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I have been rereading the MsScribe saga today, which I now believe was so much more than an account of fandom because to have been able to write it is to understand fandom as it operated. This is important because we spend a lot of time on this website talking about how fandom should be, not about how it currently exists, as actual fact. Charlotte Lennox’s analyses of fandom, particularly, of how MsScribe was able to manipulate fandom, were very sharp, and talked about things that fannish people were not necessarily willing to talk about. 

A few things struck me as particularly prophetic about this current state of fandom.

  1. The fandom community is completely defenseless against bad faith actors who know how fandom works. 
    1. Consider MsScribe’s meteoric rise. Consider how knowing the right words is the one and only condition to being considered Good.
  2. Fandom operates on a couple of perverse incentives:
    1. Trauma will earn you not only sympathy, which it should, but also earn you authority to speak to a number of topics. 
    2. Trauma had become the only way that you earn authority to speak to those topics.
    3. In the times of MsScribe, this manifested in her story about her accident and her stay at the hospital, but it was very interesting how she trotted out the story in irrelevant contexts.
    4. MsScribe has also claimed to have experienced sexual assault.
    5. Now, this is combined with fandom’s de facto policy of Always Believe. This set of rules on which fandom operates does not mean that Always Believe should be done away with, but that we have to understand that it should come as no surprise that bad faith actors will exploit this rule.
  3. Accusations of racism and bigotry elevate fandom to a higher level of importance than it actually is.
    1. I have a post or two about how fandom is not actually important in the grand scheme of things, so I will not belabor the point here.
    2. Fandom still plays a huge part in the lives of fans, however, so it must be important, right? How do we make it seem more important?
    3. I believe MsScribe’s stunt with the racist and homophobic sockpuppets presages fandom’s abuse of social justice language. This is not a new point, but by elevating shipping wars to the levels of racism and homophobia, people can claim righteousness and justify their overzealous reactions.
    4. The thing is that nowadays, fandom no longer even requires sockpuppets to be made. Offences in order to generate appropriate outrages do not need to be odious neo-fascist statements; they are everywhere, manifest. You need to keep up with the latest non-ablest language, or you’re out. This is why fandom will never be able to surpass MsScribe’s sophisticated level of wankatry–there is simply no need for it.
      1. Separately, it amuses me to no end that fandom remembers Dan Savage as the guy who said some unwise things about asexual folks, and not one of the media dipshits who championed the Iraq war.

So a lot of the dynamics that we’re talking about right now have already been in existence in fandom, literally as early as the first true fandom history was written. Scary, no? But this is also why I completely reject analyses like Devin Faraci’s that paint this generation of fans as particularly “entitled,” as though “entitled” is not the right wing’s favorite bludgeon with which to hit Millennials. I also reject Aja Romano’s lol-tastic version of how fabulous and important fandom is in her numerous, brazenly ahistorical posts for I invite the likes of Charlotte Lennox, who has a real understanding of fandom and its history, as well as a willingness to talk about oft avoided things, to contribute to the discourse instead.

****Coming to you soon, maybe: A long ass post about everything wrong with Faraci’s and Romano’s takes on fandom.

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Massive recall of cat food underway:


Multiple cat food companies have voluntarily recalled dozens of their products over concerns the pets could get sick from eating them. Certain cans of cat fold from 9Lives, EverPet and Special Kitty did not have the proper amount of thiamine, which is also known as Vitamin B1, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which announced the recall Tuesday.

The products affected were all distributed for retail between Dec. 20 and Tuesday. A full list of the canned cat food recalled follows below:


Meaty Pate Chicken and Tuna 13 oz.

Meaty Pate Seafood Platter 5.5 oz.

Meaty Pate Seafood Platter, 4 pack of 5.5 oz. cans

Meaty Pate Super Supper 5.5 oz.

Meaty Pate Super Supper, 4 pack of 5.5 oz. cans

Meaty Pate Super Supper 13 oz.

Meaty Pate with Chicken and Seafood, 4 pack of 5.5 oz. cans

Meaty Pate with Chicken and Tuna 5.5 oz.

