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This is an journal for and by adults dealing with sexual and political as well as personal issues. If you are under the age of 18, please get the appropriate consent before proceeding.

I am a multi-media fan, love sci-fi and fantasy and have been involved in reading and writing fan fiction for the past 12 years. I am in my 40s (to give you a rough age and experience range). My fan fiction can be found here. Fiction with adult ratings or adult subject matter will be labeled and cut-tagged. Please read responsibly. My fan vids can be found in streaming format here

My other interest is a rare genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) that I have been diagnosed with.   I also ask that you take time to read this before posting or commenting about EDS.  Please note that comments on typos, grammar and formatting will be deleted. LJ formatting problems may or may not be able to be fixed - do not feel offended if I am unable to respond to your request. Hopefully after reading about EDS, you will understand why it is difficult to type and participate online.

WARNING: If you a
re looking for more info about EDS please header over to the volunteer EDS Alert blog here. This is a private journal and EDS is not the main topic of discussion. Please do not give out the link to my private journal (unless you are interested in fannish things, vidding or disussions about slash and sexuality). If you're only interested in EDS, I tag my EDS posts here.

LJ Info:
I really don't have a friending policy. In fact I am somewhat haphazard about it. If you are adding me to your journal reading list and want to be added back, it does help to drop me a note who you are and what are your interests. I have extensive filters and try to keep up with people that way. My blog contains a wide range of topics: personal, political, financial, legal. fannish, and medical. I can be silly and serious. cranky and goofy -often in the same post. I have a very twisted sense of humor - if you think something is funny, more likely than not I am intending it to be funny. And sometimes I am intending it to be so even when you don't think it is funny. My humor requires a great deal of ....humour. And last if you are reading this journal or if you've asked to be added to my friends list to read locked posts - you are agreeing to this. Read it. And then if you want to be added to my friends list, drop me a comment with some info on who you are, what topics you are interested in and that you've read and agreed to the things I need in order for me to feel comfortable inviting you into the more private areas of my 'home.'

Linking: Blanket permission to link to my public posts. Heads up appreciated.

In the year 2525
If man is still alive
If woman can survive
They may find.....

Are we there yet? And where are the flying cars?
PS. Nothing posted on my blog or in any of my comments is legal advice. From time to time this journal will provide background on legal issues; it does not provide legal advice. Legal advice is tailored to the facts of your particular situation. If you need legal advice, consult an attorney.

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Update: April 15, 2013: The bulk of the fanzine information has been moved to Fanlore, the fan run wiki. You can access Fanlore's home page here.
If you're looking for a list of fanzines by fandom, this is what I have so far:

Place of Honor:  Starsky & Hutch. Pepper has compiled the most amazing and complete fanzine listing. Mahvelous. Go here

1. Alphabetical listing
A-Team - list here (last updated in 1997) and here
Beauty & the Beast here and here
Buffy and Angel
Blake's 7  - Judith has an extensive list here
Dr Who - partial lists available here and here and here
Due South -Ray Vecchio Fanzines and  Ray Kowalski Fanzines
Inspector Morse here
The Magnificent 7 here
The Man From U.N.C.L.E - slash fanzines here, gen and slash fanzines here
The Professionals -The Hatstand  and Palely Loitering (with their own LJ here)
Quantum Leap - old list, needs updating
Rat Patrol - Excel spreadsheet here
Real Ghostbusters - here (defunct, last updated 2002). A more current list is here
Robin of Sherwood here
Seaquest here and here
The Sentinel - Loft Library -Slash Zines and Gen Zines
Smallville here
Shadow Chasers here (old archive)
Sherlock Holmes here
Stargate SG1 - old list here
Starsky & Hutch - Pepper's Amazing List With Every Possible Combination Except Pepperoni
Star Trek   - K/S Slash Zines and Star Trek Zinedex (gen/het/slash). An index of stories published in fanzines by title and author can be downloaded from the KirkSpockCentral mailing list (membership required).
Star Wars - Star Wars Collector's Bible (older list archived here)
Supernatural - here
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea here
Xena/Hercules - partial list here

2. Multi-Fandom Lists

Ming's Fanzine Archives (Star Trek, Star Wars & other Fandoms - click on the pdfs for the list)
Fandom Wikis - FanLore and Fan History

3. What To Do With That Aging Fanzine Collection?  If you don't  want to sell your fanzines on eBay or at a convention, the  Fan Culture Preservation Project  will help fans find homes for their fanzine collections - either at the University of Iowa or  via fellow fans.  More here and  here.

