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 I "asked" several of the fanbook project organizers to see what printers they are/were using.  This list will be updated

PrintNinja: (min print run of 250, average for soft with perfect or coil, 100 full color pages (or 50 sheets) around $15 (including shipping and proof copy). If you go up to 200 pages (100 sheets) the price is around $24. You can tweak this a bit and if you can manage 500 copies, the price drops significantly (ex: 200 page zine would drop down to to $14 again).  They have a good price calculator

First Choice Books:  Canada based. The project used it because it was local and suggest that fans use local printers to avoid having to pay shipping costs for the proof copy. Pricing: need to call or email to get estimate

Print Trade Co located in Norcross, Georgia, USA:

JiMi Agency: prints books on a case by case basis located in Seoul, Korea

Blurb:  USA and UK. Does both artbooks and magazine style printing.

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Link to video:

A couple of weeks ago, the RAW Fanthology team spent a weekend in the woods planning our @kickstarter launch.  There was blood (fake), chicken escapes (real), Mizumono cosplay (a questionable choice) and homemade donuts (100% unquestionable).  

We also spent a lot of time making Aimee sit on rocks and talking at a camera about why fandom and fandom publishing is so important to her (and the rest of us).  

I’ve cut together some of my favorite quotes from that discussion so you can meet Aimee and learn more about what inspired the RAW Fanthology project and why we want to create published fanworks that exist as tangible objects. 

We’ll be sharing more with you next week!   And, as always, we hope you’ll consider contributing to RAW.

–Tea ( @teaberryblue ), RAW Co-Editor and blood splatter afficionado


Does anyone have time to transcribe this interview? It is less than 2 minutes long and I’d like to share it with a hearing impaired friend.

edited: we found someone. There are two  more videos - also short, so ping  me if you want to help.

Some contextA new Hannibal slash art/fanbook has just raised over $50,000 as part of its Kickstarter. The group did an earlier Captain America art book called Brooklyn:


One of the editors gives an interview about 'why produce a fanbook" and the history of fanzines.

Tags:hannibal, rawhannibalfanzine, rawfanzine, fanzine, fandom history, fanzine history, DWCrosspost

Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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The original of this drawing arrived in the mail today. I wish we could put together a traveling gallery of all the stunning K/S fan art to take to fan conventions. Until then, enjoy this low resolution version.

From Fanlore, the fan run, non-profit wiki about media fandom

Pieta back cover First Time #46, [artist: Shelly Butler]. The pose, which is an art classic, was used decades earlier in the drawing by Wendy Pearson accompanying the poem Pieta in Starbase M.T.L. #6. One comment on the work: "The image is a reflection of the glorious sculpture, Pieta. Here, a long-haired Spock lovingly holds an angelic Kirk on his lap. Notice Spock’s hand delicately and gently placed on a vulnerable Kirk’s belly. Kirk’s blissful, sublime expression relates to their intimate relationship, and a soft light seems to shine on him.

Another fan wrote this: “The impression I get from Pieta is that Spock is preparing to infuse the man in his lap with something great, mysterious, and ultimately very powerful. Dare I call it by its name? Love.”

 More art commentary is here.

The drawing won a STIFfie Award in 1997.

PS. I did contact a few of the fandom archives about displaying fan art - while they can preserve/archive fan art, they do not have space to display it. That is typical of most special collections.

PPS. How awesome is it that there are "a few...fandom archives" in the US? 

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Thanks to Ann who sent me this tumblr link


so my roommate melissa works part-time at a thrift shop pricing donations and she happened to come across this gem

and bought it for me because she is a good friend

it’s signed, framed and dated 1976

this is framed ot3 fanart from 1976

it is now hanging on the wall in our living room for everyone to see

The artist is Connie Faddis. She published a beautiful series of  Star Trek zines called Interphase and illustrated one of the most sought after Starsky & Hutch fanzines, Scales of Justice.

