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 I need help calculating upload speed times.

Our home connection uploads at 5 Mbs (bits).  In the fall a friend will have access to a 1 Gbs (bits) upload speed.

If I have around 1 TB(ytes) worth of data to upload, the math looks like this

1. Upload from MD's home = approximately 20 days (rounded up)
2. Upload from friend's location = 2-2 hrs

Now here's where it gets tricky. Some online backup servers cap the data flowing into their servers. Ex caps it at
5 MB(ytes) or 40 M(bits)

In which case my math looks like this

1. Upload from MD's home = approximately 20 days (rounded up)
2. Upload from friend's location = 55-60 hrs (2+ days)

Did I get this correct?

I used this calculator


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Who here in the US has fiber with upload speeds of 500 Mbs-1 Gbs   Here in Silicon Valley ATT GigaFiber is limited to the northern valley. Google Fiber has dropped its plans for a Silicon Valley rollout (for now). has no plans to come south.

If you have access to 1GB, drop me a line @ mdawn6 @

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*up to 5TB storage
*offers "seeding: (you ship a hard drive and they upload an initial data set) (extra cost OK)
*offers bulk restoration by shipped hard drive (additional cost OK)
*allows both file and folder sharing with password protection
*allows uploads up to 5GB
*does not require syncing in order for the files to be archived (dropbox I'm looking at you)
*supports FTP uploads/downloads
*stable provider (needs to have been in business for a few years and likely to be n business for 5+ years
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 Copying and pasting from [personal profile] arduinna

"I somehow missed that this was happening a few months back, so maybe other people did, too.

My Kindle for PC updated itself silently to version 1.19, which is compatible with Amazon's latest formatting. This is great for being able to use the new formatting! This is not so great if you use Calibre to manage your library. Calibre can't read or even recognize the new format, so can't import your books.

If you use Calibre, the easiest thing to do is to uninstall Kindle 1.19 and reinstall the older version, 1.17, and make sure that the "automatically update" box is unchecked. 

Mobileread forum has a thread on how to do this, including direct links to safe downloads of v 1.17 on Amazon. It also has instructions for other methods, if you don't want to downgrade your Kindle for PC/Mac."
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New hard drive install and image restore went well. I was on my way by Monday. But even with all the software reinstalled I had to deal with

*corrupt outlook pst files
*multiple daily backups had to be tested and restored
*set up a weekly image backup - tested and restored
*fiddle with all the USB ports - matching USB 3.0 to USB 3.0 to make said backups faster
*order new USB hub, external hard drive and power strips
*buy a new vacuum cleaner (yes ours died) to have [personal profile] xlorp vacuum under the desk and behind the computer tower (dust!!)

then deal with (mainly driver problems)
*DVD player that won;t burn
*printers that won't print
*scanner that won't scan

all the while
*frantically testing DIY security cameras before the house next door gets torn down and rebuilt (with construction comes theft and break-ins).
*trying to create a front yard habitat for the feral cat living in a shed in the next door house about to be torn down. The shed protects her from coyotes at night and she will not enter our back yard due to another cat who has taken up residence

We're still not done with all of these so will continue to be elusive and non-resposnive
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 My brain is mush. Restoring the hard drive and software is still underway. However, system images are the best backups - one stop backup of files and software.  I am using Macrium Reflect - the free version. Grab it folks and start making a weekly backup to an external hard drive and your fear of hard drive death will diminish.

My new hard drive is fucking with me however. After install, it failed the Short Drive test. Then passed. Then failed. Then passed.  The computer's extended service warranty expires in a few days, but the hard drive is warranted for another 30 days. So I will keep using Macrium Reflect to make system images.

The tech was helpful, also blew out 3 years worth of computer dust with my compressed air. To my horror, he gets rated on the entire service experience  - from the moment I made the call to the support center to him installing  the hard drive.  And if he gets anything less than a 9 out of 10, his supervisors will call me to find out why.  Since he did a good job I gave him 10, but the initial phone calls t the support center were not as good. 