What I like about the Fan Culture Project is that the University will pay for shipping and loading of the zines.  I have several friends whose health has declined, don't want to sell their collection, but want to find their fanzines a good home.

Other places to buy/sell your fanzines: the Zinelist Announcements List, its sister discussion mailing list  Zinelist or the SlashSwap mailing list. You can offer your fanzines on LJ at Fandom Swap.     Jim and Melody Rondeau will also agent your fanzines online and at conventions for a small commission. As a last resort head over to eBay but beware you may be charged 2-3x more than you would buying from fannish sources.

For new zines/in print zines only:  The Zine listing communities - one here on Dreamwidth and the mirror here on LJ. Melody Clark has started MediaFen, a fanzine listing blog. The RSS feed for LJ users is here. The direct blog link is here.

If you're trying to track down a fanzine producer whose website has moved or gone away, try using the Wayback Machine.  Ex:  The Zine Zone (last updated in 2003) is archived here.

4. Any other lists? Drop a note. And feel free to link here, as I'll update it.

Looking for Fanzine lists:
Star Trek - gen/het
Buffy/Angel - some zines listed on Fanlore
Highlander - some zines listed on Fanlore
X-Files - some zines listed on Fanlore

5. Wanna Know How Your Ancestors Produced Their Fan Fiction?
Read "Fandom Before Computers"

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Fiction with adult ratings or adult subject matter will be labeled as adult.  My writing involves adult themes that focus on  controversial subject matters and often contains both violence and/or sex, including character deaths and non-consensual acts.  Please read responsibly.

Most of my fan fiction was written years ago and has been previously published in fanzines. The posting date in this journal or any other site does not represent the actual publication date.

Due South

Long Way Home (Fraser Vecchio, Adult) (slash, novel) - link takes you to eBook format.
Clothes Make The Man (Fraser/Vecchio, Adult) (slash)  You can also read this in eBook format here.
A Better Man (Fraser/Vecchio, Adult) (slash).  You can also read this in eBook format here.

Starsky & Hutch
Snapshots (gen, adult) (1995)

Star Wars

In His Father's Shoes (Luke/Han, Adult) (slash) - link takes you to eBook format

Not Listening - (Sam/Dean, Adult)  (slash, incest)
The Monday Blahs - (Sam/Dean, Adult)  (slash, incest)
Long Distance Call (gen)
All The World's A Stage (gen) (WIP)

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anonymous asked:

What's happened to all the power ranger fanvids on youtube? A lot of them now show blocked for copyright by Hasbro??? Did I miss the tea?

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[personal profile] walkthegale posted: Vid Rec Gathering - Monsters
Hello friends! As pretty much always at this time of year, I am looking for vid recs! I'll be VJing at vidshow at this year's [community profile] vidukon_cardiff and my theme is Monsters.
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[personal profile] calvinahobbes posted: Call for recs: behind-the-scenes vids?
You see, I am going to VIDUKON for the first time with [personal profile] kabal42 and Heidi this year!!! I am so excite!!! I honestly am looking so much forward to meeting all these people from inside my computer/phone (mostly phone these days) and geeking out with them <3

And just because we don't know how to do stuff halfway, Heidi and I took a spur of the moment decision and volunteered to VJ a show. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now we aren't sure how to fill up 45 minutes (I know, incredible, right?) and so we hope you all can help us???