Meaty Pate with Chicken Dinner 5.5 oz.

Meaty Pate with Liver and Chicken, 4 pack of 5.5 oz. cans

Meaty Pate with Ocean Whitefish 5.5 oz.

Seafood Poultry Variety Pack 5.5 oz.

Meaty Pate with Chicken & Tuna, 4 pack of 5.5 oz. cans


Mixed Grill Dinner 13 oz.

Special Kitty

Beef and Liver Dinner 13 oz.

Classic Tuna Dinner 13 oz.

Mixed Grill Dinner with printed wrap, 12 pack of 13 oz. cans

Mixed Grill Dinner without printed wrap 13 oz.

Super Supper 13 oz.

As of Wednesday morning, there was no information about parent company J.M. Smucker offering any refunds for the potentially affected cat food. Instead, the company instructed customers who purchased any of the above products to stop feeding their cats the food and to call 1-800-828-9980 or email

Low levels of thiamine could result in a cat having symptoms ranging from a lack of an appetite to seizures. While thiamine deficiency can be serious for cats, it can be treated if detected early.

A separate recall of cat food was issued in June when products from the Rad Cat Raw Diet may have been contaminated with either Salmonella or Listeria, or both, the FDA announced at the time.

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Fanvid History Stash, II:

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So, I had a shared blog on tumblr called learningtocomic, where me and a couple of friends would occasionally post things about our comicking shenanigans, and oftentimes use it as a platform for thinking through various aspects of the comicking process.  It had a respectable 200+ followers.

And then it got deleted due to tumblr stupidity.

That’s…. that’s a lot of content that has now disappeared into thin air.  I’m still waiting for a response from tumblr support before I go around salvaging what I can, but in the meantime, I’m thinking a lot about the content that we create here, for free, and put up on this here website.

Server space isn’t free.  Designing and maintaining a web platform isn’t free.  Any web platform needs developers to make it usable, support personnel to keep it a safe and sane space, and good management who actually considers our needs.  When a service is “free”, it means that at least one of those things is missing.  Tumblr doesn’t consider our needs.  LJ is poorly managed.  DW could probably use some more personnel, and has very little server space.

Right now, what with the LJ servers moving to Russia, and some predictions that the Russian company wants to gradually phase out the American (money-losing) side of LJ, I hear that many LJ people are decamping to DW.  With Yahoo basically in freefall, I think tumblr will die in a few years.  Already, various fandoms are going in different directions: imzy, discourse, etc.

Further fracturing of fandom aside, that doesn’t solve the problem that we keep expecting hosting and web platforms to be free.  Fandom, which generates a lot of free content (and accompanying wank), requires hosting and web platforms that aren’t free.  Because free actually means “our sales and marketing team is bigger than our development team”.  Free means “we are selling your information to the advertisers”.  Free means “oops we deleted all of your content but we don’t give a fuck because you’re not actually our customer.”

So we are faced with two options:
(1) migrate from site to site like digital vagrants, losing content and communities along the way, or
(2) pay.

I’m not saying that *everyone* has to pay.  Half of fandom are still in school, and another quarter are working 2 jobs and barely making ends meet.  But my experiences in fandom has also really shown me its generosity.  I recently was putting together a fan anthology, and had a payment process that was “pay what you can if you have financial trouble” coupled with “chip in $5 or $10 if you can help”, and the donations not only covered the people who couldn’t afford full price, but also covered incidental printing and shipping costs.

Which is to say – it’s doable, if we don’t take web platforms for granted.  If, when we migrate to the next place, we say “let us pay what we can” instead of diving straight into creating beautiful works of art (and then scrolling past the flame wars.)

For me, the next space is Dreamwidth – it is already fan friendly and has half of the features that I want.  And for the other half – well, if I want something, pay for it, right?  So, here is my plan of action:
buy a DW paid account, even though I don’t have any use for its current paid features.   Because its developers need money if I want them to improve the site.  (And heck, I pay much more for Netflix.)
make some suggestions to DW for features that would make the site better.  (Top on my list: option to buy image hosting, ease of posting to different accounts, ability to reblog)
3) start consolidating my creative content on DW, and crossposting there.  (Maybe other people might slowly move there, as well, especially if the site is given the financial strength to improve.)
4) pay for fanart, fanfics, original writing, original art, etc.  Because the work we create is also worth something. 

