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 I am working with a third party to convert VHS tapes onto DVD. At home, I only use the copyguard removal tool when the video won't  transfer  (note: most of the tapes are not protected, just really crappy quality). The reason is that when the tool is turned on, it caused horizontal "tearing" or wavy lines (think really bad Twilight Zone effect) on all clips.  So I use it only sparingly when I have no other choice

The third party is using a Time Based Corrector which also serves as  copyguard remover (if needed). We're getting the same problem - even if a tape has no copyguard on it, if the tool is turned on, it causes wavy lines. There is no way for him to capture without it (his setup is fixed).  

I'd love another set of eyes on the results to decide whether to proceed. And of course any suggestions.


edited: based on feedback, I tried adding a different TBC/clarifier (Panasonic DMR-ES10), inserting it before the Canopus capture card. This stabilized the image but introduced  a red/purple color shift across the clips. Again, this is not copy-protected tape - just really bad source.

What this tells me is this

1.An automated approach may not be feasible - we either live with jagged lines through all the vids or red/purple color shift through all the vids. Or we stick with the labor intensive method - run the video until it stops, mark the location, proceed and then return to decrypt the "bad vid" at the end.

2. I need to try different TBC/copy guard removers before confirming #1. There are two more - one is the Sima (on loan) and the other is the 
ATV-8710 that I will have to buy.  This second one does not have as good track record removing the wavy lines as the Panasonic DMR-ES10. One online reviews say that it handles wavy lines very much like the TBC that the third party uses (DataVideo)

3. If #1 turns out to be correct, I may not be able to use a third party because all they can do is push a record button and cannot make adjustments.

Links: all copyguard removal tools degrade the picture. So using them for all source may be counter-productive.

Digital copyguard removal tool recs

stand alone DVD recorders may be better for bad quality video

but if you need to get an external TBC the ATV-8710 might work

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Currently, there are few fan-run streaming video sites that offer hosting for fanvids., which is run off the Ning platform, offers members uploads at 15 fps. VidderTube, which is also run by the moderator of, offers members HD/30fps uploads for a modest annual fee.
Both and VidderTube are the only fan run alternatives to YouTube that are white listed for embedding at AO3.   Because they're low profile, they are able to offer YouTube vidders a haven for streaming fanvids that are  blocked on YouTube. Both networks are set up to archive and back up any content hosted on their network. 
Projects that have worked on this year:
1. Set up alternative streaming for a vidder whose vids had recently been blocked on YouTube. 
2. Set up a code to backup and/or import a vidder's entire YouTube channel to their network.
3. Offer YouTube vidders the ability to backup their channel video comments.
4. An intuitive cataloging system to filter vids by numerous criteria
5. The ability to distribute & view vids through smart TVs using Kodi/XMBC current operating expenses is around $650 a year and is funded in most part by member support. Annual costs vary depending on the Ning service plan that is selected.

VidderTube is funded by memberships and the current annual cost is $250 (this cost increases with more streaming/downloads).
If you are interested in supporting's efforts by making a donation go here (you can sign up using Google, Facebook, Twitter, or You Tube Social Logins as well as creating a account)

If you'd like to become a member of VidderTube to gain access to HD uploads, you can sign up for membership at as well by using the same link above.

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 If you are designing an Excel database with creator names how do you handle entries where the creator is listed as "possibly Morgan Dawn"? 

I can think of several ways...

Creator:  Unknown-Morgan Dawn might be best.  That way if you sort, all the Unknown-Morgan Dawn works will still be listed together.  They won't be listed next to the confirmed Morgan Dawn works, but still searchable. If and when the ID is confirmed it could then be moved to "Morgan Dawn" or even updated to "Mary Sue Lamb". It could also handle multiple guesses: "Unknown-Morgan Dawn-Mary Sue Lamb

The idea is to leave "Unknown" for those were we have no clue, and keep the ones where we are guessing in another grouping.

