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New hard drive install and image restore went well. I was on my way by Monday. But even with all the software reinstalled I had to deal with

*corrupt outlook pst files
*multiple daily backups had to be tested and restored
*set up a weekly image backup - tested and restored
*fiddle with all the USB ports - matching USB 3.0 to USB 3.0 to make said backups faster
*order new USB hub, external hard drive and power strips
*buy a new vacuum cleaner (yes ours died) to have [personal profile] xlorp vacuum under the desk and behind the computer tower (dust!!)

then deal with (mainly driver problems)
*DVD player that won;t burn
*printers that won't print
*scanner that won't scan

all the while
*frantically testing DIY security cameras before the house next door gets torn down and rebuilt (with construction comes theft and break-ins).
*trying to create a front yard habitat for the feral cat living in a shed in the next door house about to be torn down. The shed protects her from coyotes at night and she will not enter our back yard due to another cat who has taken up residence

We're still not done with all of these so will continue to be elusive and non-resposnive
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Fascinating experience in Internets connectivity.  The new Comcast router is dual band - 2.4 and 5Ghz. The reception for 2.4 is so bad - even when the computer is standing right next to the router, the speed is often less than 1mb per second with many disconnects. Most of our desktop and personal laptops do not have wireless cards that handle the newer 5Ghz range. So for a few days we had two cable modems  each in two separate  rooms (Comcast mailed us 2 routers by mistake so we put them to use) - one running on 2.4 and one on 5Ghz at different times  and then tested the equipment with Ethernet and off. That is how we determines what machines needed to be physically connected and which ones could handle wireless. Of course, we first tested with only one cable modem/router but when it became clear that would not work we hauled out the second modem for testing purposes.

Luckily, most of the living room devices can run on the 5Ghz and the signal to those on the 2.4ghz in the living room is ....OK.  The machines that can not “see’ the 2.4ghz in my office will be connected via Ethernet (the irony is that all of my personal machines fall into this “cannot connect via wireless to these new modem/routers”) So the single cable modem/router will be housed in my office again.

when all we had was DSL, the connection was even across the board at 2.4ghz no matter what machine, no matter how connected and no matter where located.   It is a very small and flat house and should not have been such a problem for the new router.

I had thought that perhaps we had interference with other devices in our neighborhood that were running 2.4ghz and did a lot of channel monitoring and switching. But in the end, it turns out to have been weak 2.4ghz signals on both routers (different models).

All of this - 3 days worth - just to get the household connected. Now we have to test the connection for speed and reliability over the next week.  This means the cables and boxes will remain everywhere and my online time will continue to be intermittent.

PS.  At one point, the network lost all security settings and would not allow us to re-secure it.  We had to reboot the router to get it restored.  We are not impressed with Comcast and are happy we got the month-to-month version.

PPS. And of course for the first day, we could not get any connection on any one of our 3 cable TV outlets. Our signal was just too weak with too “many” outlets. “We can send someone to diagnose and fix for $100 an hour.”  We knew we were in trouble when we stumped customer support when they asked me to unscrew the coaxial cable from both the modem and the wall and I said: “The coaxial cable cannot be unscrewed from the wall. It comes through the wall. It has come through the wall from the day it was first installed. This house was built in the 1950s. Ours is not a Plug and Play house. Also our refrigerators and our washing machines do not talk to Amazon. And they never will.”

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 As the anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake approaches, may I remind us all to replenish our emergency supplies. We just ordered new emergency supplies using an online shopping service. Many grocery stores have delivery and for dried goods there is always Amazon.  And if you don't want to pay for bottled water, then make your own using old water bottles. 1 gallon per person per day (min) for 3 days (for the math impaired = min 3 gallons per person)
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I've read that fans are trying to post to DW/LJ every day for the month of Sept. I am not certain that is doable for me, for various reasons, but I salute you!

1. Home repairs start Friday (the POD storage unit is being delivered). I am, frustrated with how little I can do to help/participate - have already hurt myself several times these past weeks, once so bad I was in bed for 2 days. There will be much disruption of both schedules and locations. Imagine a "Napoleon planning for an Russian invasion" level of logistical planning. But hopefully with a better outcome. For Napoleon that is.
2. We just started watching Lillihammer on Netflix and are enjoying it.
3. We also started re-watching The Middleman
4. We are carefully hoarding the last few Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries from Season 2.
5. My energy/pain free moments to watch any of the above is limited. But they are sitting there with their siren like calls.


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