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The weirdest muncle zine covers I’ve found so far. They are, in order, The Dunwich Affair (1985, 1990), The P.U.N. From U.N.C.L.E. # 1 (1991), The Curse of the Round Robin (1989), and Hello…Goodbye (1981). The Curse of the Round Robin is slash. The rest are gen. The sheer diversity is fascinating. The first is a novel-length Lovecraft crossover, the second is a book of jokes and puns, the third is, presumably, a round robin, and the last is the script for a muncle/Beatles crossover play. (Images from fanlore.)

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A new scholarship for 2017 has been endowed through the efforts of our transgender mistresses of technology, Evelyn D.

The scholarship is need based and applications are open to anyone identifying as non-binary or transgender.

To apply or nominate a fellow fan email with name and preferred pronouns of the potential recipient, the best way to contact them, an introduction, and one thing Escapade or slash fandom in general could do to improve visibility or awareness of gender non-conforming issues. The ideas will be shared with the fan community so be sure to let us know if you do not wish to be credited.

Please limit applications and nominations to those who would otherwise be unable to attend for financial reasons.

Please reblog, retweet, and otherwise help signal boost!



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Fanvid History Stash, I: "Us" (Free, how?):

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From the Mediawest Convention Blog:

We are sorry to report Paulle Jung-Morvant (PM Alexander) passed away January 4, 2017.

A fund was set up prior to her passing to cover her final expenses.

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The ‘Devil’s Bridge’ is a 19th-century
structure in Kromlau, Germany, that
was designed to make a perfect circle
with its reflection in the water below. Source

Love it

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The current cover design. Let us know if you have any tips for improving it and look forward to hearing more from us - we’ll be calling for fanfic submissions soon!

Artwork by @grrrenadine

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What's new about LJ is that they've turned off secured browsing (HTTPS ) so when you log into your account, your password can be seen by anyone monitoring the site and anyone else long the way (in transit). The payment page still seems to be encrypted (for now).  The lack of HTTPS security also means anything you post under lock is also accessible and your personal identity can be stolen
In the end my advice: make a new password just for LJ, do not pay anything through them and realize that anything you post or read there there can be intercepted by others
"There’s an important distinction between tweeting to the world or sharing thoughts on Facebook and having your browsing activity going over unencrypted HTTP. You intentionally share tweets, likes, pics and thoughts. The lack of encryption means you’re unintentionally exposing the controls necessary to share such things. It’s the difference between someone viewing your profile and taking control of your keyboard.....
...If my linguistic metaphors have left you with no understanding of the technical steps to execute sniffing attacks, you can quite easily execute these attacks with readily-available tools. A recent one is a plugin you can add to your Firefox browser. The plugin, called Firesheep, enables mouse-click hacking for sites like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and others. The creation of the plugin demonstrates that technical attacks can be put into the hands of anyone who wishes to be mischievous, unethical, or malicious.
To be clear, sniffing attacks don’t need to grab your password in order to impersonate you. Web apps that use HTTPS for authentication protect your password. If they use regular HTTP after you log in, they’re not protecting your privacy or your temporary identity"
Edited: install HTTPS EVERYWHERE  which can be found at It won't magically replace missing security (like what is happening on Livejournal), but it will turn on security if it is available. Ex: Up until 2013,  on Facebook you had the option to have secured browsing. Or not.  HTTPS Everywhere will toggle it on for you in case you mess up your default security settings
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Your readers should know about another catch:

LJ no longer allows access to its https site when browsing/posting, which means that any information you send to that site is readable by every other site that cares to eavesdrop. This means that anything you post under friendslock is still being read by any site that chooses to spy on Livejournal communications; you can safely assume that at least one Russian-government entity is.

I just double-checked, and the payment page *is* protected by https,, com so that at least should be secure.