[Note: of the 8000+ notes, these are my favorites:
*"This proves that OTPs and OT3s existed before our generation."
I’d expect Spock in the middle for body heat reasons."
this makes me so happy though because there’s K/S/McC fanart that literally predates me as a human being bless you..."
this seriously makes me wonder what all the porn etc people have been making will wind up doing about 40 years from now..."
the saddest part: to end up in a thrift store, somebody had to have parted ways with this thing in the first place."
Never forget: women invented fandom."
What an amazing find! Have some old-ass fanfic to go with it, circa 1976!"
Epic, also * gorgeous* even if you don’t ship them. The detail work is lovely!"
Trekkies are the elves of fandoms."
Things like these make me feel hopeful about humanity"
#we are your gay shipping predecessors #star trek started this stuff man."
I wonder about the journey this drawing made like how did it end up in that shop? who had it originally?"
- 1) My god, it’s full of stars. - 2) Now I wanna know how it ended up in the thrift shop. And what the store *"workers had to say when they processed it in. You know that was a rockin’ day in the stockroom."
*"After my mother died, I went through her things and came across notebooks full of writing. She’d been writing Star Trek fanfiction for years, and while none of it seemed slashy, she certainly spent a lot of time on Kirk and Spock. It was bittersweet, discovering her secret. I’d started writing X-Files fanfiction when I was fifteen or sixteen, shortly before she died, and it would have been nice if I’d known about this thing we could have shared."
*"this is like really impressive actually, also they’re all staring at jim’s dick."
woah!!!!!!!!! there should be an antiques road show for fangirls."
Not going to lie, this is the type of thing that finally convinced me to watch Star Trek."
Star Trek slash is immortal."

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My summer cold continues to leave me tired and coughing. But the Fanzine Archives at University of Iowa posted on tumblr about their Beauty and the Beast fanzines: Special Collections University of Iowa — We had a request to feature more media fanzines,...

Sample cover below. Info about the fanzine on Fanlore here.

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Amalthia has set up the 2014 Supernatural J2 Big Bang Collection on A03. Hopefully, the instructions on how to add your story to the collection are clear. When we posted about the collection in 2011, we had some suggestions about how to  post to the A03  along with a reminder to artists that they can post their artwork to A03 - either part of the Big Bang story or on their own.

Here is the master collection covering  2007-2014 (the Ao3 collection was started in 2011 and writers and artists have been slowly adding their past fanworks):

And here is the one set up for 2014.

Note: A reminder that all Big Bang fanworks can be added to the collection. Art and fanvids are especially welcomed and can be added as their own stand alone entries or as part of the Big Bang story post. And here is a shout out to the latest Big Bang art posted to the collection:
kjanddean's art post for "Surface Tension" by ephermeralk and the most recent Big Bang vid for the 2010 Big Bang: meivocis' vid or "Luminous" by devilsduplicity

Feel free to cross-post or link to this post.  Because this is not being run by the Big Bang challenge moderators, there will be no "official" announcement on the SPN J2 Big Bang community or any of the other SPN communities  - so the only way to get the word out to fans who are posting their fanworks on AO3 is through you.
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Middle Earth Travel Posters - Created by The Green Dragon Inn

Prints are available for sale on Etsy.

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If you've never been to a fan run convention and want to see what type of fan art/fan crafts are displayed and sold there, the Escapade art show is posting photos of 50 art pieces that were submitted to this year's art show. If you are on tumblr, you can subscribe to the escapadecon tumblr.

And if you are not on tumblr, just check back weekly here: and don't forget to scroll back for older entries

Among the items showcased so far...

Teen Wolf - a wolf and his boy
Despicable Me Minion hats (worn by the art show volunteers during the auction)
A dapper Pacific Rim portrait
A knitted Dalek
Thor and Loki linocut

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This print, leather and Lace by Lovett was used on the cover of the adzine On The Double.

But was it ever used in any other zines? Was it reviewed anywhere? I know it was popular in the early 2000s when Lovett was selling art prints.


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Reposting from [personal profile] digitalwave 

"L.A. Adolf is an amazing fan artist and writer who has been active in fandom for a long time.

In recent years health problems have made her unable to work. She's applied for disability but has been turned down twice. Now she's in very real danger of losing her home though she's trying her best to save it and get back up on her feet. To learn more, please check out her GoFundMe page:

She can also take PayPal directly at

She's done some truly beautiful Sherlock stories the last few years. If you'd like to see some of her work, you can find out more about her fannish side here:

Thanks, guys!"

