Sep. 21st, 2015

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Between 2009 and 2011, several vidders hosted a series of interviews and in-depth analysis of fanvidsThe Vidder Profiles series is now looking for volunteer transcriptionist to transcribe 10 of the interviews. The profiles are short, between 8-10 minutes long. If interested contact:  oralhistoryfandom @

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Hi, everyone! The official OTW Elections timeline has now been posted, and it has been decided that everyone who became an OTW member (made a US$10 donation and opted for membership) between October 6, 2014 and October 6, 2015—inclusive—is eligible to vote in the November elections. So if you want to vote this year, please make sure that includes you.

Some essential info:

The elections will take place on November 6–9, 2015. If you’re a member, please read up on the candidates and vote! (And until then, please signal boost!)

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"I don’t like Chicken Little attitudes: OTW has been plagued by naysayers who think it’s on the point of collapse since the Livejournal post where the concept of AO3 was first proposed. OTW is not going to suddenly collapse just because the “wrong” person wins an election. But the reality is that AO3 got fucking ginormous much, much faster than anticipated, and the management and planning just didn’t keep up. There have been problems with project management, communication, and delegation for years at this point. Financially… well, OTW is Magic Mike, and fandom’s been making it rain, but a lot of that money remained stuffed in OTW’s thong, doing nothing useful. Looks like there’s no oversight of it at the moment either."
— olderthannetfic on “Why You Should Vote In The 2015 OTW Elections” - Part 1

She then goes on to give specific suggestions and recommendations.  

Deadline to become a voting member is Oct 6. 

Elections are between Nov 6-9, 2015.

An unofficial OTW Election News Blog

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The OTW is recruiting Abuse, Communications, Systems, and Volunteers & Recruiting staff. Apply if you’re interested, or help us get the word out! 

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