Did I say my mind is mush.....

Dr Who started up again on BBC and I like the new companion.
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I backup a lot. I backup my backups. But one thing that is hard to backup are your installed software, profiles and configurations. Yes, there are system images but they can be tricky to re-install, especially when a hard drive is replaced and you have to decode whether to do a fresh OS install.

In any event, my hard drive failed the Short Disk Self Test so HP is sending me a new hard drive (with a human to arrive later in the week) to install it on Friday. My 3 year extended warranty dies in....7 days.   I ran  few of my own tests and found only 15 bad sectors on a 1.8 TB drive.  Which makes me worry it is a software corruption and not necessarily just a bad hard drive. Which makes the system images I am laboriously making a bit less attractive. But trying to reinstall years of software with license keys that may or may not work...if I can find them. And if I can find the older versions of the software that go along with them.

The other risk is that when the tech shows up they will crack open the case look at ait and say: Holy Fuck!! and take it all back and I will really be without any computer for weeks. I am not kind to my computers. I know I will one day have to answer to the Great Computer In The Sky for my misdeeds.

In the meantime, don't email me anything important. Expect that I will have forgotten any and all commitments by the time I re-emerge. Feel free to ping me again when I give the all clear sign.
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What's new about LJ is that they've turned off secured browsing (HTTPS ) so when you log into your account, your password can be seen by anyone monitoring the site and anyone else long the way (in transit). The payment page still seems to be encrypted (for now).  The lack of HTTPS security also means anything you post under lock is also accessible and your personal identity can be stolen
In the end my advice: make a new password just for LJ, do not pay anything through them and realize that anything you post or read there there can be intercepted by others
"There’s an important distinction between tweeting to the world or sharing thoughts on Facebook and having your browsing activity going over unencrypted HTTP. You intentionally share tweets, likes, pics and thoughts. The lack of encryption means you’re unintentionally exposing the controls necessary to share such things. It’s the difference between someone viewing your profile and taking control of your keyboard.....
...If my linguistic metaphors have left you with no understanding of the technical steps to execute sniffing attacks, you can quite easily execute these attacks with readily-available tools. A recent one is a plugin you can add to your Firefox browser. The plugin, called Firesheep, enables mouse-click hacking for sites like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and others. The creation of the plugin demonstrates that technical attacks can be put into the hands of anyone who wishes to be mischievous, unethical, or malicious.
To be clear, sniffing attacks don’t need to grab your password in order to impersonate you. Web apps that use HTTPS for authentication protect your password. If they use regular HTTP after you log in, they’re not protecting your privacy or your temporary identity"
Edited: install HTTPS EVERYWHERE  which can be found at It won't magically replace missing security (like what is happening on Livejournal), but it will turn on security if it is available. Ex: Up until 2013,  on Facebook you had the option to have secured browsing. Or not.  HTTPS Everywhere will toggle it on for you in case you mess up your default security settings
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Your readers should know about another catch:

LJ no longer allows access to its https site when browsing/posting, which means that any information you send to that site is readable by every other site that cares to eavesdrop. This means that anything you post under friendslock is still being read by any site that chooses to spy on Livejournal communications; you can safely assume that at least one Russian-government entity is.

I just double-checked, and the payment page *is* protected by https,, com so that at least should be secure.

Read more about HTTPS vs HTTP browsing

NO MATTER WHAT YOU DECIDE TO DO: Install The EFF's HTTPS Everywhere extension for Chrome/Firefox (also Android).

From their FAQ:

When does HTTPS Everywhere protect me? When does it not protect me?

HTTPS Everywhere protects you only when you are using encrypted portions of supported web sites. On a supported site, it will automatically activate HTTPS encryption for all known supported parts of the site (for some sites, this might be only a portion of the entire site). For example, if your web mail provider does not support HTTPS at all, HTTPS Everywhere can't make your access to your web mail secure. Similarly, if a site allows HTTPS for text but not images, someone might be able to see which images your browser loads and guess what you're accessing.