Read more about HTTPS vs HTTP browsing

NO MATTER WHAT YOU DECIDE TO DO: Install The EFF's HTTPS Everywhere extension for Chrome/Firefox (also Android).

From their FAQ:

When does HTTPS Everywhere protect me? When does it not protect me?

HTTPS Everywhere protects you only when you are using encrypted portions of supported web sites. On a supported site, it will automatically activate HTTPS encryption for all known supported parts of the site (for some sites, this might be only a portion of the entire site). For example, if your web mail provider does not support HTTPS at all, HTTPS Everywhere can't make your access to your web mail secure. Similarly, if a site allows HTTPS for text but not images, someone might be able to see which images your browser loads and guess what you're accessing.

HTTPS Everywhere depends entirely on the security features of the individual web sites that you use; it activates those security features, but it can't create them if they don't already exist. If you use a site not supported by HTTPS Everywhere or a site that provides some information in an insecure way, HTTPS Everywhere can't provide additional protection for your use of that site. Please remember to check that a particular site's security is working to the level you expect before sending or receiving confidential information, including passwords.

One way to determine what level of protection you're getting when using a particular site is to use a packet-sniffing tool like Wireshark to record your own communications with the site. The resulting view of your communications is about the same as what an eavesdropper on your wifi network or at your ISP would see. This way, you can determine whether some or all of your communications would be protected; however, it may be quite time-consuming to make sense of the Wireshark output with enough care to get a definitive answer.

You can also turn on the "Block all HTTP requests" feature for added protection. Instead of loading insecure pages or images, HTTPS Everywhere will block them outright.

edited: Also, if you do backup your Livejournal blog or community to Dreamwidth, please consider buying a paid account.
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I've seen people reblogging a post that  (1) LJ servers are now being housed in Russia and (2) "the Russian government now has access to private information on private citizens across the country, their interests, their views, their families" and (3) and recommending that fans delete their LJ blogs and communities. If you do reblog/post please let people know they don't have to delete wholesale - they can import their blogs and communities to Dreamwidth. I've seen too many people anguishing over the loss of their creations, the comments and feedback, and their fandom history etc because they do not know they have choices. So if you're going to pass along a message of "FIRE!!!" , please point them towards the exits safely.

Dreamwidth FAQ: (importing personal blogs) (importing communities)

edited: As of 12/27/2016 only the Cyrillic/Russian accounts seem to have been relocated to Russian. No ETA on when/if the rest of the world will be moved, but you may still want to backup your personal blog or community nonetheless.

Here are Russian language posts about the Russian journals that have been blocked  and speculation about what is happening (use Google Translate):

edited: I ran my LJ through and it seems to point to Russia. I don't  know enough about how the Internets work to validate. BOTTOM LINE: BACKUP YOUR LJS

edited 12/302016: LJ pages are no longer secure (payment pages are still secure).

Also, if you do backup to Dreamwidth, please consider buying a paid account.
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 Both [personal profile] xlorp and I are registered, hotel room booked. Airfare will have to wait until we can work out the family visit days.
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I know that the election has depressed many of us. It has terrified even more of us and with good reason. Day by day the news gets grimmer and the Trump  Drumpf presidency has not even begun.

But there is something each of us can do. Also day by day. It is something we control - ourselves. We can can choose how we respond to those around us.  With love. With resolve. With fierceness. This week:

-I read about anti-Semitic graffiti appearing on the sidewalks  in my neighborhood. When neighbors on the community forum  alerted the community and reached out to our anti-graffiti city services, their posts were flagged. As I am a moderator in our neighborhood, I was able to remove the flags.   And I reported the person who flagged every single post in the thread (over flagging is a violation of the terms of service). I also wrote to each of the people who were flagged to thank them for speaking out.
-my mother and I bought a small menorah to replace the one stolen from her senior center holiday display. My mother also bought one for the neighbor - it was her personal menorah that had been stolen.
-I listened to an African America friend talk about the hostile reaction she got from a  white police officer while waiting in line for an oil change. He was ticketing someone and blocked her from moving (for 15 minutes)  and then glared at her and ostentatiously ran her plates. All she was doing was sitting in her car, in line, with her windows rolled up, waiting for an oil change.
-We reached out to a local LGBT teen group to start discussions on funding self-defense classes.

