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Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)

New Shows

Sep. 24th, 2015 08:05 am
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We watched both Blindspot and Limitless. Liked them for different reasons. Still have to watch Minority Report.

Any other new shows to add to the roster?

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Warm Glowing Warming Glow: Fall 2015 TV:

“*Heroes Reborn (NBC 8p): Brought to you by NBC, the channel that would rather waste its money on shows no one wants than renewing Hannibal.“

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We're watching Dicte on Netflix and they only have season 1. Now normally, there are...ways....of getting season 2 but finding subtitled versions that are hard coded and can be played on the TV is tricky.* I've been told it is playing in Canada on Netflix but of course since that cannot be streamed to the TIVO/TV...well we must carry on. We still have this week's iZombie to watch and to check out Sens8.

*actually we have found eps 1-7 so far.


Apr. 26th, 2015 08:21 pm
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Space Time Taco wants to know. Why aren’t you watching iZombie.

“ It’s like someone took Tru Calling, Veronica Mars, and Psych, threw it in a blender, added a dash of the original source material, and poured a delicious hot sauce doused brain smoothie into your cup. (Two straws please)”

woot! just watched our first episode.

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 WHTV’S “LONGMIRE” GETS  PICKED UP BY NETFLIX FOR FOURTH SEASON A fourth season of  Warner Horizon Television’s “Longmire” has been ordered by Netflix, the world’s  leading Internet TV network. Ten new episodes of the hour-long drama series will  premiere exclusively in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand in  2015.  The contemporary crime thriller, set in Big Sky Country, is based on  the Walt Longmire mystery novels by best-selling author Craig Johnson. The  series stars Australian actor Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire, the charismatic,  dedicated and unflappable sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming. 
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I had a longer thinky post but the browser crashed and my back is really hurting so here is the simple list..  The recs vary from intelligent to thoughtful to perfect for folding clothes while watching

*How We Got To Now (PBS, still in reruns and the last 3 eps are still available for streaming)
*Finding Your Roots (PBS still running and you can also watch some eps streaming)
*Constantine (NBC  Friday nights, some streaming)
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I've read that fans are trying to post to DW/LJ every day for the month of Sept. I am not certain that is doable for me, for various reasons, but I salute you!

1. Home repairs start Friday (the POD storage unit is being delivered). I am, frustrated with how little I can do to help/participate - have already hurt myself several times these past weeks, once so bad I was in bed for 2 days. There will be much disruption of both schedules and locations. Imagine a "Napoleon planning for an Russian invasion" level of logistical planning. But hopefully with a better outcome. For Napoleon that is.
2. We just started watching Lillihammer on Netflix and are enjoying it.
3. We also started re-watching The Middleman
4. We are carefully hoarding the last few Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries from Season 2.
5. My energy/pain free moments to watch any of the above is limited. But they are sitting there with their siren like calls.

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1. Donate to Planned Parenthood. You can also donate at the local level. And then consider donating to RAIIN, an organization that helps rape and abuse survivors.

2. Demand that your access to over the air programming be restored and that cloud computing be allowed to develop and grow and flourish. Imagine if the Supreme Court
had ruled that VCRs were infringing back in 1984...we wouldn't have much of the personal media technology we have today.


"In an open letter on Tuesday, [Aero CEO] Kanojia asked
the public to help restore Aereo:
Contact your lawmakers and tell them how disappointing it is to you that the nation's highest court has issued a decision that could take away your right to use a cloud-based antenna to access live over-the-air broadcast television.

The spectrum that the broadcasters use to transmit over-the-air programming belongs to the American public and you should have a right to access that programming whether your antenna sits on the roof of your home, on top of your television, or in the cloud.

Ask your elected officials to take action to protect your right use an antenna to access live free-to-air broadcasts, including a modern antenna located in the cloud."

3. Recharge your fandom love with this Star Trek vid: "
Long Live (Star Trek)". As I watched it, I am reminded of the many Star Trek fans that I have tracked down and spoken with this past year for the Sandy Hereld Memorial Digitized Media Fanzine Collection. These women from the 1970s-80s-90s have said: "Star Trek played such a big role in my life back then. It is wonderful it is being remembered." What I sometimes say back to them is this: "It is you who we are remembering."
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If you want to reduce your cable bill, you first have to decide where you like to watch TV: at the TV or on your computer.

If you like your TV, then you have the option of cutting cable or going back to basic cable. I will blog only about the method that I know and have used.