HTTPS Everywhere depends entirely on the security features of the individual web sites that you use; it activates those security features, but it can't create them if they don't already exist. If you use a site not supported by HTTPS Everywhere or a site that provides some information in an insecure way, HTTPS Everywhere can't provide additional protection for your use of that site. Please remember to check that a particular site's security is working to the level you expect before sending or receiving confidential information, including passwords.

One way to determine what level of protection you're getting when using a particular site is to use a packet-sniffing tool like Wireshark to record your own communications with the site. The resulting view of your communications is about the same as what an eavesdropper on your wifi network or at your ISP would see. This way, you can determine whether some or all of your communications would be protected; however, it may be quite time-consuming to make sense of the Wireshark output with enough care to get a definitive answer.

You can also turn on the "Block all HTTP requests" feature for added protection. Instead of loading insecure pages or images, HTTPS Everywhere will block them outright.

edited: Also, if you do backup your Livejournal blog or community to Dreamwidth, please consider buying a paid account.
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 Yahoo email has been getting worse.Many people who are using POP or IMAP  to access their email on their phones are finding it no longer works. There is an option to "allow access from less secure apps" that may help but for many that too fails. Accessing your Yahoo email on the web is still sometimes available but often that does not work on your phone. They turned off email forwarding so you cannot forward your email to another account like gmail.

I am testing a low RAM email client (eM Client) that can run continuously in the background of my desktop. I set up an IMAP account for yahoo mail, created a filter/rule that copies the email over to the IMAP version of my gmail account and puts it into a folder so I can read it on my phone. I am certain there are other more simpler  workarounds, but the most important part of this message is to make certain you have found a way to download your Yahoo email, contacts and calendar and store it elsewhere as I am not certain how much longer yahoo will be viable.

PS.   I am am paid subscriber to yahoo mail and they no longer have a support number to call. Or rather, I am still looking for it. They have not answered any support emails and the forum gets you canned responses.

PPS. Gmail allows you to import your contacts, emails and calendar from yahoo via POP, so if you can get POP to work, that is a good way to back up your entire yahoo account. Once imported you may have problems getting new emails, but it will be a start. Also, POP only imports items stored in your mail folder (inbox. IMAP allows you to access all folders.)

PPPS. Besides eM Client, you can try other free Desktop email apps like Thunderbird for IMAP.  There may be other third party apps that work across desktops and phones.

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 Yahoo was recently purchased by Verizon. Facebook constantly is changing their interface. If you are a list admin or a member of any Yahoo Group or Facebook Group, there is one last remaining tool still operational that will allow you to download and archive your Yahoo mailing lists or your Facebook Groups.

The app is free and it called PG Offline  You may need to contact the owner of the program Wilson for the most recent release for Yahoo Groups. You will need to contact him for info on how to download Facebook Groups. He has asked that we help spread the word about the program to fans interested in preserving their mailing lists.

The PG Offline not only allows you to download messages, but to also download Group Files and Photos. You do not have to be a list admin to download the emails/files - just a member of the mailing list

Export of the messages is limited - the most useful format for fan archiving is html digests.


Owner email: info @
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 I need to find a place where I can backup 500+GB of files. This is not a web host - most web hosts will not allow you to "archive" files unless they are accessible online. The site needs to be secure, support FTP and have robust bandwidth (ex: if I need to use FTP to download some of the archived files, this will be a heavy bandwidth hit).   It also needs to be simple to use because  a few of the people accessing the files are not tech literate. I need to be able to set up a separate  ftp log in for these users - preferably more than one. I do not want to use a proprietary app to download and upload files  because users will be using different platforms

Last, I need this to be a site that will not blink at me storing fan related audio, video or document files.  And one that is not run by one or two people  - this needs to be reliable for the next 5 years.