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Fanzines are not dead (yet). They're just resting (as can be seen in the photomanip cover below). This Supernatural slash novella by J.M.Griffin, "Requirements" was published in 2008 by GriffinSong Press. The zine is 143 pages long and digest sized. The photomanip artwork on the cover is  by JKay.

(some links go to Fanlore, the fan run wiki about media fandom).

(Earlier I blogged about a tumblr user who was showcasing zines that are being sold on eBay.  The image above is from the original ebay seller ad and here is the link to the original tumblr post. The artist was not credited in either posting).

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A more "recent" fanzine published in 1997 (or possibly 2000). Out of the Dark is an XFiles slash fanzine featuring one of the main slash pairings: Mulder/Skinner.

The story is online here at the Annex. Cover art by K9.

Looking for more Mulder/Skinner zine fic?  Try Bene Dictum #4 featuring stories by MFae Glasgow (Fanlore links to the publisher's website where you can download a PDF of the zine)

(some links go to Fanlore, the fan run wiki about media fandom).
(Earlier I blogged about a tumblr user who was showcasing zines that are being sold on eBay.  The image above is from the original ebay seller ad and here is the link to the original tumblr post. The artist was not credited in either posting).
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This arrived in my inbox over the weekend. What can I say...I have the best friends.

"Because sometimes life is like this, and all you can do is contemplate The Duck."

Drawing is from the Kirk/Spock fanzine Beyond Dreams #5. "Child's Play" art by Ingela

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Again, a gift from one of my trusted minions un-indicted co-conspirators fellow Peripatetic Historians:

"I Feel a Smile Coming On," filk by Mary Frey, illo by Kathy Carlson from the zine IDIC #4.

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Fandom could have used more Buffy fanzines. According to Fanlore: "Whoever Rules Rome was published in 1999, is 79 pages long and is a digest-sized fanzine. It is a crossover novel written by K. Nickell with Xena, Buffy, Sailor Moon, Beauty and the Beast, Real Ghostbusters, Night Court and possibly others.

I'd love to know more about the zine. Like "does it really crossover all those fandoms" and "who is the cover artist?"



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Many zines appear for sale on eBay without key details - like publisher or publication date or a complete list of table of contents or artist credits. This fanzine was most likely published in the early 2000s, a time when fanzine fandom was being replaced by online fandom and fanzines began their long march to even more obscure publications.

The zine is Walk on the Wild Side. It is a slash fanzine and it is a Multi-media zine  (or in today's terminology "Multi-Fandom) as it has stories from many fandoms such as Buffy, Roswell, and X-Men. Through much effort Fanlore was able to identify the cover artist as Norma Rockswell but additional details about the zine are welcomed (publication date? editor? review? full table of contents?)

(some links go to Fanlore, the fan run wiki about media fandom).
(Earlier I blogged about a tumblr user who was showcasing zines that are being sold on eBay.  The image above is from the original ebay seller ad and here is the link to the original tumblr post. The artist was not credited in either posting).
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To show there are zines (a) for everyone and (b) published after 2000, here is the cover of the Stargate SG1/Real Ghostbusters crossover fanzine: Keymaster. The fanzine won the 2002 FanQ (Fan Quality) Award.

The cover art is by Sandy Schreiber who wrote: ""Sheila Paulson liked to have me do the art for her novellas. this was a Stargate: SG1/Ghostbusters crossover. It's the second of two novellas. I tried to draw the real-life actors as well as I could...they're harder than the stylised art of the Ghostbusters. Watercolor on board." Source

Earlier I blogged about a tumblr user who was showcasing zines that are being sold on eBay.  The image above is from the original ebay seller ad and this is the direct link to the original tumblr post.

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Rounding out my fanzine searches on twitter and tumblr is a fan who really really loves this zine.  In fact, this zine was, for many, the first zine we ever bought.  The tumblr entry contains lots of of this zine's art.

What is this zine?