The other way is to have a second column that would add a Y/N in  "Presumed Creator" but I don't like separating data. Plus one more cell to fill in is a pain.

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(at least on YouTube)

WHY does YouTube have to go through these purging cycles every few years? Why oh why? 

It started with Canada. Some of my vids couldn’t be played in Canada (despite filing a dispute for these TRANSFORMATIVE works). But, ironically if the music was by Canadians (Arcade Fire) - no problem! No copyright violation if you use Canadian music, only American. WTF?

Well, actually, most of my stuff has been blocked in Germany like forever. They don’t like fan music vids very much I’m guessing.

But now, a bunch of my vids are blocked all over - some I was sent an email about - some just got blocked without notification. And now, it’s not only for the music, but also for the visuals. That is new. And very odd seeing as NBC never had a problem with me using their footage in many of my fanvids for well over a year - and now suddenly they do. Yippee! No problem, no more SVU fanworks from me then I guess. Vids or otherwise (even though I can easily document that I’ve recruited viewers to the show through my works - their loss). There goes the new gifs/graphics I was going to share for Amanda Rollins appreciation week! Sorry guys. 

The fan vids I edit/create SHOULD be covered under fair use. They ARE transformative work. However, the Riverdale clips I’ve shared with you all recently on my channel all ARE NOT. So if I got that stuff blocked, I’d get it. I would not be upset in the slightest if I was asked to take them down. But so far so good with those. Weird, huh?


And now all this does is create more work for me because I will actually have to get my website up and running again for distribution of my fan vids if I want them to have even half a chance of being seen.

But they won’t be on YouTube … so they won’t be. Ugh. It’s almost not worth the effort.

If you would like to see (or have/downlaod) a fanvid of mine that you can no longer access on YouTube or from my old archive, please just send me a message. I have them all in my personal cloud and can easily send you links.

If you read this far, thank you for listening to me rant.

Tagging peeps who might be interested in this current turn of events: @of-salt-and-moon @gottagetmeoneofthese @hawkland @rollisi-svu

Thank you for the heads up. VidderTube may be an alternative. In addition to offering embedded streaming on AO3, they also have the ability to import  your Youtube channel so you can back up your comments.  Since they are lower profile, they can keep your vids up longer.

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Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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Who here in the US has fiber with upload speeds of 500 Mbs-1 Gbs   Here in Silicon Valley ATT GigaFiber is limited to the northern valley. Google Fiber has dropped its plans for a Silicon Valley rollout (for now). has no plans to come south.

If you have access to 1GB, drop me a line @ mdawn6 @

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CreaSpaceRu- a random collection of vids submitted to the CreativeSpace contest over the years. A different vidding aesthetic than the one I am used to. Thanks to VidUKon for putting on a vid show just for the CreaCon contest vids year after year.


Jun. 3rd, 2017 03:38 pm
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 plane tickets purchased. hotel room reservations made - except for the first night when they are sold out. will; be looking for another hotel nearby (FYI we're arriving earlier than most people to meet up with family). sad to hear 2018 will be the last year - hope we end with a blow out.

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  [personal profile] sdwolfpup  has a good post about how to build/design a vid show here:  But I am looking for more examples. 

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 The earliest date I have for is Dec 4, 2000. Does anyone know if it was online earlier?

Also, when did AMVs start appearing online (either streaming or downlaod) and where? Examples wopuld be great
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Fanvid History Stash, II:

Tags:original post by me, fanvids, vidding, fandom history, vidding history, DWCrosspost
Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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Fanvid History Stash, I: "Us" (Free, how?):

Tags:fanvids, vidding, fandom history, vidding history, DWCrosspost
Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)

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 This may be a long shot, but do any VCR era vidders still have copies of their vid storyboards or notes? It is for a vidding history project,

And digital/more recent vidders - do you still create a storyboard for your vids? I'd like to include a few example pages.