Cost: I can afford up to $10 per month. I have a account, but I am still uncomfortable storing fan related files in these amounts there. Plus, they charge $45 a month for their 500+GB accounts.

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 I made all the appropriate genuflections at the Altar of Technology.

*Sleeping Cat Photo (in the sun)
*Sexy Text to Partner
*Used Google Voice to ask "What is 42" and "What is Skynet" and listened to ...IT?.... read from Wikipedia
*Asked for the locations of the nearest Starbucks and Shawarma

I am ready for 2016.

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 I am using an older Panasonic DVD recorder to convert VHS tapes into playable DVDs. Today something odd happened.

I cannot get any sound from the  2 most recent DVDs. The various DVD playing software (MPH-HC, VLC, even the included Windows Media Player) have been updated.  They can all play DVDs created by the same DVD-Recorder yesterday with sound. The software programs can play all other files (even vob files) with sound. so I know they are not muted. And I rebooted several times.

The 2 most recent DVDs will play in[personal profile] xlorp 's laptop with sound (using the same software) and of course can be played on DVD machines with sound.

My first thought was codecs!!!, but I don't even know where to start when it is something that impacts so many different programs. VLC comes bundled with its own codecs, so I tried uninstalling and reinstalling MPH-HC and VLC with no luck.   As a test I downloaded two other free DVD players -  BlazeDVD abd KMPLayer and they too are having problems with just those two DVDs. But all the other machines in the house can play the DVDs.

edited: just to be safe I downloaded k-lite and also ran gspot - it says the proper codecs are installed.

edited: even weirder I checked the sound controls and the "speakers" show there is sound (the sound bar is moving up and down). I also updated the speaker drivers.

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Fascinating experience in Internets connectivity.  The new Comcast router is dual band - 2.4 and 5Ghz. The reception for 2.4 is so bad - even when the computer is standing right next to the router, the speed is often less than 1mb per second with many disconnects. Most of our desktop and personal laptops do not have wireless cards that handle the newer 5Ghz range. So for a few days we had two cable modems  each in two separate  rooms (Comcast mailed us 2 routers by mistake so we put them to use) - one running on 2.4 and one on 5Ghz at different times  and then tested the equipment with Ethernet and off. That is how we determines what machines needed to be physically connected and which ones could handle wireless. Of course, we first tested with only one cable modem/router but when it became clear that would not work we hauled out the second modem for testing purposes.

Luckily, most of the living room devices can run on the 5Ghz and the signal to those on the 2.4ghz in the living room is ....OK.  The machines that can not “see’ the 2.4ghz in my office will be connected via Ethernet (the irony is that all of my personal machines fall into this “cannot connect via wireless to these new modem/routers”) So the single cable modem/router will be housed in my office again.

when all we had was DSL, the connection was even across the board at 2.4ghz no matter what machine, no matter how connected and no matter where located.   It is a very small and flat house and should not have been such a problem for the new router.

I had thought that perhaps we had interference with other devices in our neighborhood that were running 2.4ghz and did a lot of channel monitoring and switching. But in the end, it turns out to have been weak 2.4ghz signals on both routers (different models).

All of this - 3 days worth - just to get the household connected. Now we have to test the connection for speed and reliability over the next week.  This means the cables and boxes will remain everywhere and my online time will continue to be intermittent.

PS.  At one point, the network lost all security settings and would not allow us to re-secure it.  We had to reboot the router to get it restored.  We are not impressed with Comcast and are happy we got the month-to-month version.

PPS. And of course for the first day, we could not get any connection on any one of our 3 cable TV outlets. Our signal was just too weak with too “many” outlets. “We can send someone to diagnose and fix for $100 an hour.”  We knew we were in trouble when we stumped customer support when they asked me to unscrew the coaxial cable from both the modem and the wall and I said: “The coaxial cable cannot be unscrewed from the wall. It comes through the wall. It has come through the wall from the day it was first installed. This house was built in the 1950s. Ours is not a Plug and Play house. Also our refrigerators and our washing machines do not talk to Amazon. And they never will.”