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Today is the Doctor Who Christmas Special. And yesterday, the Atlantic magazine wrote the following article about Doctor Who fanzines  (on a side note, Fanlore was briefly mentioned in the fanzine cover credits)

"How Fanzines Helped Put Doctor Who Fans in Charge of Doctor Who

"When the BBC announced Scottish actor Peter Capaldi would play the 12th Doctor in its beloved sci-fi series Doctor Who, superfans quickly dug up a crucial fact about the actor: He’s a superfan, too. Capaldi, who takes over Doctor duties from Matt Smith in a Christmas Day special, has an enthusiasm for the show that dates back to the 1970s, when he authored stories for Doctor Who fanzines—small-circulation publications made and distributed by fans. See, for example, this 1976 article about the show’s title sequences.

“Watching the abstracted light forms & patterns which appear in the opening sequence of Dr. Who has become a familiar ritual for all of us,” 18-year-old Capaldi wrote. “The wonder of the opening is that it manages to capture in only a very few moments of screen time the atmosphere of Dr. Who.”

Capaldi isn’t the only amateur Who geek to go professional. Because of the program’s unusual history—it ran from 1963 to 1989 and then returned in 2005—many of its original fans are now its writers and producers. Showrunner Steven Moffat told The Guardian this year that he was "the original angry Doctor Who fan,” and his earliest Internet postings about possible story ideas are still online today (and those ideas occasionally find their way into the show). Writers like Paul Cornell and Matt Jones graduated from zines to official Doctor Who novelizations and, eventually, episodes of the reboot itself."

Read more.

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Today I depart from the world of print zines to focus on e-zines (or online zines). While there are only a few, most ezines are free.

To start with, the only two Teen Wolf ezines that I know of:
*The Sterek Book (this was also produced in printed format in a limited print run)
*Eternal - viewable online here

Then we have Harry Potter ezines: Chocolate and Asphodel (two issues)

How about some new Trek? Universal Constant (two issues)

Lord of the Rings
*The Noble Steward Chronicles (many issues)
*Brothers of Gondor (two issues)

Lost: The Shepards - naughty? You decide.

and to conclude - The Beatles (RPF): Rooftop Sessions (6 issues)

Sterek Book. Source: Sinyhale tumblr

Brothers of Gondor. Source: Artist: Enednoviel


The Shepards. Source: Artist: Crickets


Universal Constant. Source: Artist: Jou

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Today's trip through tumblr in search of fanzines is being highlighted not for the fanzine cover, but for the accompanying text:
"From the good old days when the internet didn’t exist and you got your printed share of feels in the actual mail."  Tumblr source.

More info about Naked Times, the fanzine.

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Today our tour of tumblr fans celebrating their fanzines continues.  This new owner wonders why Spock is petting a panther.  I am not sure either, but the drawing is by Marilyn Cole and you can see more of her artwork on Fanlore here.

Top row, left to right: Naked Times - To Catch A Unicorn
Middle Row, left to right: Mirrors of Mind and Flesh - Unholy Alliances - Out of Bounds (the zine that was banned in Tulsa!)
Bottom Row: Naked Times - Thyla - Daring Attempt

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Today on tumblr, someone who really really really loves fanzines. Really.

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The art of fanzines is not dead. As in, fanzines about art are not dead....Below is a new zine featuring fan artists. Details under this tag.

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Today, while wandering the TumblrLand Wastes, I came across a fan sharing bits of Star Trek fanzine history. She even posted a few photos of one of her beloved zines. More here

"As promised, here are some photos of my old Kirk/Spock slash fanzines. These are, in all seriousness, some of my most prized possessions. They sit wrapped in plastic and I hardly ever take them out because they’ve already seen a lot of wear and tear. I wonder where these writers and artists are now…"

And some of the reblog comments:
"I might have to start collecting these."
"HISTORY! *flails hands with glee*"
".... a chance to commune with our forebears in the faith. Seriously, I LOVE this, that there are Kirk/Spock fanworks older than I am."
"This is history."

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Escapade is the longest running slash convention in the US. They have an art gallery and an art auction and they are looking for fan art. They accept any and all media fandoms along with slash, het, gen - all is welcome. Crafts, notebooks, Kindle covers and other fan art creations may also be submitted,  This year they are also hoping to do a digital display -- something that may be of interest to digital artists. A "County Fair" with quilts, baked goods and preserves is under consideration. And last they are hoping to reserve a special gallery section for premiering art.

