but right now I feel like I’m under siege and I have to focus on setting boundaries and finding new ways to say “no” all the time and it’s starting to suck the joy out of what (I hope) could be a genuinely fun and rewarding relationship – through good times and bad.

Can I salvage this? How can I communicate with him in a way that does NOT say “I can’t handle people who have negative emotions ever”, but rather “it feels like you’re using your emotions against me and that’s not cool”?

Thank you!

You’re absolutely right to see a litany of “you’re the only good thing in my life” and “everyone else is rejecting me (so you won’t, won’t you?)” statements as being red flags of codependence. I’m not sure the end result of my advice is “fun new relationship is salvaged!” but I think you do have a good opening here to have an honest talk with him about getting help in handling hard life stuff and the reciprocity & seriousness of your relationship.

There are two separate conversations to be had here. I’m not sure in which order, so, use your judgment.

Conversation #1:

[Partner], I can see that you’re really suffering right now as you [grieve the loss of primary relationship][handle this recent raft of difficult life stuff] and I think it’s time to find a trained sounding board – like a therapist or counselor – who can help you process all of this. I pulled some resources & phone numbers together for you if you want to see if any take your insurance or make an appointment.

There is a 99.99% chance he will feel insulted and hurt that you are fobbing him off on other people instead of investing deeply in his emotional well-being yourself. Get ready for some intenso responses involving “You are tired of me and you are going to reject me like everyone else” + 1,000 reasons that therapy/counseling is impossible/useless/too hard for him. This is because:

  • He is primed to feel rejected right now. Everything that isn’t “I love you come over right now and let me comfort you my dear boy” = rejection.
  • You are sending him to other people instead of wanting to deal with it yourself. (That’s okay! Just, acknowledge the truth of that so you don’t fall for the negging when it comes).
  • Mental health system is imperfect and it does take a lot of resources and energy to find a good fit and treatment that can work for you. It’s a hard thing to do when you’re feeling great, never mind when you’re feeling terrible. It’s okay to acknowledge the imperfections in the mental health system and also remind yourself that those difficulties don’t automatically make his emotional well-being your sole problem to deal with on demand in real time.

Follow-up script:

I know this sucks and that’s not what you wanted to hear. You’re right, I am telling you that you need to find other people besides me to lean on, and you’re right, the mental health system can be really difficult/annoying/expensive. But I am not comfortable or prepared to continue being your main sounding board about this stuff. I think your problems are real and serious and that taking them seriously might involve bringing in a trained listening person for a little while. Think of it as giving yourself the gift of a safe space to unload and process all of this that’s 100% focused on you, a little time in your week where you have permission to feel as sad and lost as you need to feel and get all the feelings out so you can start to heal and deal with them.

Get ready for a question like “So I guess I’m not allowed to talk about serious stuff or feelings with you anymore?” (It’s 99.99% coming)

Your script: “That’s not what I’m saying, but I am saying that I don’t want the time we spend together to be all about [Serious Feelings Stuff and Comfort]. I am asking you to find and take advantage of some alternate avenues for support and comfort, so things with us can be a little more balanced than they have been.

Chances are he will not like it. He likes his comfort to come with a side of romance/sexytimes and whyyyyy should he make an effort to find a therapist when he has youuuu? But you’re doing a kind thing by being honest about your limits and directing him toward something that actually has a chance of making him feel better.

Conversation #2 

Sometimes the answer to “I had a terrible day, can I come over and be comforted” is simply “Sorry, not tonight.” And then you put your phone away and focus on what you originally planned to do and he finds a way to self-soothe somehow. If he deals with that well, then maybe it can get better.

That doesn’t mean there is no big conversation to be had. He wants to say “I love you” and plan weekends away and remind you that you’re the only great thing in his life and it’s making you feel crowded and overwhelmed. Time to talk about that. Maybe time to also talk honestly about the way you do polyamory, like the fact that you have someone in your life that you consider to be a primary partner and that there is a hierarchy there maybe not of feelings but in terms of how you allocate time/vacation days/long-term relationship planning, etc. It seems like your relationship really worked when he had that in place too but now things have become unbalanced. This conversation might mean that y’all create something new together over time or it might mean that he and you find out that are unsuited to each other.

The thing where he wants you to be “on” and show that you are sufficiently enthusiastic seems to be the best entry point for this conversation, as in, the next time he makes you you feel that way it’s time to talk about what’s up: “Listen, I like you a lot, and I like you enough that I can make space for you to be sad and grieving right now but that also means that you make space for me being tired or having an off night or for not exactly mirroring your enthusiasm back to you. For example, we’ve only known each other a short time and I’m not ready for ‘I love you’ yet. I would love to get there someday but I need more time. When you say ‘I’m the only good thing in your life’ I know you mean it as a compliment but it feels like pressure. Also time we spend together is already about the maximum time I have to spend with you in a given week. Like of course it would be nice to spend ‘more time’ together, but I can’t do that without breaking other commitments that are pleasurable and important to me. I need you to understand that and focus on enjoying the time we do spend together.

Then, say the thing that’s the elephant in the room: “I feel like you want me to take the place of [Former Primary Partner] in your life, and that’s an okay thing for you to want on an emotional level, I get it, but it’s too much/not the right fit for me/not what I signed up for/making things unbalanced between us. I care about you a lot and I want to find a way to keep this going, so, how do we build something that is enjoyable and true and emotionally supportive without me feeling so pressured and you feeling so rejected?

He’s not going to like hearing this because it’s going to feed into the story he is telling himself about how everyone rejects him. Also there maybe is no balance between “Ideally we’d hang out once or twice a month, forever” and “LOVE ME!!!!!” But if you can’t talk honestly about this stuff and you keep feeling suffocated and overwhelmed, the thing is not going to work. “I’m at the limit of what I have to give you in terms of time and affection” isn’t what any romantic partner really wants to hear, but it’s important information if it’s the truth. The truth can hurt but it can also help us make good decisions about how to take care of ourselves. He may decide that what you have to offer is not enough for him. You may decide that what he wants is just not compatible with what you want and need. That would be painful, but I have to think that it’s better than letting him continue to build this fortress of need around you while you’re looking for the escape hatch.

Reminder for commenters: Spell out the whole word “polyamory” please.


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