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CHKDSK is running
Stage 4 of 5
Stuck on 16% complete.
Kitten cannot HALP.

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In the year 2525
If man is still alive
If woman can survive
They may find.....

"Today's privacy debate will bemuse the denizens of 2025, contended Hal Varian, Google's chief economist.

"By 2025, the current debate about privacy will seem quaint and old-fashioned," he wrote in his survey comments.

"The benefits of cloud-based, personal, digital assistants will be so overwhelming that putting restrictions on these services will be out of the question. Of course, there will be people who choose not to use such services, but they will be a small minority," Varian continued.

"Everyone will expect to be tracked and monitored, since the advantages, in terms of convenience, safety, and services, will be so great," he added......

...The Internet of Things, which will allow everything from toasters to watches to spew data about their users, will exacerbate the tech assault on privacy.

"Every object will become a spy," said's Neivert.

The level of surveillance that exists now will seem pale once everything starts communicating with the Net.

"Once we start wearing the Internet and our appliances are connected to the Internet, the level of observation, data capture and surveillance is going to explode," Pew's Rainie said."

more here

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Here is a real life example of how technology uses fandom (and by extension the rest of the world).  I received a LinkedIn invite from someone I did not know.  I wrote back and asked 'how do we know each other?" She replied: "I emailed you last month from my fandom account asking to access some of your fanvids. LinkedIn has this 'send an invite to everyone in your address book" when you first sign up (it is a click through) and I clicked in  the wrong area." This "send an invite to everyone in your address book" is a feature "offered" by many online services, so consider this a heads up.

So now this fan has 'outed' herself with her real name, where she works etc. Luckily for everyone involved I cannot remember names, places or faces (ask one of my convention roommates who years later loves to tease me because I not only forgot her name, I forgot we ever  had been roommates).

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Fandom usually jumps into technologies, uses them, and then acts surprised when we realize that we have no clue what we're doing or how the use of the new tech has changed an aspect of our fandom culture. Right now a few authors are posting notices that you need permission to link to their fanworks in "public spaces". Or that they'd prefer their readers comment on their fic where it was  originally posted.  Each author gets to unilaterally define what is public with the expectation that every reader will follow because that is part of the "social contract". So for today Goodreads = public and is not a place to list or review fanfic. Tumblr is OK (for now) because it is not seen as a "public" space.*  

It used to be easier to know what to expect of other fans but the moment we went online, the fannish social contract was voided due to sheer size and complexity of online interactions. Add the fact that new platforms and new ways of interacting keep coming out every 20 minutes and you have a hot conceptual mess filled with poorly understood expectations.

I know that when we went online in the 1990s few of us had any idea  that fans would be publicly posting their porn fanfic** to open access websites (no. stop. think of the children!), displaying their explicit art where anyone could see (blush), and tweeting their love of RPS and knotting fic (OMGWTFBB!).  By those standards, we have all breached the original fannish social contract of keeping fandom a "safe space" simply by interacting with one another in public and online. And I suspect that 20 years down the road, we will again struggle to recognize "fandom" as it continues to be reshaped by technology.

So I would rather see us practice mindfulness and awareness that the tools and platforms we use change us and our culture instead of snapping at one another because we've changed and that we no longer know what to expect from one another.

Because to be honest, I have no clue any more. And I'd be wary of anyone who claims otherwise.

*Keep in mind that most fans don't bother to turn off Google indexing on their tumblr blogs (or their LJ...or their DW..or their twitter or their.....). And even if they do, every time someone else reblogs your content, if *their blog* is searchable by Google it will still be "public".