A storyboard is "a written set of lyrics of the song, ideally written only on the left half of the page to leave the right half available for notes."
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 when did anime vids start being shown at convention? I have 2 dates for live action vidding - informal room parties and then formal programming first show, first contest)

I found this:

Anime Music Videos are about 21 years old now... 1983 is about the time that the first AMV(s) started to emerge... Most of them were done back then by people who had access to video editing suites and two VHS decks since owning 2 VCRs back then was a luxury that only a few could afford... To give you some idea why, When I had my first VHS machine back in 1984-85, Video tapes would cost me about $12.00 US for standard grade, and that was considered cheap... 

Anyway, in around the late 80s, two VCRs were getting common and so "Home" made AMVs started to appear... The trick back then was to try to make your edits without the "Rainbows" since Flying erase head VCRs back then costed you about $1200 US. I kid you not since my first 4 head Hi-Fi VCR cost me that much! 

Back then as well, AMVs were a cult of a small group of people and AMV contests were shown in rooms the size of shoe boxes. Most people laughed at us and figured it was a novelty and would wear out. Boy were they wrong! 

a Lot of AMVs on VCRs were made in the 90s.. a lot of them suffered from poor quality and audio/video drops. Getting clean and good footage was an issue due to the costs and availability. 

What made the breakthrough in better quality videos in the 90s was Laser Disk!! Although 30 minutes of anime tended to cost about $50-75 US, most of us were silly enough to buy them. Heck, I bought all the Gundam 0083 discs at $60.00 per episode and used them to make my first Gundam video back in 1983... So there should be no whining about not being able to afford your sources!! Also keep in mind that if you adjust for inflation, ot would be like buying your anime discs for $100.00+ a pop! 

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 Does anyone who attended Zebracon or Mediawest in the 1980s or 1990s (through 1994) have copies of their progress reports or program guides? W're trying to track down some vidding history.
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 I am pulling together links of the vidding meta as far back as I can go.  Here is what I have so far

*vidding newsletter
*vidding LJ meta tag

any other forums, blogs or tumblrs?

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One of the things I really miss at Vividcon is  having a "State of Vidding" panel where we gather to talk about events and items  of vidding interest from the previous year. I have suggested  to  VVC that they resume offering it as an annual panel idea. But here are some of the topics  that came up in my private chats with people.  Please feel free to offer up links to any posts, discussions or articles in the comments below. Also feel free to link to this post on tumblr or twitter or elsewhere. Final note: this is a stream of consciousnesses post so most of the nuances and details are missing. These are comments I overheard and they are being offered up without edits, they may be garbled. conflated or may be wholly inaccurate.  Memory lapses, typos and grammar errors abound. Typing remains difficult for me.
There was some discussions about it becoming harder to upload vids to Vimeo in the past year due to their content matching system. Someone else said that they had "grandfathered" in existing vids, and the problems were mainly for newer vids. Since Vimeo is the platform of choice for many vidders in our community, I'd like to hear more. Could not find any posts about this, but with our vidding community continuing to be decentralized, not surprising.
Vidding Outreach
This was the result of several vague conversations where members expressed a desire to connect with other  vidders outside the well worn paths. Reasons:  Survivalbility  (new members promote growth) as well as supporting creative growth (new vidding techniques and styles).  Plus: more chance to garner squee for your fanworks.  Youtube was mentioned frequently as a place where Vividcon and the Vividcon attendees  need to have a greater presence. See the Youtube section below for some of the ideas. Example of one step to take now:  start subscribing to each others Channels on Youtube. The other idea is to include basic text whenever we post a VVC premiere: "Premiered at Vividcon, a fan run convention about fan vids held in Chicago each August. Vidders and fans of fan vids are both welcomed."  

Vividcon should also start using their existing YT channel to start promoting vids that were shown at VVC that year (showcased with Vidder permission) including linking to a week/monthly VVC Premiere vid as part of a featured vid or playlist.