We are looking for vids about behind the scenes stories. Like, specifically vids that focus on how the media source is made or what the cast and crew get up to behind the camera. We want to try to keep the emphasis on TPBT creation rather than fan creation, if that makes sense. So, more Long Live than Pressure.
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Castiel & Dean (Crack!vid); homosexual subtext [Vid by anaapenas]

Her channel was just deleted from YT.


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[personal profile] dorinda posted: Connexions 2019 is looking for vids!
Connexions, a little every-other-year slash con held just outside Washington D.C., is seeking vids made between August 2018 and August 2019 for its vidshow.

The call for vids says they're looking for vids "that are a) slash and b) multimedia"--I assume they mean both at once maybe? But if you want to ask for any clarification, it looks like the person to contact is Ker at .

For more details on the con, see their website at The page on their site that focuses on the vidshow specifically is here.
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[personal profile] mecurtin posted: To my old-school slasher friends: Guardian could be your next fandom!
Now that we're back on Dreamwidth and running into each other more often, you may have noticed that a bunch of your old pals, including me, seem to have fallen into fanlove for a Chinese drama called Guardian (link is to a playlist of all episodes with English subtitles of HIGHLY variable quality).

What, you may well ask, is going on here? What does Guardian give that is worth overcoming the barriers of language and culture to understand?[1]

Here's what: They made it for us.

By "us" I don't mean "Westerners", I mean slashers. Guardian is a live-action TV series where we are the desired, intended audience. In the words of [personal profile] china_shop, Guardian is a mindfuck when you're used to donning your slash goggles.
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[syndicated profile] arstechnica_ip_feed posted: Myspace apparently lost 12 years’ worth of music, and almost no one noticed
Myspace has apparently lost most or all of the music files uploaded by its users before 2015, and it told users that the data was corrupted beyond repair during a server migration. Myspace apparently admitted the problem to concerned users seven or eight months ago, but so few people noticed that there wasn't any news coverage until the past 24 hours.
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[syndicated profile] torrentfreak_feed posted: Reddit Admins Issue Formal Warning to /r/piracy, Totally Out of the Blue

On March 17, 2019, TorrentFreak published an article about Reddit’s /r/piracy discussion forum.

It was actually prepared six days earlier, a point of importance that will become clear later on.

We noted how some in the thriving community of around 350,000 subscribers were concerned that it could be shut down for talking about piracy. In general, we highlighted what should be apparent – discussing piracy is a whole different animal than actually engaging in it.

Perhaps even more importantly, we reported on statements issued earlier this month by a key moderator of /r/piracy. The person in question, ‘dysgraphical’, reported that the section effectively has a zero-tolerance stance against infringement.

Not only do posters of any offending links to allegedly infringing content face an immediate suspension, but also anyone who even asks for them. This, quite clearly, goes way beyond the requirements of the DMCA.

Furthermore, /r/piracy – just like any other service provider – lists rules (effectively Terms of Service) that expressly forbid any kind of copyright infringement. Any posts breaking these rules are deleted, either with automated tools or manual intervention.

It’s a classic situation of technology and humans policing a platform as the law requires, but exceeding its requirements. Indeed, anyone looking for actual links to pirated content will find /r/piracy one of the least useful resources on the Internet, thanks to the work of the mods and the 99.9% of users who respect the rules.

"Reddit itself executed 26,234 content removals in 2018 due to copyright but no one is suggesting that Reddit’s host should ban Reddit."

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vidbigbang: The first VidBigBang is live! 
Long vids. Featured are Supernatural, Hannibal, Star Wars and Fast & Furious

Meta for the Rest of Us
".....what's so awesome about AO3 for vids. When I think about vidding sites in terms of metadata rather than hosting, there is one definitive example, an example that has set the standard for two decades:  "