This method requires a wireless router in your home, a computer and decent DSL or broadband(3-4MBS for DSL). For most streaming methods, your computer will need to be on to watch video on the TV. And if you are not comfortable with doing an occasional reboot and restart if something hangs or freezes, then stick to cable.

Step 1: Buy a ROKU (around $50-100 depending on the model you pick)

Step 2: Buy Playon (a software program that runs on your computer).  Playon offers a free trial. You can then go month to month and once you are really certain it works for you, buy a lifetime subscription for $60. If you want to use their PlayLater feature to function as a DVR and record shows to your computer to watch later they charge a flat fee of $40/year. We have our own DVR so we went for the lifetime subscription

Step 3: decide if Netflix and/or Amazon Prime are worthwhile add-ons. Netflix is good for TV shows (they carry episodes up through the previous year). The only reason we have Amazon Prime is for the expedited shipping - on occasion we can find a few movies we want to watch. Netflix is around $10 a month. Amazon Prime will end up being roughly the same.

Step 4: Make a list of your favorite shows and see who carries them. Through Playon you can watch anything that Hulu offers for free. Hulu offers most of their shows within 24hrs of airing. Third party add-ons to Playon allow you to watch most any other TV show (yes even HBO and Showtime) for free - we use them sparingly as we still have our HBO and Showtime - mainly when our DVR fails to record a show and the damn On Demand service the cable company offers freezes or stops working (so much for not having to reboot on cable platforms). Local TV stations/news may also available via some Playon addons - you'll need to look through the Playon Scripts listings. Both Playon and Roku offer forums where you can ask questions.

What does it cost in the end
? A one time fee for the Roku ($50-100). A one time fee of $60 for Playon (lifetime) or a $3/month fee if you buy the DVR capability). Netflix and/or Amazon Prime for an additional $10 each (personally I'd not get Amazon Prime unless you have a need for the expedited shipping). For the first year, buying the most expensive ROKU and getting the monthly Playon, the cost is $12 month. If you add Netflix or Amazon Prime, an additional $10 each. Theoretically you could get access to most US (and UK) TV shows for around $22-32/month. After the first year....the cost can drop to as low as $10-13 a month.

And now you know why the cable companies fought so hard against Aereo and why the US Supreme Court case which Aereo lost today harms the consumer and technology innovation. Content providers and cable companies want to shut down Internet competition until they can figure out a way to overcharge us for their crappy (you know it will be crappy) Internet streaming service - that we will have to buy piecemeal at a premium from each network separately. Or, if they have their way, force us to pay for each episode, with no ability to store it and watch it later. Don't forget those "special" fees for watching on your smart-phone.

"Legal or not, Aereo was about to deliver something consumers wanted, something the collective will of the indigenous television industry still seems incapable of providing on a ubiquitous level. Broadcast TV. Everywhere." from a newsletter for cable network executives.

morgandawn: (BSG Roslin wikidwitch) would be to repeal Citizens United and remove the corporate shield to make the shareholders and managers  of companies personally financially liable for the actions of their corporations. you'd see a different set of market place actions when your CEO realizes his personal ass-ets are on the line.

"The revelation was the private companies have been sharing our data with the government, right? And agreed, it was this unholy alliance, so your trust when you embark with a private company in a relationship in which they’re going to share some of your data, your anticipation is privacy. But if everyone would step back for a second and think about how fucked up it is that everyone trusts Mark Zuckerberg, everyone trusts the Google guys. But it’s like, don’t let the government see any of that shit! It’s like, Guys, are you fucking kidding? These are publicly traded companies with management teams who are, because of the bizarre and somewhat outdated jurisprudence when it comes to shareholder rights in the corporate environment, they have no fucking obligation to their customers or to their employees; they only have obligations to their shareholders. They’re literally coupled to a stock market that is itself increasingly run by artificial intelligence. This is where the whole thing spins into a fucking bowl of fuckin’ disaster. You have a stock market that is increasingly dominated by microtransactions, high-frequency trading conducted by fucking computers that have parameters built into them. That value determines entirely the value of these companies into which we have poured our private thoughts, feelings, associations. Tally all that up and frankly, while I’m not terribly happy about the government having this information, at the very least that’s sort of the Social Contract we entered into when we allowed the government to have police powers domestically. But why is anyone more comfortable with anyone having this information than the head of the NSA? And the reason is they have better fucking PR. They have cute names. And they’re friendly and shiny and happy. But that information is for sale. It’s hard to imagine Facebook being bought out by a, not to sound jingoistic, but by a foreign-held corporation. But who the fuck owns MySpace?"
~ Johnathan Nolan, creator of "Person of Interest"

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This vid was shown at the 1980s Uk Blake's 7 conventions Space City (I blogged about the Space City conventions here).