We live in California, in a very liberal area. The graffiti was removed in 24 hrs, someone else put another menorah in the community area so now there will be two, I invited my friend to have dinner with us over the winter break, and we will see what happens with the LGBT youth center.

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The next 4 years are going to be...unpredictable. There may be severe disruptions in the economy, food,  oil supply and job markets.

The only "smart thing" I am encouraging all my family and friends is this: set up an emergency fund and keep it safe. We need 3 months (better yet 6 months) of the essentials - rent, utilities, medical, car payments, gas and food. Cut back on your holiday spending and set up automatic payroll deductions into a savings account.

If you have a company that matches your retirement savings here is what I suggest

1. Save up 3 months of emergency savings. Some people say you should split your money between saving and paying off debt. Dave Ramsey suggests a different model: save $1000, then pay off debt. Do what works best for you. The most important message: HAVE A PLAN.
2. Then fund your retirement account up to the employer match (free money)
3. if you have any more after that, build your savings account up to 6 months. Or alternatively start paying off debt. Or do both. Again, have a plan and stick to it.

Speaking of credit card debt?

1. Don't use credit cards unless you can pay them all off at the end of the month (AND build an emergency fund/pay off debt/fund retirement) :
2. If you cannot pay off your credit cards at the end of each month (and build an emergency fund/pay off debt/fund retirement) : then credit cards should only be used in an emergency, not for routine purchases.

Buy insurance - if your company offers long term disability, get it. If they offer life insurance, get it (if you have family that depends on your income). These are major emergencies that can destroy families

Saving vs Retirement vs Debt
Emergency Funds

my other money posts
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 So [personal profile] xlorp  and I have decided we'll do what we can (which is all any of us can do). We plan to make 1 phone call a week (since phone calls are what moves the DC machinery) and also focus on local topics which have a big impact on our quality of life

To help us select what to focus on, we'll be using several resources. This one is public and open to anyone:

A call a day keeps fascism away! Scripts & strategies for contacting elected officials and other forms of resistance. 
Sign up here: or peruse  their archive

edited: there is also a Weekly Call To Action Google Doc. The first link goes to a set of tips. The second link goes to the actual list. Last week is was about Bannon, This week the ACA and getting the House Oversight Committee to start looking into Trumps conflict of interest issues

Two amazing tools to help you reach out to your Congresspersons (we have tested both)

Jessica Fish (@Fishica) tweeted at 0:57 PM on Thu, Nov 17, 2016:
MAGIC ALERT: You call this number and it auto-connects you to ALL of your congressfolks offices, hops from 1 to the next. 1 (844) 872-0234

Add Their Numbers To Your Phone
Text your US address to (520) 200-2223 to get a list of your star and federal reps.

(zip alone is often enough. If you are really paranoid, use the address of that neighbor who leaves their dog home alone on long weekends until it barks itself hoarsely to sleep).

This year we're skipping holiday gifts and we donated to:

TransLifeLine (transgender support hotline)
Southern Poverty Law Center
Planned Parenthood


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 This may be a long shot, but do any VCR era vidders still have copies of their vid storyboards or notes? It is for a vidding history project,

And digital/more recent vidders - do you still create a storyboard for your vids? I'd like to include a few example pages.

A storyboard is "a written set of lyrics of the song, ideally written only on the left half of the page to leave the right half available for notes."
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 when did anime vids start being shown at convention? I have 2 dates for live action vidding - informal room parties and then formal programming first show, first contest)

I found this:

Anime Music Videos are about 21 years old now... 1983 is about the time that the first AMV(s) started to emerge... Most of them were done back then by people who had access to video editing suites and two VHS decks since owning 2 VCRs back then was a luxury that only a few could afford... To give you some idea why, When I had my first VHS machine back in 1984-85, Video tapes would cost me about $12.00 US for standard grade, and that was considered cheap... 