Finally there was discussion of cross-promotional advertising at  existing fan run conventions (ex: there is  Kiscon convention with a vid show in LA in Sept 2017. There will be a femmeslash convention with a vid show in LA in 2017. Both VVC and our community could be mentioned by the convention organizers, flyers created etc). Outreach might also include going to larger conventions that focus on broader aspects of video editing like Vidcon. Getting vidders onto a  existing Vidcon panel would be a great start, or getting a few vids into one of the shows. Other possibilities:  offering a room party or staffing a table. 

These outreach efforts do not have to be tied to Vividcon and in fact it might be better if they were not. The outreach  could be part of an OTW outreach or even individual vidder community outreach depending on what is needed to gain access to the other communities (Ex: Vidcon panel might need the weight of the OTW to happen).  While VVC is a focal point for our corner of vidding fandom, we need to think larger and offer multiple ways of hooking up with one another and reach out to newer vidding boards/communities in places like YoutubeTumblrimzy (see below) or (when out of beta).

On that note of outreach, Vividcon has playlists for the fanvids that were shown, some with links: To send them a link to your newly uploaded vid go here: And check out the wonderful Fandom Life vid show playlist.  Here is the partial unofficial  Youtube version
Vidding Newsletter
A few people thought that it would be great if someone would re-start the periodic Vidding Meta/News Roundup, cross-posted to tumblr and the Vidding LJ/DW communities. Less content now on DW/LJ  so it would be easier to track. Using the tumblr vidding tags is also doable. (I edged away from this part of the conversation lest anyone look in my direction).

There was some meta discussion going on in the Festivids community as to what constitutes a "fanvid" for the purpose of excluding a fandom from the exchange. (Festivids is similar to Yuletide where the greater the number of existing vids, the less chance the fandom has to be included).  Are 6 second "Vines" a fanvid? Are trailers a fan vid? More here.  If anyone has other links or summary posts, please drop them below.
A new platform, has been created - a cross between LJ and Redditt.  You can set privacy controls, it allows threaded discussions, you can have multiple pseuds and other fandom friendly features. Possible tumblr alternative when  Tumblr implodes, also a great place to have discussion like discussions.  It is currently invite only but more and more vidders are joining  and there are invites floating around. Someone suggested we should start a vidding community there.   Again, any roundup or summary links welcomed.
Lots and lots of discussion here. Uploading your vids to YouTube allows both you and the community greater outreach as well exposes us as vidders to new ideas (and vice versa).  
**Youtube Copyright
Always an ongoing issue. Many issues can be circumvented except for the formal DMCA take down request. You are still limited to 3  DMCA take down requests. Third strike and your account is deleted but you can contest and if you win, it does not count against you.   Someone said that the OTW offers updated template language to contest.  Does anyone have a link? Those who use YT can  comment below but there are existing strategies to deal with 3 Strikes Account Deletion - create a backup channel with a notice on the main channel ("if my account is ever deleted you can find me here"). Create a dummy channel and test upload vids beforehand.  Other issues are country and platform blocking (many vids are blocked on phones). Again there are multiple strategies - link to a proxy website in the notes section of the YT vid directing blocked people where they can view the vid, offer a Vimeo link, or better yet link back to an AO3 placeholder post where you can list the multiple ways to view your vid.  Again, people more familiar with with recent YT policies and workarounds, please feel free to weigh in below. lim has two great posts about Youtube which I have reblogged here and here