How I do the Escapade Dance Party 
"....  the way I make the dance party playlist is actually kind of complicated. And you know what that means: It's time for a tl;dr post! " Everything you ever eanted to know about 'The sociological function of vidshows at cons' , 'Quality and "Quality", 'How I actually find vids on a practical level' and downloading tools for various platforms. 
"A list of the "top three types of fanvid comments I (won’t/don’t know how to/can’t) respond to:..." 
It’s all vidding.   
"It’s all vidding. Fan trailers, AU’s, voice-over vids, slideshow vids, those interesting little 12 second fannish creations I see popping up all over Twitter… I vid a certain way; I have a certain recognizable style, I think, especially if someone has been exposed to my vids for an extended period of time. My way is not the only way. My reasons to make vids are not the only reasons. My resources are not the only resources." — Luminosity, vidder (2019)

Vidding Crossovers
"The most work with these crossovers and universe is to go through all that footage, through the sea of movies and maybe even episodes. It takes a lot of time and when you finally check everything you're too tired to actually edit the video. It's still rewarding, though. #vidding"
𝐓 𝐢 𝐧 𝐚‏ @Whisper0fDreams  

Vidders supporting other vidders  
"Reading sweet comments on my videos & seeing vidders supporting other vidders, seriously warms my heart. Shoutout to those who make a genuine effort to spread positive vibes around here. Makes me hopeful to have a community again without all the drama & negativity. #vidding"
m‏ @K_OfRoses   

Vidder Memes‏ @VidderMemes Mar 3
"Hello, fellow vidders! For a while now I’ve had an idea for an account centring on memey/relatable vidding things... so here we are! There is a lot of drama in the community and I want to create something that brings us together a little bit. Hope you all like my content!"

Impact Article 13 on vidding?
"Hey! I was wondering, what do you make out of the Article 13. Do you think vidders will be able to post at all on YouTube if it goes through? " 
 "Hot take: the vidding community is dead (or at least not as active as it used to be) because all the new songs are shit (Panic and Pilots I'm not talking about you)....."


The new Marvel Avengers trailer  is a 2008 YouTube vid
"The red in the flashbacks, the voiceover choices, the music - whoever created [the new Marvel Avengers trailer] is a YouTube vidder"

"One thing I miss is watching new content with a vidders view - I could watch anything, hunting scene by scene for that 1 sec clip to feature in the next crossover madness! Discovered so many hidden gems that way! "


Star Trek Closer vid as a teaching tool about fanzines
"Mic drop: as a guest speaker I ended today’s instructing on fanzine with vidding"
"Someone knows where I can find a blog or just a tutorial about fanvid (not just editing but really fanvid related). I don’t care about the software used, it just needs to be for Mac.  "

How To Download Fanvids (Vimeo and YouTube)

problem with NTSC DVD source in Vegas

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[community profile] vidukon_cardiff posted: What's Coming Up at VidUKon 2019?
There are just about three months left before VidUKon 2019, so if you're thinking of joining us in Cardiff on June 14-16, here's a taste of what's on the schedule for the weekend:
We've got vidshows aplenty. From regulars like Vidder's Choice, Best of CreaSpace and highlights from Festivids 2018 to themed shows, with topics including monsters, a 2009 retrospective, stories, be gay do crimes, found footage films, masculinities and behind the scenes.
On Saturday night, check out the big event, the annual Premieres show, showcasing brand new vids from all kinds of fandoms.
Plus there will be panels, including Anatomy of a Vid, the Year in Vidding discussion and a look at some exciting tech developments.
For the third year running, you can take part in the (in)famous group vidding workshop - join a team to vid a section of a song in just three hours, then stitch the pieces together! (No vidding experience required, all groups will have at least one confident vidder.)
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[syndicated profile] tor_dot_com_feed posted: Murderbot Will Return in…Network Effect. A Full Novel by Martha Wells.

Martha Wells’ Murderbot Diaries series of novellas has caught the world by storm! Not only is it a New York Times and USA Today bestseller, not only has it won a Hugo, a Nebula (and currently nominated for another!), an Alex Award and Locus Award, and been nominated for a Philip K Dick Award, RT Reviewers’ Choice Award and a British Science Fiction Award, its story of a self-aware security bot has touched many and when we announced we’d commissioned Martha to write a full length Murderbot novel, you could hear the fans squee across continents!