More details here

(please feel free to forward or post to other groups here on LJ, tumblr, deviantart or wherever fan artists can be found)
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(repost from a few years ago. I do not know if Lorraine is still selling art prints, but it cannot hurt to ask)

I was able to buy two original Lorraine Brevig oil paintings. Now that the originals have been sold Lorraine is offering a limited set of  art prints of the series. You can go to her journal artconserv to contact her for more info  (for non LJ users she has an email address listed on her first journal entry). Adult art is friendslocked (but again, she also offers the adult art on a password protected website for non-LJ users).

Anyhow here are my two recent acquisitions that are being offered as limited art prints.

Waiting To Be Unshackled   
Leashed by Lorraine Brevig                        Unshackled by Lorraine Brevig

Lorriane does sell her original oil paintings and she also has other art prints to offer.  Fandoms include: Lord of the Rings, Starsky & Hutch, Star Trek (original series), Star Trek Reboot, Sherlock Holmes (the movie), Stargate Atlantis, and The Sentinel.   Also she has a few Torchwood, House and Pirates of the Caribbean paintings.  (Remember: adult artwork is friendslocked or password protected).

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Art by Kathy Bushman

I've been scanning the old mimeograph versions of the first Star Trek fanzine, Spockanalia for the publisher who is participating in a fanzine preservation project. The first illo, by DEA, is the back cover of issue #2. As you can see, the paper has started disintegrating. Someone had tried to tape it back into place, but the page began to dissolve around the edges of the tape. The paper is very similar to the  rough, heavy construction paper you may have used for school arts and crafts. It has yellowed significantly over the past 40+ years. Entropy.....

The second image I am including because I like the composition of Spock and Mirror Spock with the IDIC symbol between them. The artist is Kathy Bushman. Most early fan art had to be minimalistic ink drawings because that is all fans  could reproduce on mimeograph machines.

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You all know my love of fanzines (and ezines). Here is an utterly adorable Sterek (Teen Wolf) fanbook with art and text explaining the pairing. Viewable here and downloadable here. I am not even a fan of the show and I love it.
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We're at the end of our discussion of Rainbow Noise, the first (and only) vidding letterzine. Published in 1993, we have been only able to find two issues. If you have any copies, drop me an email or comment.

The last section in the letterzine focuses on two topics: “how much to charge for your fanvids on videotape” and “wouldn’t it be awesome to have a fanvid library where we could borrow vids on tape?”

The issue of whether to charge - and how much to charge - for fanworks is that one fanzine publishers, fan artists, and fan vidders have wrestled with since media fandom flowered in the 1960s. Today, the prevailing view is that it is wrongwrong and WRONG to ask for any money for your fanworks. Fanworks are gift of love. And everything should be free on the Internet, right?

But in those olden days, the days before the Internet, the only way to share a story was to physically imprint it on paper (such as a
mimeograph machine that inked letters onto drums that rotated and spun and made you high with their fumes), seal it in an envelope and send it via post. Few fans had printers in their homes and before the 1990s computer ownership was not common among fans (although fandom with their geeky ways were early adopters of computer technology). Fan vids had to be made on VCRs using videotape. In fact you needed two VCRs to make a fanvid -- at a time when most homes could only afford one VCR. And, like fanzines you had to ship the videotapes through sleet and snow and hail. Fan artists - well the print reproduction process was limited. And who would ship their originals to a convention hundreds or thousands of miles away just so someone could see your art? Submitting your fanart to fanzines in exchange for a contributor’s copy was the only way to “be seen.” Which led straight back to fanzines and how much to charge for them.

But back to the song video library. If a vidder did climb that logistical mountain to make copies of her “
songtapes" to send out to the world….. well the quantities were limited. Since there was no Internet, the only place to see fanvids was to travel to a convention (very expensive) or to find someone local who had a copy and was willing to open their living rooms to you. And for fan vidders who wanted to see other vidder's work - well everyone was in the same boat. Forget about discussions of fan vids, or feedback or concrit.... if 100 people ever saw your vid, you were lucky. If 500 people saw your vid, you might as well call yourself Vincent and gogh home and paint more sunflowers.

So you can imagine how a song video lending library would have been an awesome idea.

Sadly, the technical logistics and the small circulation of the Rainbow Noise meant that the songvid library never took off.