The vid, in all its VHS wavy-vision glory, can be seen here.

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In 1995, a fan decided to set up a Beauty and the Beast website. But first he had to explain the concept to people who had never seen a "page".

"I guess I will talk a bit about what my concept behind this page is, so perhaps you all can tell me what I can do better if I've missed the mark:

What I'm trying to do with this page is to combine the static nature of an archive with the dynamic nature of a
zine or newsletter. That is, there is "archive" material there now, such as back issues of OLAH and HNG, as well as certain images. These things will probably be there as long as the page itself is up.

Then there are also things at the page that you might find in a "zine," such as poetry and fiction (and someday, art). The collection of poetry and fiction that you may find at the page at any given time will rotate, meaning as I run out of room at the page, I'll begin to delete the older material. I don't think this is a bad thing. In fact, I think it makes  the page more like a periodical publication. Two visits to the page, spaced apart by six months or a year or whatever, could yield completely different collections of fiction and poetry, just like two different issues of a zine would have different things in them.

Lastly, I hope the page will remain up-to-date with regard to current events. This is where I hope the page acts like a newsletter. For example, the page currently has in it registration
info for the '96 con, an order form for the ADS video, info on the SciFi Channel's story on ADS, and Robert Sigman's address, in case you want to write him regarding your opinions on a possible new film. This is all info that will change (sometimes weekly!) as all of  you send me updates and corrections. I hope that the page will become the defacto "place to look" for the latest on-line info about BATB and its fandom.

There's info on the show there too, but honestly, there's not much. Our episode guide is rudimentary at best, and we have no faq. But, I don't really  see this page as being dedicated to just the tv show, as so many other tv show pages are. Few shows have such an elaborate and creative fandom built up around them. I want this page to serve *all* of BATB: the show, but more importantly (in my mind), the fandom. This page is for you guys, all of you.

I know that not everyone can browse the Web yet, but the ability is getting more and more common. AOL even offers a Web browser to their customers, which I think is fabulous! For those of you who can browse, I really do hope you like the page. To my knowledge, it's the only page for this show in the world, so help me to make it the page you want it to be: give me your feedback, updates and changes."

You can see the 1998 version of the website as it evolved here.

Edited to add: A month later the website owner wrote: ''From August 1 to August 30, the page was hit **2,979 times**, with a total thruput of 69,857,296 bytes! YOWZA!!"
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There was the Beauty and the Beast Video Campaign. Not as successful, but it shows you how much has changed in 23 years.

BTW, if anyone has a moment to spare to add more info about the Veronica Mars Kickstarter project to Fanlore, the Veronica Mars page is here And the blank , ready to edit Kickstarter page is here
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From 1994, during a discussion about some of the countries where B7 was shown (and loved):""Re the exact running dates of B7 in Communist Bulgaria: I don't know the answer, but the way I learned about it was from a LOC to the old Federation Archives in which a B7 fan recounted the experience of being a tourist in Bulgaria, and (I think) walking around in a B7 T-shirt and having people come up to her on the streets to express their own enthusiasm for the show. So that would place it approximately in the late 80's, I should think.""
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TPTB on the British TV show Blake's 7 have had an adversarial relationship with slash fandom.  One actor kept confusing his TV character with himself (reportedly saying: It's that fiction where my co-star is always raping me.") Needless to say it was one of the many reasons (but not the sole reason) that Blake's 7 fandom imploded in the late 1980s.

Enter a new set of  "creators". These are ones who bought the TV show rights in the early 2000s.  They've been pushing for a reboot and are in negotiations for a new series to be shown on XBox Live (recast with new actors, of course).

Sadly, their attitudes are still stuck back in the 70s stone ages: "I think slash is distasteful. The actors that are represented do not appreciate it. And some produce this stuff on the web. I think it is bad taste. It has no reflection or bearing on what the show is and it is not a tribute to Terry Nation's legacy. I think it is an abomination. I think what is an abomination is the pornography. I have no problem with fan fiction, but I do have a problem with pornography." Asked what he planned to do, he said: "They will find out how I am going to clamp down on it. The moment you start doing something of an extremely dubious nature of the pornographic variety or for a commercial benefit without acquiring the rights, I and my partners will take a dim view of that."

Of course this was 10 years ago...perhaps they might have mellowed a smidge.  But really, does anyone care? We didn't when the show was airing, I doubt we'll listen 20+ years later. Certainly not when TIIC call large swaths of potential fans purveyors of an abomination.


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