And now, as the writing of the novel enters the final stages, Martha has told us what the novel will be called, so we thought we’d share it with you.


In May 2020, prepare yourself for The Murderbot Diaries: Network Effect.

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[syndicated profile] tor_dot_com_feed posted: Star Trek: Discovery’s Pike and Spock Relationship Perfectly Sets Up Kirk

The male duo of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock is famous; not only for being the most enduring on-screen bromance of all time, but also for birthing an entire subgenre of fan fiction. But Kirk…Kirk was not Spock’s first. What about Pike/Spock? How did Spock’s long relationship with Captain Pike prepare him, or guide him, or shape him into being Kirk’s best friend in the original Star Trek?

The second season of Star Trek: Discovery is answering that question right now, and actors Anson Mount (Pike) and Ethan Peck (Spock) both have very specific insights as to how their versions of Pike and Spock are creating the dynamic duo the original series.

Spoilers ahead for Star Trek: Discovery, season 2, specifically, episode 8, “If Memory Serves.”

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“The Online Exhibit

This online exhibit is organized based on type of work, such as art, needlework, other crafts, or publications. Given with each item’s photograph(s) is the 4-digit University of Iowa Special Collection number (MsC xxxx) that refers to the named collection in which the item located.

Original Art Work Housed in the Special Collections

Kwa Heri, Hadiya: Original art by Leslie Fish for Trinette Kern’s story “Kwa Heri, Hadiya” in The Other Side of Paradise #2 along with scans of the published story’s title page and the page with illo.(MsC …) 


Here is my personal story about the fanart. I came across the mounted pencil drawing at a fan event. It was left on the charity swap table ( table where fans recycle fan-related material. You then place cash in the charity donation paper cup.). It was near the end of the event and the art clearly had not found a home. We had no idea about the origins of the art, what story it was related to…or even if it had ever been used in a fanzine.

Fast forward to a few years later when I received a copy of the fanzine “The Other Side of Paradise #2” and was idly leafing through the pages and found the story and the art. What fascinated me was how they had transferred the art to the zine in an era (1977) when photocopying was not cheap or easy. The image transfer had also been reduced to fit the zine page. Before the area of word processing or computers, fanzines were typed up manually on typewriters and the art was then copied, cut and glued onto the pages. Then each page with art was copied and then those pages were copied to make the zine. No wonder zines had limited print runs. 400 copies of “The Other Side of Paradise” #2 were published and two weeks after it was published, it was out-of-print.

Here is a review from  The Halkan Council #24 in April 1977

“Unquestionably, we have entered the era of value of money in Trekzines. TOSOP #2 may be the best bargain available at this particular moment, for quantity of high-quality work. It looks good and reads well, and it offers a variety of types of stories, articles, artwork and poetry; moreover, it provides the unexpected in the form of an unabashedly romantic vignette by Paula Smith and a Star Trek story by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Bradley further proves her versatility by providing, with the help of Walter Breen, an eminently logical ‘Vulcan Valentine.’… 

There are two quibbles to be made about the construction of this zine. The reduction on most of the type is 1/3, which is still readable to me when I’m wearing my glasses instead of contacts. On pages with illustrations, however, the type has been further reduced, until is it too small for comfortable reading by those of us not blessed with 20/20 vision. The other problem is that this is the third zine in which Leslie Fish’s filksongs have appeared. Too many of us have already seen them, delightful as they are. The table of contents lists twenty-three separate items; rarely does even so large a zine provide that kind of variety. Those looking for fantasy (this is a combined fantasy/Trek zine) may be disappointed to find that the fantasy is confined almost entirely to the artwork; all the major stories and poems are ST. Most of them range from good to excellent, and there is simply not space to comment on all of them. 