So now, aren’t you glad that the Internet was invented just so you can watch and share fanvids? And art? And fic? And podfic? And gifsets?

On to the proposal in issue #2 of Rainbow Noise:

"Opinion Time: Like a story sitting in a drawer, a video that no one sees is wasted. Years ago I became frustrated because I would see a video once at a con and never again. Or, even worse, hear about it second hand. Or, the very worst, have only multiple gen or ripped-off copies floating around. That's why, back in the Calicon days, I started making "contest tapes" for the convention members. There has been wonderful encouragement and support from concoms (like Candy P. who even makes special lists on her

computer) and the video makers who allow me to copy their songs. I want to publicly thank everyone for their help. But, I'm still a little frustrated. I keep hearing about videos, videomakers that I've missed (I was told 2 years ago about a funny video with different fandoms bowling—but have yet to see it!)

I am also disturbed by reports that pseudo fans are duping off multiple gen copies of music videos and selling these for big bucks. If anyone wants more than $5.00 for any con, or compiled (ie. from multiple video makers) tape—this is a rip-off. Please spread the word and let's try to shut them down.

A second means of attack and a way to relieve my frustration with missing videos came to mind while talking with several video makers. I propose setting up a music video library. Video makers would send me tapes of their work and I could dupe for fans (at cost) on my industrial quality VHS, Beta and PAL machines. Creators would have a wider audience, the best possible copies would be available, and creators would miss the hassle of running bunches of copies. This arrangement has worked out well for people like Mary Van Deusen and Cybel. However, if a maker, such as Dee Jay, prefers to make her own copies, I'd be willing to pass along flyers, or info. So, I invite all video makers to contact me.

I am also willing (eager) to put together and distribute copies of con video contest tapes for cons that1 do not attend. I would like to invite any concom to contact me."


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Because everyone looks fantastic in a Christmas sweater! I’ll even bet Mr. Spock has a matching one…

(The last image is a drawing by Vel Jaeger an excellent Star Trek fan artist from the days of fanzines, stone knives, bear skins, and knitting needles. You can see more of her art on Fanlore here:

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Back in the olden days, fanzine publishers had to physically pick up their K/S fic and art and hand carry it to a local print shop. And then another. And then another. The tales of their journeys to find a print shop that would publish Captain Krik and Mr Spock in...intimate situations.....are epic, amusing and inspiring. All hail to our brave Foresmutters.

Here are a few of them

Publisher 1:
"Once I finished "T'hy'la" #1, I needed to get the zine in print and that would require finding a new printer. If I took "T'hy'la" to the printer I'd been using for my genzine, he'd have a heart attack....It was, I admit, a bit difficult to go in there for the first time. I was a bit...embarrassed. After all, I was asking them to print explicit art of naked men doing sexual things with each other...The people who owned the print shop were as cool as they could be....My printer really enjoyed printing my zines. By the time I'd done my 3rd or 4th issue, he told me the women in the bindery always looked forward to my zines. They'd post prints of the artwork on the bindery walls to keep them entertained while they worked."

Publisher 2:
"The manager, long inured to what she's been so faithfully producing for us, engaged me in a discussion about a Gayle F picture! The one where Kirk is straddling Spock in the grass, he is obviously being penetrated, Spock is raised up just a bit so he can twist Kirk's nipples, Kirk has Spock's cock in his hand, and our captain's head is thrown back in a fair imitation of ecstasy. I don't know if you can get more explicit that this picture.
"Oh, look at this," she said. That's really nice."
"Yes," I enthused." She's a terrific artist."
"No," the manager chided me. "I meant the quality. We caught most of the details."

