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Here is the info about possible donation locations in one handy place. 

1.       The University of Iowa Special Collections (aka the Fanzine Archives).  This is the largest media fan collection currently in place.  They have jointly partnered with the Organization For Transformative Works (a fan run non-profit) which  helps fans donate zines, flyers, convention program guides, fanvids, audio and video recordings etc.  The OTW has an active outreach program called Open Doors with a volunteer  assigned to facilitate donations. The University may be able to help pay for shipping. They can also handle large collections and, if needed,  may be able to help arrange for someone to box and ship the zines. More info here.     Contact:

2.       Bowling Green State University, Ohio. Popular Culture Collection.  They have been collecting fanzines for decades and already have several thousand, including over 200 slash fanzines.  They do not pay for shipping and seem to be mainly accepting fanzines; however they also have collections of other Star Trek and Star Wars memorabilia, so if you have something non-fanzine-ish to donate, ask them. Most fans ship to them using the cheaper and more affordable media mail. More info here.   Contact: Nancy Down, Head Librarian at

3.       Texas A&M University.  They have a large Science Fiction and Fantasy collection and are just starting to collect media fanzines and other materials. The current archivist volunteered at the University of Iowa’s fanzine collection and is enthusiastic and responsive. Edited: They currently do not  pay for shipping for small collections of 1-2 boxes  (but like Bowling Green, media mail is an option).  For larger collections however, they will be able to pay for shipping.  Info on the Cushing Memorial Library and Archives Science Fiction and Fantasy is here. They also have a blog here. Contact: Jeremy Brett, Archivist

4. Australian fans: The National Library of Australia will only accept fanzines published in Australia , or, if published outside of the country with at least 25% content by Australian authors/artists. More info here:



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