**A few of us did have in inkling but we all kept it quiet because we did not want to scare our fellow fans with our crazy visions of the future filled with flying fans sporting jetpack keyboards and tinhats.

edited to add: here is another example of Fandom Meets Technology
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If you have an older parent (or if you are just...older) and don't have heavy cell phone usage, there is a good cell phone company that allows you to have a Smartphone without a yearly contract. That is, in of itself not too unusual. What is unusual is the customer service and the easy to follow set up instructions and tutorials.

The Smart phones costs range from $100 to $150 and use Android. If you have an ATT compatible phone, you can use your own phone - they will send you a new SIM card for free. The cheapest monthly service ($15) has enough minutes and text messages for casual use (1-2 phone calls a day, 15 text messages a day). The data plan is very tiny, so if you are looking for daily 3G or 4G service, I'd suggest a larger data plan. of course Wifi is free. They use the ATT cell phone network so you get the same cell phone service.

We have been using the service for 2 months now and have had wonderful customer service calls. We bought a new smart phone ($100), used an older existing ATT phone (free), and transferred over our existing numbers without a hitch. We both share the same data plan because it is more cost efficient to have multiple phone lines on one account.

Oh, and why did I mention "older" above? If you are a member of AARP, you get a small discount.

Edited to add: Multiple types of smartphones are offered. consumer cellular offers 3 android "smartphones' that are only $100-150. You do not have to sign a contract nor will you be charged extra a month nor will you be charged a "balance" if you cancel.  The final cost is really $100-150 total. Scroll down past the Iphone and the fancier android phone options. And as always, take the time to read the fine print and look around on the website because there are many options offered, far more than I can and will cover in this brief post.
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Copying this from a mailing list announcement.

"Gmail has suddenly started seeing LJ notifications as spam. 

You can set up a filter by clicking on the little gear icon under your sign-in name (top right) and selecting "settings", then "filters". Select "create a new filter" and put in the "from" field, then choose "continue" at the bottom and check the box that says "never send to spam", then save or update.

 Or you can just check the "not spam" box on any messages and hope gmail will catch on for the future, but I wouldn't count on it!

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The one that takes the 3 1/2 inch floppies and am copying over what I hope are my last disks. If anyone has old fanfic on floppies that they need help recovering, let me know.

These files are relatively new - they date back to 1997.
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I cannot decide what is more adorable...the fire engine red rotary phone or the title "Richard Halloran. Owns Home Computer."

Direct link
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Playable DVDs have menus, the main movie/video with chapter markers and sometimes extras that you can access from the menu. If you copy the entire DVD and store the Video TS folder on your computer, you can access the menu via DVD playing software like VLC and from there play the movie, the extras, chapters whatever.  (FYI these are the home videos of us when we were little that are now on DVD).

But I want to load the entire DVD to the cloud for my relatives so they too can enjoy the experience of grainy 8mm home movies.  Would I have to build a web menu and then load the DVD files separately (the main move and the extras)? Or is there some way to upload the whole DVD and play it "as is" from the net.

Assume for this question that we do not want to convert the DVD files - leave them as MPEG2.

edited: I think what we' re looking for is some form of Media Center-like software that supports Internet streaming. I found info from 2007 here but need more updated info.


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"It's fitting that Ada Lovelace, the daughter of Lord Byron and the partner of Charles Babbage, was the world's first computer programmer. For much of computer history, "computers" weren't just humans—people who sat doing the drudgery of repeated calculations that would, in turn, feed models and algorithms. The computers were also, often, women."

More here

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Aaaahhh, 1994. When many computer users were, for the first time, encountering the WWW. This exchange is from a media fandom mailing list

Person A: "Here are some b7 world wide web sites:

Person B (talking about using FTP to access the site - this is how most fans accessed files on other computers back then):
"I tried logging on to it using anonymous as login name, but it won't  accept it. Any suggestions on how to get into the site?"