Publisher 3:
"K/S Tale of Woe of the Month: So I was having [my K/S zine]  printed a few weeks ago, along with some additional artwork reprints that I needed. Specifically, a computer-generated piece of art (CGA) that had been done..... It's a fabulous work of art, one of my absolute favorites, and if I ever get a K/S room of my own, it will be up on my wall. Anyway, this work is reproduced by using a disk and not an original on a piece of paper. I was picking my order up when I casually asked the manager if there had been any problems with reproduction. She replied that she and her trusty assistant (both of them women in their 60s who aren't too computer literate) hadn't been able to get the disk to work properly, so they had enlisted the aid of "Jeremy." I blanched. "Jeremy?" I asked. He is young and enthusiastic and has never impressed me as a reasoned thinker. "Did he, uh, give you any trouble with the content?" (The picture in question shows Spock in a white shirt sitting on the floor against the side of a bed, between Kirk's knees, as Kirk sits, naked, behind him on the bed. Yeah, I did say it was a favorite....) "Oh, don't worry about it," the manager reassured me. "By now, almost everybody around here has seen your pictures. If they have a problem with what you're doing, they keep it to themselves." Oh. Great. So now I know why occasionally I get some strange looks.... Why the fellow who carries most of my boxes out to the car seems intent on talking about God all the time, and why the women up front seem so friendly.... "

Publisher 4
"The fanzine is a little late. Some of this is in the nature of fanzines, which always seem to take longer than planned to produce. A good chunk of the delay may be laid at the door of my original color printer. This man managed to leaf through [my sample zines] Mirrors of Mind and Flesh, The Price and The Prize, Greater California K/S, and T'Hy'La without noticing anything explicit enough to bother him. He seemed bemused but accepting of the project. Then, when I brought in my color art, he announced he couldn't print it. Upsetting in the waste of time, and the additional expense, but who wants a blind printer?"

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Direct link. "Instead of Spock beaming down to Vulcan, battling Kirk, overcoming his Pon Farr, etc, the Enterprise is unable to temporarily change course to Vulcan. After days of riveting impulses rattling his mind and body, Spock succumbs to his urges and asks of Kirk to act as a temporary manner of relief."
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"It's not really surprising, then, that fan fiction is being repossessed and reprocessed by the capitalism that spawned it. If "fan fic" was the name of a genre and a community, it can now be the name of a marketing campaign and a marketing demographic. You could even say that Amazon is turning the term "fan fiction" into fan fiction itself, lifting it from its original context and giving it a new purpose and a new narrative, related to the original but not beholden to it. Dreams come out of the corporation and go back to the corporation, fungibly circulating. Your brain is just another medium of exchange"

more here "Do Fans Really Own Fan Fiction?"

The artwork at the top is not credited. Is that T'Guess?
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Day 7 of my "show don't tell" post of what fandom means to me. Today is the last day to support the OTW and its projects during its April Membership drive. Click here to donate or to learn more about the OTW.

Day one is here
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Day five is here.
Day six is here.

The Interphase calendar #1 theme is "Star Trek Visits the World of Literature" and features the Star Trek characters in various book settings.
The Interphase Calendar #2 theme is "Star Trek Goes to the Movies" and recasts the Star Trek crew as characters in movies.

And while it may be self-evident that Mr Spock is the Tinman searching for his heart and Captain Kirk is the Scarecrow searching for his brain (or "Spock's Brain" OMG!), I don't agree that Dr McCoy is looking for his courage. Just for the fastest way off that damn   transporter platform. On the other hand, those lion mane curls and dimples are adorable, so who cares. Rawr!


And the final image shows Uhura and Sulu listening to Aslan while an unidentified Enterprise crew-member is frantically pointing out that "there is a perfectly good starship waiting on the other side of the wardrobe door and can we just go now already?" As Captain Kirk once asked: "What does God need with a starship?" (and he doesn't, so the next scene shows Sulu and Uhura politely extricating themselves and heading off to adventures unknown leaving Aslan behind to braid ribbons in his mane.)

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Day 6 of my "show don't tell" post of what fandom means to me. To support the OTW and its projects click here to donate or to learn more about the OTW.

Day one is here
Day two is here.
Day three is here.
Day four is here.
Day five is here.

The Interphase calendar #1 theme is "Star Trek Visits the World of Literature" and features the Star Trek characters in various book settings.
The Interphase Calendar #2 theme is "Star Trek Goes to the Movies" and recasts the Star Trek crew as characters in movies.

First up, the cover of the second calendar pays homage to Captain Kirk's "enthusiastic appreciation" of all the alien creatures he encounters. In my mind, Kirk is an equal opportunity seducer, flirting and couch-ing male, female and multi-gendered beings across the universe. In this ironic and snarky vid, others seem to agree.