Anyway, in around the late 80s, two VCRs were getting common and so "Home" made AMVs started to appear... The trick back then was to try to make your edits without the "Rainbows" since Flying erase head VCRs back then costed you about $1200 US. I kid you not since my first 4 head Hi-Fi VCR cost me that much! 

Back then as well, AMVs were a cult of a small group of people and AMV contests were shown in rooms the size of shoe boxes. Most people laughed at us and figured it was a novelty and would wear out. Boy were they wrong! 

a Lot of AMVs on VCRs were made in the 90s.. a lot of them suffered from poor quality and audio/video drops. Getting clean and good footage was an issue due to the costs and availability. 

What made the breakthrough in better quality videos in the 90s was Laser Disk!! Although 30 minutes of anime tended to cost about $50-75 US, most of us were silly enough to buy them. Heck, I bought all the Gundam 0083 discs at $60.00 per episode and used them to make my first Gundam video back in 1983... So there should be no whining about not being able to afford your sources!! Also keep in mind that if you adjust for inflation, ot would be like buying your anime discs for $100.00+ a pop! 

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I think we need to set up a Fanlore Account on Tumblr. We already have a Twitter account run by OTW Communications (thank you Pip!) and there is a way for those regular tweets to be automatically sent to a Fanlore Tumblr. I'd be willing to set up the Official Fanlore account on Tumblr and also tweak some of the cross-post settings so that we can mirror either the Tumblr posts here or DW posts like this one on Tumblr .

But we need someone to manage the Tumblr account. It should be a low key affair. I make regular fandom history and Fanlore posts on my tumblr blog which could be reblogged.  The Ask Box could be left open in case anyone wants to touch base via Tumblr. Thee are also periodic OTW announcement posts that might be suitable for reblogging.

Anyone other ideas for this Official Fanlore Tumblr account? Tumblr is a rich visual medium and we have lots of content on Fanlore that would be great for blogging.

Anyone interested?
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 Yahoo email has been getting worse.Many people who are using POP or IMAP  to access their email on their phones are finding it no longer works. There is an option to "allow access from less secure apps" that may help but for many that too fails. Accessing your Yahoo email on the web is still sometimes available but often that does not work on your phone. They turned off email forwarding so you cannot forward your email to another account like gmail.

I am testing a low RAM email client (eM Client) that can run continuously in the background of my desktop. I set up an IMAP account for yahoo mail, created a filter/rule that copies the email over to the IMAP version of my gmail account and puts it into a folder so I can read it on my phone. I am certain there are other more simpler  workarounds, but the most important part of this message is to make certain you have found a way to download your Yahoo email, contacts and calendar and store it elsewhere as I am not certain how much longer yahoo will be viable.

PS.   I am am paid subscriber to yahoo mail and they no longer have a support number to call. Or rather, I am still looking for it. They have not answered any support emails and the forum gets you canned responses.

PPS. Gmail allows you to import your contacts, emails and calendar from yahoo via POP, so if you can get POP to work, that is a good way to back up your entire yahoo account. Once imported you may have problems getting new emails, but it will be a start. Also, POP only imports items stored in your mail folder (inbox. IMAP allows you to access all folders.)

PPPS. Besides eM Client, you can try other free Desktop email apps like Thunderbird for IMAP.  There may be other third party apps that work across desktops and phones.

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 The Fanlore page about the Moonridge auction could use updating. The page is here:

Some links to help refresh people's memories

Things to add: number of participants, who moderated for what years, websites, amounts raised....
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 I am pulling together links of the vidding meta as far back as I can go.  Here is what I have so far

*vidding newsletter
*vidding LJ meta tag

any other forums, blogs or tumblrs?


Aug. 7th, 2016 08:49 am
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I feel like I should be wearing a sign: 

"Hi my name is [XXXXXX]. If I don't remember you, or the fact that we had that amazing time at [XXXX] or that we roomed together while I was studying at [XXXX] or that we once overthrew the government of  [XXXX] while wearing [XXXXX] and drinking [XXXXXX], please don't be offended. My memory is a bit threadbare.  I am just happy to see you, my dear [XXXXXX]."
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Sometimes I try explaining media fandom culture as follows:

Popular culture is like food. In the past, most of us cooked our own food and ate at home. We followed recipes that were handed down informally from generation to generation. Most of us could never afford to hire a chef or to go to a restaurant.