There is a plethora of fine style here; not a single story suffers from awkwardness. Genius Loci’ by Connie Faddis is the KIND of story that made the best Trek episodes, yet it finds a new and acceptable twist for putting the terrific trio through their paces. The Bradley story mentioned above shows us Kirk’s first few days aboard the Enterprise, when Spock and McCoy were strangers. There are two stories by Mandi Schultz and Cheryl Rice from their Diamonds and Rustseries, interesting, but suffering from rather obviously setting the readers up for information to be revealed in future stories. By the end of the second story, one is a bit peeved to still not know for whom Chantal IS working. Trinette Kern’s story has her hallmarks: one of the most readable styles in fandom, and pain. This time it is Spock and Uhura she’s getting. Unfortunately, to set up the circumstances for 'Kwa Heri, Hadiya.’ she completely distorts the character of Uhura – not to mention Spock! The most moving story in the collection is ’T'Uriamne’s Victory,’ one of Eileen Roy’s alternate-Kraith stories. As the title suggests, it is a parallel to 'Spock’s Argument,’ only this time there is not a tie –T'Uriamne wins. Amanda, and all the other offworlders must leave Vulcan. What an Amanda we have here, strong, proud, independent, competent, intelligent! Roy twists us with wondering what Sarek will do, at the same time she is poking delightful fun at Kraith Vulcans – imagine a drunken Vulcan named Slieez! Indeed, there is much more, in this story, and in the zine as a whole. Buy it.  “

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[syndicated profile] fanhackers_feed posted: Courtney!!! Milan 🦖 on Twitter
"Courtney!!! Milan 🦖 on Twitter: Sooooo, you may or may not have seen on Twitter that there is currently a case in an Oklahoma court about A/B/O fanfiction. Courtney Milan provides a good summary in the thread above, but the tl;dr is that a romance novel author [Addison Cain] has been claiming that they invented A/B/O (specifically, f/m A/B/O) and sending DMCA takedown notices to authors of other A/B/O works. One of the targets of these takedown notices is now taking them to court [for abusing the DMCA takedown process and trying to kill the other author's book before it was published].

So this seems like a good time to remind everyone of Netweight’s very well researched piece on the origins of A/B/O.

And if you’re interested in what fan studies scholars have to say about the Omegaverse, Fanhackers’ very own elmyra has published a paper on consent in A/B/O. (If you’d like a copy, hit @elmyra up on Twitter, where they’re much more likely to see your message.)"
Addison Cain wrote

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[personal profile] esteefee posted: new comm: gluten-free!
A wooden cutting board with a knife and some greens on it, text: New! Gluten-Free, a comm for sharing gluten-free recipes and resources.

[community profile] gluten_free is open for business! Come sign up and join the gluten-free cooking conversation!

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 To the Moon and Beyond


KiScon 2019  -  “It’s A Go!”  

Hilton Seattle Airport Hotel & Conference Center

Nov 1-3, 2019


The KiScon 2019 website is up and running - - and we invite you to join us in celebrating all things Kirk/Spock, Star Trek, and the 50th anniversary of the landing on the moon.


Please join us in Seattle for an “out of this world” weekend filled with inspiration and entertainment, discussion and creativity, fun and games. There will be many great activities: panels, workshops, cosplay, art and zines, vid shows (and vid karaoke!), an exciting art auction, several competitions, and of course: the famous KiScon banquet on Saturday night, featuring a lovely K/S cake (green peens optional). A more detailed program will be published closer to the event. You will have the opportunity to suggest activities and vote on your favorite panels etc. 


Meet old friends and make new friends!


Attending and supporting memberships are now available! Go to to find membership and hotel reservation information.


If you are among our Early Bird members who signed up for KiScon 2019 during the last convention (KiScon 2017 in L.A.), you should have already received an email message with a specific registration form only for our Early Birds. If you have not received this message, please get in touch with us asap.


Spread the word, please! KiScon 2019 is happening and we’d love to have you on board!



Judy and Lari 


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“The Online Exhibit

This online exhibit is organized based on type of work, such as art, needlework, other crafts, or publications. Given with each item’s photograph(s) is the 4-digit University of Iowa Special Collection number (MsC xxxx) that refers to the named collection in which the item located.