And to continue the movie theme, Captain "Sam Spade" Kirk in a dapper pin striped suit admires the Fat Man's dingus, while Chekhov is recast in Peter Lorre's role as Joel Cairo.

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Day 5 of my "show don't tell" post of what fandom means to me. To support the OTW and its projects click here to donate or to learn more about the OTW.

Day one is here
Day two is here.
Day three is here.
Day four is here

The Interphase calendar #1 theme is "Star Trek Visits the World of Literature" and features the Star Trek characters in various book settings.
The Interphase Calendar #2 theme is "Star Trek Goes to the Movies" and recasts the Star Trek crew as characters in movies.

Spock "Call Me Ishmael" and Capt Kirk "Ahab"  tread water in the sea as the great white whale thrashes their ship. The text above their heads reads: "...the great shroud of the sea rolled on...and we only are escaped alone to tell thee..."  I love that the artist allowed Captain Kirk's love for Mr Spock to triumph over his Cetacean obsession and that they survived together. And that their hands are almost touching.  And that they are most certainly naked under the waves.

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Day 4 of my "show don't tell" post of what fandom means to me. To support the OTW and its projects click here to donate or to learn more about the OTW.

Day one is here
Day two is here.
Day three is here.

The Interphase calendar #1 theme is "Star Trek Visits the World of Literature" and features the Star Trek characters in various book settings.

Doctor "Franken-steen" McCoy rejoices that "Spock's Alive" while Igor Chekhov "walks this way." This is one of my favorite drawings, and plays wonderfully with Bones constant byline: "He's dead Jim." I also love how unimpressed Spock looks.
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Day 2 of my "show don't tell" post of what fandom means to me. To support the OTW and its projects click here to donate or to learn more about the OTW.

Day one is here.

The Interphase calendar #1 theme is "Star Trek Visits the World of Literature" and features the Star Trek characters in various book settings.

Scotty pulls his broken "boat" up the river in "The African Queen." Novel by CS Forester.
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First, if you want to support the fanfiction and the archive (AO3) and all the great work the OTW is doing for fandom, click on the graphic below to donate. A donation as small as $10 will get you voting membership.

Fandom Is Love: Organization for Transformative Works Membership Drive, April 3-9

Next, to show (not tell) you what fandom means to me, I will be uploading some truly imaginative fan art that makes me smile every time I see it. It was published as part of calendar in 1976-1977 and was the first time the artist appeared in print. To me, it showcases the love, the fun, the playfulness and the imagination that is fandom.

The Interphase calendar theme is "Star Trek Visits the World of Literature" and features the Star Trek characters in various book settings.

First up: the front page (Doctor "Watson" McCoy and Sherlock "Spock" Holmes)

Next: Scotty does battle with one of the Elder Gods in "The Lovecraft Universe"

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In the days before ascii bulletin board art, there was typewriter keyboard art. This is from a Star Trek 1968 newsletter published by Craig who writes: "I knew I'd find a use for those typing classes in high school."

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Long before the days of tweeting, pinterest-ing and tumblr-ing, if a fan wanted to save and share pictures of their TV show and actors, they cut said pictures and articles out of magazines and TV Guides and newspapers or wrote off to the studios for a photo. All of these items were carefully collected in a scrapbook to look at over and over again.

While visiting local fans last month, they handed me a Star Trek scrapbook. They had been holding on to it for years after receiving it as part of a large fannish estate, but never knew where it should go. No one would pay money for it and no one seemed interested in taking it home .  Photos are here.

We don't know who created the scrapbook - we know it dates back  as early as 1973, but  it may have been assembled later. And it will find a home in the Fanzine Archives.
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...losing this one made me the saddest. I posted about her a few years back:

"This is my favorite picture today - the artist, who lives in Malaysia, fell in love with Harrison Ford when she was little. She then went on to illustrate Star Wars fanzines. So very cute.

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To see the images without the overlays or to view them larger, click on the direct link to slideshow.

The smaller 'live' slideshow - updates as I add art )
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This is my favorite picture today - the artist, who lives in Malaysia, fell in love with Harrison Ford when she was little. She then went on to illustrate Star Wars fanzines. So very cute.


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