(on a personal note: when vidders kept saying they were "contesting" Youtube  I could not tell if they were talking about a "3 Strikes Take Down" or a platform/country block based on the music of video.)
**YouTube Playlists
Great way to compile a list of recommended vids and they are infinitely embed-able. Conventions should be using them to create playlists of vids to showcase both the vidder and the convention. Individual vidders can also create playlists and you can copy someone else's playlist. Advantage: YT is now accessible to many more Smart TVs allowing people to watch your vids on a big screen in their living room with friends. Examples of individual playlists are: Astolat's VVC 2016 Playlistmy 2016 VVC Playlistmy Escapade 2016 PlaylistMy Kiscon 2015 Playlist etc....Downside: Youtube blocks playback for some vids playing on mobile devices (which includes Smart TV) and those missing vids don't show up as missing. Ex: my YT VVC 2016 Playlist has 23 videos on my Android phone but only 18 on my Smart TV. Confusing.
A reminder that you can create a AO3 placeholder for each fanvid and then link to multiple streaming/download  locations (if you are blocked on YT or Vimeo). That way if or when you have to move your vids, you only need to update links and embeds in one place. Plus, any AO3 comments or kudos won't disappear if the vid is deleted.
Speaking of Youtube comments: you can archive your vids (or any vid on YT) plus all comments with Firefox plugin Youtube Saver. If you want to avoid those pesky YT comments there are other Firefox plugins: No Youtube Comments. Additional YT tools and tips welcomed
Some vidders have started uploading high quality uploads under the paid plan.  People like the quality of the HD streaming. Subscription process is confusing and fans still struggle to differntiate between (the legacy site containing 18,000 older 15fps vids) and Vidder Tube (the newer site with HD playing at 30fps). Is not clear if the newer Vidder.Tube has been authorized for embedding on AO3 ( is still listed as authorized). Questions about sexually explicit footage being allowed and/or if allowed, what notices and warnings need to be placed on the vids (this last part was muddled - I think sexually explicit material is allowed but must be manually approved by the moderator. And I have no clue what is considered sexually explicit.).  I suggest that people contact the admin directly for clarification of any and all above:
Vancouver Mashup Exhibit
Francesca curated an display about vidding as part of a Vancouver, Canada museum exhibit about modern culture. Several vids were shown and she wrote an essay that was included in the museum book. bironic's vid "Starships" was among the vids shown and she brought her copy of the museum book to Vividcon and made photocopies of the vidding article available. I also have copies the essay in PDF format and have been given permission by the author to hand it out ,so email me if you are interested: morgandawn @ bironic attended the event in person and has a write-up here .
I will update this post as I remember more topics discussed.

edited 8/20/2016

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 I came back from Vividcon* with lots of ideas. one is how to get our niche of fandom to post more vids on Youtube (for various personal and strategic reasons, which I may post about later). But I figured I should walk the walk first and started uploading my older vids (or at least those that might still hold up today).  

So ...Dear Diary, today I learned the difference between “Your video has copyrighted content and you cannot monetize/ads may appear” vs “Your video may have copyrighted content and may be blocked in some countries” and “Your video has copyrighted content and has been taken down and this is your X strike.” Only the latter has serious repercussions for fan vidders. I am not happy with the first, but if that is the price we “pay” to play for now, I can handle it. The second (blocked in some countries) proved to me more tricky, but I’ve added a note about proxy services that viewers might use: “You can try to use a proxy service such as but proceed at your own risk. If you are using Firefox, you can install ProxyTube, a free add on:"

Are there any other YouTube proxy services I can mention?

*Vividcon is a fan run convention about fanvids held in Chicago each August. Both vidders and fans of vids are welcomed

edited to add the ProxyTube suggestion

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 Mediawest is one of the oldest media (TV/movie/book) conventions in the world. The event is fan run (no paid speakers or actor-guests and run by volunteers) and held in Michigan each May. They offer 4 days of panels with fandom, meta and technical tracks, an art show and a vid show. The vid show has declined over the years for a variety of reasons. Last week one attendee posted the following and asked me to spread the word:

"For those who attend MediaWest, it's no secret the vid show is slowly sinking into oblivion. Last year, there were only a few slash vids, and even the gen vids weren't very numerous. Sadly, the My Little Pony fandom had a better showing that most of our usual fandoms.

If you are a vidder, and would be willing to make a vid, or share a recent vid, even if you're not attending, I would be glad to take the DVD with me and deliver it to the vid show coordinator. Even if you are attending and don't want to mess with it, I'll take it. :-) If you have something you'd like me to take and submit for you, e-mail me for my mailing address.