Then recipe books began to be published. Restaurants flourished. People started eating out once a year, then once month, and finally once or twice a week. Diner food arrived and with it, fast food was quick on its heels. The consumption of frozen dinners exploded. Home cooking was supplanted by prepackaged meals. We ate more and more alone, on the go, and communal family dinners fell out of favor.

Fan fiction, fan art and fan vids are like home-cooking. Commercially produced TV, books, and movies are like restaurant food. The meals prepared by fandom creators are usually based on the commercial recipes. Sometimes we follow the recipe closely. Sometimes we tweak it and add our own ingredients. Sometimes we go totally off script, especially when it becomes clear that commercial food markets have no interest in catering to our nutritional needs or dietary preferences. As fans, we still love to eat out, but mostly we love to cook for ourselves and our friends. What we cook varies in quality. Sometimes home cooked fanfiction is on par with MacDonald's and sometimes it is better than a 3 star Michelin restaurant. But that too is a matter of taste and preference.

But no one in their right minds would argue that home-cooking is illegal. That food is copyrighted and that no one should be able to replicate a recipe at home. That the only "authorized" food is the food that is produced by commercial kitchens, marketed by corporations and served up by trained chefs.

The ability to interact with popular culture - to absorb it, to reshape it, to respond to it - is a basic human need. It is as basic as eating and drinking. We have always sat around the fire telling and retelling the stories of our people. Just as we have always sat around the fire while eating the food we cooked for one another. And hopefully we always will.
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What we need:

more kindness, more history, more context, more empathy, more listening skills, more good faith
less blame, less assumptions, less zero sum conclusions, less bridge-burning, less finger pointing
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 I've seen this mentioned in numerous places but have not yet found the name of the case.

"Boldly Going Where No Copyright Claim Has Gone Before

One of the most notorious cases of copyright omission happened in connection with a little show called Star Trek— another NBC series, but this one a production of Desilu Studios. When originally telecast during the 1966-67 TV season, the entire first season’s voyages of the starship Enterprise aired without a single indication of copyright anywhere in the program.

It wasn’t until years later — and after Star Trek had metamorphosed from a short-lived cult TV show into a cultural phenomenon and highly prized commodity — that the copyright lapse even drew any attention. It was at the time of the advent of home video, when a number of small mom-and-pop outfits, believing that first year of Star Trekto be in the public domain, began selling copies of the episodes on videocassette.

Paramount, which had inherited the Star Trek franchise and produced the remaining two years of the series and all of its spin-offs after parent company Gulf + Western purchased Desilu in 1967, sought to regain exclusive rights to the first season by mounting a legal challenge to the little nickel-and-dime distributors that were circulating those first 26 episodes.

The upshot? Based on its existing copyrights on all subsequent Star Trek properties, Paramount won the right to retroactively copyright the entire first season of Star Trek, in the process, successfully suing all of those little companies — the ones that thought they were in the clear selling public domain shows — right out of business."

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 Some of the paths suggested by people like Ghandi, MLK etc are not an option for many people for many different reasons and I certainly do not know what experiences have led people to this point in their lives.  But this brings me back to my original position: The only person I can change is myself. (usually poorly, slowly, and with less success than I had hoped for).

So....if I am able, I will send a nice email to someone, leave a positive comment, compliment someone, be kind to someone.  If I see someone struggling, I will stop and ask if I can help. As it was said:  intent does not matter, only actions.
TL; DR: be excellent to one another.