Person A:"This is not an ftp site, but a world wide web site. To 'get into' it, you will need a web browser, such as mosaic or lynx (sp?). I suggest you talk to your sysop, and ask if there are any on your machine."

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PBS Video: What the Internet looked like in 1995

Eudora! Usenet! Self-publish your artistic creations (aka fanfic)! (all within the first 4 minutes)

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Some of you may already know this, but [personal profile] klia posted about Delicious Bookmarking Service today: ".....whatever name you put on your Delicious account under "your full name" is now being displayed publicly. And for a lot of fans, that means their real first and last names are being publicly displayed right beneath their fannish pseuds.

The only good news is that it's easy to change, and it seems as though you can type in any characters you want (but you can't leave it blank)."
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On the topic of RSS feeds (a function which scraps content from your journal to read elsewhere), Dreamwidth suggests the following two options. You can

"...set up a higher minimum security level for your entries [friends locking]  and/or limiting content on your Atom and RSS feed to 'title only' ( "

Note that previously public entries will still show up on RSS feeds even after the post has been locked. Most RSS feeds go back 30 days, but some go back further.

LJ also allows you to limit the RSS feeds to just Subject Headers. More here and here

Some websites allow you to disable RSS feeds, but there are services that will allow you to create an RSS feed of any website so the disabling is easily circumvented.  The same is true of RSS feed limits (subject headers only).

Here is an example of the RSS feed I use for blue pueblo tumblr:

Context: here and here
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Don't use it as I don;t have much time/painfree moments left for short attention span computer interactions. In my cost benefit world of pain free moments the tumblr math does not (yet) add up.

All that being said, I am using RSS feeds to follow a few tumblr accounts and am enjoying them. One word on RSS feeds - if you are using tumblr and want your content to be available only a week having readers use RSS feeds to keep up with your posts should work. If you want people to find older posts (say a rec list or vids) the RSS feed will carry only the latest content and won't have tags. The same in reverse for readers who use RSS feeds - the only way to find older content is to go to the tumblr account and try to use the navigation there.

Cross-posting is the way to go but tools are scarce. Here is discussion of a wordpress crosspost plugin

This tumblr to LJ crosspost tool looks promising: anyone tested it? edited: as someone reminded me, a cross-posting tool would defeat the purpose of using tumblr to avoid social interaction/social pressures/discussions. But I know that tumblr usage varies and people have different reasons/motivations for using the platform so I think the tool may be of interest to some.

Are there any other tumblr/lj/dw cross-posting methods in use?

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Thanks to [personal profile] carbonel for the alert.

Many of us noticed several months ago that LJ Archive had stopped working, but we didn't know what to do about it. Someone else didn't either, but she paid a developer to figure it out.

And now a fix is available. I downloaded it and installed it over my existing version and was able to properly synch both my posts and all the comments. And not only my own blog - LJ community owners - you can now resume using it to back both comments and entries.

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You can access Google Docs without having a Gmail account (see video).  Also, here is a way to combine "access" rights for multiple email accounts into one Google Services account - that way when someone sends you a Google Doc invite to or - you can access the Google Doc with either email address.

Basically it all boils down to - Gmail is seperate from your Google Services account. They can be the same - but they don't have to be. Your Google Services account is the one you use to access all of Google's services. And it can be based on any email - or multiple emails - and none of them have to be Gmails.

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Someone asked about archiving yahoo mailing lists at the convention and I recommended Guru's Yahoo Group Downloader. It will download messages in multiple formats (.eml, .txt, .msg) that can be imported  into various email programs. It can also download files and photos.  You do not need to be a list admin to download list messages - just a member of the mailing list. You can test it for free (it downloads only a certain number of messages in the freeware version) - the cost is $15. It also 'remembers' what you've downloaded so you can  fetch only the latest messages. Be patient when ordering as this is a small operation and they are on the other side of the world - they usually respond within a day.

More here

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This may be helpful for those who do newsletters or linkspam posts.

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