The vid show rules are here:

If you want to get in touch with the volunteer, email me at mdawn6 @
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 I used the AO3's Bookmark feature to create a playlist of the vids shown at Escapade 2016.  It was surprisingly easy.    I was happy to see how many vidders are taking advantage of A03 to create stable "homes" for the vids, with fandom info and warnings.  A few were only on Youtube or the vidder's website/LJ.

Vids appwar in random order:

The following vids are still missing.
*Savoy Truffle by nakedBee
*Stolen Houses by Smutcutter
*Prove It On Me Blues by diannelemarc
*Help I'm Alive by Killa

If you know of links to these vids drop me a note.

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Click here to support Annual Renewal offers fan vidders an altenrtaive to the endless Youtube takedown requests.  They just completed their upgrade and are now raising funds to pay for the annual cost of running the site. 

“This will be the last fundraiser for this year once we make our goal.”

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I can digitize my own VHS videos and have been doing it for years. Digitizing 8mm requires equipment so we hired a company to do it for us.

This is what we got back:
Read more... )
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 They can be from any of the films.

Mine (so far) are:
*Kid Fears (multi-generational retelling of the Star Wars saga)
*Lowlands (Han/Luke)
*(still considering the last one)

Stacy Doyle

Dec. 7th, 2015 02:03 pm
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A little over a year ago, fan friend Stacy Doyle passed away. Her partner Liz asked us to help find a home for her fanzine  and fanvid collection. One Sunday in Feb, a few of us* gathered together to catalogue, box and shipp her fanzine collection.

A collection in her name has now been established up at Texas A&M University. On Stacy's bio page Liz wrote:

""What can I say about Stacy … she was generous of her time, friendly, loving, and a born caregiver. She was at her happiest when she was helping someone. It didn’t matter if the help was big or small. Helping you figure out your new phone, computer or getting your VCR/DVD to talk to your TV or helping you decorate for Halloween or Christmas or helping you move.

Once she discovered fandom she was in 7th heaven, as they say. She found she wasn’t the only one into Star Trek, Starsky and Hutch, Man from U.N.C.L.E, and so forth that was just the beginning of her fanish pursuits. She convinced her Mom to drive her to conventions in Sacramento, yes, she had to be driven, as she didn’t have her drivers license yet. Once she got it and that freedom it garnered her, she was able to go to local conventions by herself. As she went to more and more conventions she discovered costumes, zines, and vids!..."

*A huge thank you to Mishie, [personal profile] franzeska and [personal profile] xlorp for doing the hard work in getting the collection to TAMU.
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Get a room?

This vid was shown at Kiscon 2015.

Vidder:  parapandaful

Tags:vidder: parapandaful, vidding, kiscon, fanvid, star trek, kirk/spock, DWCrosspost
Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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This vid was shown at Kiscon 2015. Like most viewers, I wish it was longer. NSFW

Vidder: BrTutty

Tags:NSFW, kiscon, star trek, kirk/spock, vidding, fanvid, DWCrosspost, vidder:BrTutty
Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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The Test (by here’s luck)
fandom: Star Trek reboot (plus bonus TOS)
music: The Chemical Brothers feat. Richard Ashcroft
summary: Now I think I see the light. Kirk, K/S.
originally posted: March 2010
see also: AO3 | DW | LJ

password: shining

This vid was shown at Kiscon 2015.

vidder: here’s luck

Tags:kiscon, Kirk/Spock, vidding, fanvid, star trek, vidder: here’s luck, DWCrosspost
Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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This vid was shown at Kiscon 2015.

Vidder:  Yunuen

Tags:kiscon, star trek, vidding, fanvid, DWCrosspost, vidder:Yunuen, Kirk/Everyone
Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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This vid was made by my friend LynnC in 2002. The recent Han/Luke post on tumblr inspired me to contact her to get permission to upload it. Enjoy!  You can leave feedback at the AO3 post.