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Back in 2010, one fan wrote about her perception of the intersection between fandom, social justice and the rest of the world:

"....I think a lot of people don't notice how broad and long term the effects of fandom's existence.....really are. There is a generation of published authors that have come out of fandom, and right now a new generation is writing their first fanfic and getting their first feedback comment. There are TV writers who didn't know what slash was 5 years ago but now consider slashers an essential part of their audience. Research of online fannish communities is a growing field in Social Sciences departments in universities all over the world. Every day I see more and more awareness and acknowledgment of fandom in the real world, every day it seems like more people are paying attention and more people are taking part in this community. When I was 9 years old, I didn't have a computer; when my sister was 9 years old, she was posting her fanfic on Taking that in mind, I can't think of a fannish community I'm familiar with that hasn't been affected by the "social justice" issues that have recently become more and more mainstream in my corner of fandom. And the communities that haven't been touched by it at all, will likely be touched by it in 5-10 years' time.

-[community profile] scans_daily  started as a place to talk about homoerotic subtext in comics, today they have a How Not to Fail 101 post they make their community members adhere to. The campaign to protest the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie was as successful as it was, had the broad effect that it did partially because of the social justice work that had previously been done in fandom and because more people were receptive to issues like whitewashing in Hollywood ......Around 2006 someone came into a fan community for the US scifi show "Stargate: Atlantis" and expressed the opinion that the show was sexist and treated its female characters poorly. In 2006 that post had several pages of comments flaming that person and reciting various bingo squares on how it's nobody's problem but her own. Today that kind of reaction would be unthinkable in the same corner of fandom..... and many of the people you saw on the flamming side in 2006 are today regularly speaking out about feminism and other issues in media.

-I've seen people say that they don't see the kind of awareness and understanding about social issues in their RL interactions as they do in fandom. And to that, honestly, all I have to say is look around. Again, 5 years ago you wouldn't have been having these conversations in fandom. 10 years from now some kid is going to publish their novel who grew up reading non-faily fic about trans characters...... I see the effects all of this is having on the world; I don't know how you can see them. And I know this is not just a "product of the times," it's the result of a lot of hard work from a lot of dedicated people, and if they - we - weren't doing this, it wouldn't happen by itself (and it won't, in future)."

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 They can be from any of the films.

Mine (so far) are:
*Kid Fears (multi-generational retelling of the Star Wars saga)
*Lowlands (Han/Luke)
*(still considering the last one)
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 I made all the appropriate genuflections at the Altar of Technology.

*Sleeping Cat Photo (in the sun)
*Sexy Text to Partner
*Used Google Voice to ask "What is 42" and "What is Skynet" and listened to ...IT?.... read from Wikipedia
*Asked for the locations of the nearest Starbucks and Shawarma

I am ready for 2016.

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 I am working on the Han/Luke Fanlore page and am looking for some of the early fanfic that was published. So far the earliest seems to be Theresa K's "The Promise" which appeared in 1993 in Dyad 12.  Any other ones from before1995?

edited: we found a few written by Felicity Granger in Bright Center of the Universe dating to around 1991.

Stacy Doyle

Dec. 7th, 2015 02:03 pm
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A little over a year ago, fan friend Stacy Doyle passed away. Her partner Liz asked us to help find a home for her fanzine  and fanvid collection. One Sunday in Feb, a few of us* gathered together to catalogue, box and shipp her fanzine collection.

A collection in her name has now been established up at Texas A&M University. On Stacy's bio page Liz wrote:

""What can I say about Stacy … she was generous of her time, friendly, loving, and a born caregiver. She was at her happiest when she was helping someone. It didn’t matter if the help was big or small. Helping you figure out your new phone, computer or getting your VCR/DVD to talk to your TV or helping you decorate for Halloween or Christmas or helping you move.

Once she discovered fandom she was in 7th heaven, as they say. She found she wasn’t the only one into Star Trek, Starsky and Hutch, Man from U.N.C.L.E, and so forth that was just the beginning of her fanish pursuits. She convinced her Mom to drive her to conventions in Sacramento, yes, she had to be driven, as she didn’t have her drivers license yet. Once she got it and that freedom it garnered her, she was able to go to local conventions by herself. As she went to more and more conventions she discovered costumes, zines, and vids!..."

*A huge thank you to Mishie, [personal profile] franzeska and [personal profile] xlorp for doing the hard work in getting the collection to TAMU.


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