Vidder: LynnC
Fandom: Star Wars (Han/Luke)
Music: "Lowlands" by Dream Academy
Year: 2002

The low pressure band
had broken up but not let go
As holy stormy monday
broke out on the streets below
If not to hear your voice
is still the thing I can't replace
Somehow I can always see your face 

in the lowlands

I rise up in the evening
and rebuild a heart of stone
All around the border
where your memories have grown
'Til someone told me don't you know
there is no hiding place
Not until you meet it face to face

In the lowlands
On the battlefield
I can see a big bright continent
where fear does not exist
Where you could walk away from me
and I would not resist
And I won't be coming back again
to see where we went wrong
Never more to hear your siren song 

In the lowlands
In the rain
On the street
In all the places
Where we used to meet
In the lowlands
In the lowlands


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List o’ fanvids by awesome people:

Tags:mad max fury road, vidding, fanvid, fan vids, queued, DWCrosspost
Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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Vidder’s summary:  Do not attempt to adjust your television set…
Signal interference with the past and present is normal. If crossing of alternate realities persists for more than 4 hours–god help you.

This vid was shown at Kiscon 2015. The complete list of vids is here:

Vidder:  Kerinaty’s channel

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This vid was shown at Kiscon 2015. It starts off very funny and then takes shift to pathos.  

The complete list of vids shown at Kiscon 2015 is here:

Vid by  TheJAMFactor

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This vid was shown at Kiscon 2015.  The full list is here:

Vidder: Estalita11

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This AU vid was shown at Kiscon 2015.  The full list is here:

Vidder:  MorraMorgenstern

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This vid was shown at Kiscon 2015.  The full list is here:

Vidder:Joe Jojo

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vidder: MissSheenie

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larissabernstein. KiScon 2015 - All the vid shows!:

I will be reblogging a few of these vids each day for the next week. Should be over by Tuesday.

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This vid was shown at the Kiscon 2015 Star Trek convention.

Vid by  MorraMorgenstern

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The first of many vids from this year’s Kiscon vid show. The full list is here:

Vid by EimeoMoon

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This vid was “Audience Favorite” at Destielcon 2014.

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Vidder Radio is a series of interviews by the owner of, an alternative streaming website for fanvids

link to Interview
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Between 2009 and 2011, several vidders hosted a series of interviews and in-depth analysis of fanvidsThe Vidder Profiles series is now looking for volunteer transcriptionist to transcribe 10 of the interviews. The profiles are short, between 8-10 minutes long. If interested contact:  oralhistoryfandom @

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Vidder Radio with Special Guest Luminosity:

This is several years old (2009??), but I thought it would be fun to start reposting them.

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Posted in full at: at September 05, 2015 at Streaming Video Network (excerpts and with my bolded text): has successfully raised its initial gofundme goal thanks to the generous support of those in the community. It has been in operation since 2010 and has successfully streamed over 18,000 adfree. mute free, takedown free vids for 5 years running. However, it’s been somewhat limited by its platform which is hosted on the Ning Network that is growing more outdated as time goes by. Our move will allow more freedom, creative control, stability and the ability address most of the issues that may have prevented some from participating. The launch of our new site is planned for mid to late September.

If you are NOT yet a member of the community & would like to get notified when we launch, please visit

If you are already a member of the community you will automatically get notified.  There is nothing you need to do.

If you have an questions, comments or would like to participate in helping us grow, please visit and contact us.

[Background on the service] started out as BamVidVault at just around the time You Tube was ramping up its content id match system (similar to the one Vimeo just instituted). This was the perfect storm for viral membership and video uploads. There is a lot of quality video content on there from Luminosity, Obsessive24, Loki (Secretly to Dream), Clucking Belles, Thedothatgirl, Arefadedaway, and so many more talented vidders I should be mentioning. I, at one time, served as an admin on the site. It was run by a teen couple who started the network back in February 2009.The site ran without incident up until summer of 2010 when Ning decided to shift from its freemium model to a premium model. The original owners decided it was best to let the site expire……… In July of 2010, the network was under new management and rebranded as Thanks to the generous donations of members both within and outside of the community over the year we have been a resource to vidders, viewers, college professors and even a museum creator looking to get in touch with vidders for an exhibit. We are an AO3 certified streaming partner & perfect for any video rejected on You Tub or Vimeo.

[The upcoming move]

In preparation for the move we have backed up all videos on the site. This was quite a project and required about 2 months of 24/7 downloading using an Adobe Air Archiver provided by the Ning Platform. Our new platform allows us to host the network on a server of our choice. It also opens up the ability to improve our FPS and offer hd streaming which was an issue for some investigating our network as an option. We are also embed friendly. This means if you already have videos hosted on other video networks like You Tube, Critical Commons or Vimeo they can all be consolidated on one account. We are also looking to implement back up and download services. 

[Moving forward/How to stay in touch]

Again if you are interested visit and subscribe to be included in our updates…….. If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to contacts at, vidding, fan vid, bam video vault, fanvid, DWCrosspost
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We have set up a mirror community to help fans locate older vids:

Please sign up,  because the more eyes we have on the searches, the more chances we have locating vids.

Also, if you just want to list the fanvids you have by fandom, we have a sticky post. It may help pull in more queries if people know there are fans of the series reading the community.

Source: Fanlore
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Click here to support BAM Video Vault (aka Vidding Network) by Garfield Stinvil

As the drive to raise  money to move BAM Video Vault to its new home continues, the site owner is posting some interesting updates. This one caught my eye:

“The annual Digital Music Report released TUESDAY by IFPI has found that “the recording industry is making more money from fan-made mashups, lip-syncs and tributes on YOUTUBE than from official music videos.” - See more at:” 

As fandom grows more mainstream, the more pressure our communities will face from commercial entities that  seek to monetize our culture.  We are particularly  dependent on for profit platforms (tumblr, Youtube, Facebook, twitter etc) to form the infrastructure for our communities. This is one of the reasons that AO3 was built - we need to own the servers if we want to continue to shape our communities to meet our needs and desires.  Supporting alternative streaming platforms like BAM Video Vault is another way of achieving that goal. The current fundraising target is $1000 and they’ve just raised over half of that amount. 

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I heard back from AO3 Support. Cesperanza was correct - the reason we cannot use the WayBack Machine/Internet Archives for embedded videos on A03 is because they have not been white listed.

Support Message: “Thanks for asking about video embeds from Cesperanza is correct: it’s currently not on the whitelist. Until it is, the video embed will not work. I’ve filed a request for the Coders to consider adding the site to the whitelist, but they have to carefully consider the site security for each whitelisted site. I don’t know when or if they’ll be able to add If you have any questions, let us know.“

Since I don’t know when (or if) the OTW  will whitelist the WayBack Machine (and I also don’t know whether they will let us know when/if they whitelist), here is my thinking: 

1. If your vid is blocked at YT or Vimeo, using WBM as a clickable link to a streaming video is still a workable alternative for your AO3 vid posts. Remember the main advantage to using AO3 for fanvids is to create a single stable link so that when the actual video URL changes you only have to update it in one place (at AO3).

2. Consider uploading your vids to the WBM after you upload them to YT/Vimeo as a free backup because - as we all know our vids can be removed, your accounts deleted and/or the streaming service can go under at any time.

  • As a final note, right now AO3  supports video embeds from: Youtube, Vimeo, and BAM Video VaultBAM will be shutting down in a few days for an unspecified period of time until they can transition to a new host (after they resume service, will they have to petition again to be whitelisted for embedding on AO3???). That only leaves two commercial, for profit services that have a track record of taking down fanvids and deleting vidder accounts without warning. I hope we can get more  video streaming services that are friendly to vidding whitelisted on A03. Until then, embedded vidding unfriendly services and  clickable links to friendly services is all we have. (BAM Video Vault, please come back soon).
  • edited to add: AO3 also supports embeds from Critical Commons. Instructions on how to get an account.


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