Original Art Work Housed in the Special Collections

The Girl Who Wanted to Be a Fighter: Original art by eluki bes shahar for Devra Langsam’s story “The Girl Who Wanted to be a Fighter” in Masiform-D #13 (MsC1031) 


morgandawn: (Fanlore Our Story)

“A University of Iowa Special Collections Online Exhibit of Fanworks is a 2017-2018 photographic description of only a few of the many fanworks held by the University of Iowa Fanzine Archives.

This online exhibit, a fanwork in itself, was created by TheGempath after their own visit in order to celebrate fan creativity, as well as the physical collection at Iowa. 

The Road Trip Leading to This Online Exhibit

I first visited the University of Iowa’s Special Collection in September 2017, having learned of it via Fanlore.

While I expected the array of zinesnewsletters and such, I wasn’t expecting the non-printed material. Make no mistake, this is a library collection - printed material is their focus. But they’re also preserving other items that capture and reflect the broader scope of fannish creativity and the history of fandom, anchored in the late 1960’s and what grew from and around Star Trek.

Included in the collection are items by names known from the early days of Trek fandom: the dolls sewn by Devra Langsam, the IDIC stringart by Monica Miller, original zine art by Leslie FishLeah Rosenthal’s humorous write up of the 1977 Star Trek America convention (interesting not only because that was my very first convention but also to see how her art has evolved over the years… yep, her trademark eyebrows are there). Plus a freakin’ original set of Spock’s ear tips from way back in the days when the studio gave them out (who the heck would want those pieces of foam, anyway?). Then there was the convention program books and T-shirts, the Man from UNCLE “popping” guns and more. Printed material one expects to find in a library collection. But these items…?

Thus the idea was born for this online exhibit in the form of a Fanlore wiki page, with the intent of making more fans, historians and the just plain curious aware of what the University of Iowa’s Special Collection holds and what may be held in other institutional collections.

The items below were selected across named collections, fandoms and categories to try and illustrate the scope and range of the collection as well as to highlight unique items. A few zine associated items are included, though zines as a whole are not as they are extensively covered elsewhere in Fanlore. This is only a small sampling of the overall collection of fanworks. The items were photographed in April, 2018.”

Other Fan Trips to Iowa

Since the University of Iowa Fanzine Archives Special Collection opened in 2009, many fans have taken road trips (one might even call them pilgrimages) to the Special Collections Fanzine Archives. Three fans, darksnowfallingAralias, and Meandthreeandthree have reported on their respective visits. “


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Posted in full at: on March 10, 2019 at 05:00PM

One of the things I like about second season Star Trek Discovery is how it is (subtly??) confronting one of my complaints about all the Star Trek reboots (film and TV). The shift from the original series “space and species connections and peaceful federation” to “conflict, confrontation and war is good”.

Read more... )
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[personal profile] elf posted: Hundreds of Zine Projects
I've been working on the subpages of the Proposed Zines page at Fanlore. These are zines that were advertised as being planned, and never got made; sometimes that was because there was no interest, and sometimes various life details got in the way. (At least one was canceled because the basement that held the submissions got flooded.) I've done A-L and a few later ones, bolding the names of the zines and adding lots of internal links.

A lot of them deal with fandoms that are almost nonexistent online - the show ended, and most of the fandom didn't keep writing fics. (Earth 2. Wiseguy.) Some are for large fandoms that still have a following, and these zines just didn't happen. (Professionals. Starsky & Hutch.) Some are for original fic - vampire stories, paranormal mysteries, general sci-fi.

The number that specify "no slash" is jarring. I wasn't active in zine fandom before the internet got big, and my connection to it was slash-friendly. I vaguely knew it was "controversial," but seeing the descriptions today is fascinating. Lots of "X-rated is okay, but no slash please" notes. There's no hint of awareness that slash might not mean explicit sex.

A lot of them are interesting ideas for zines, and if I were social and organized, I'd consider having a fic fest, or a fic-and-art fest, based on one or more of the zine ideas.

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Posted in full at: on March 09, 2019 at 04:00PM

“What links all four themes I found within the vids together is a desire to transform or change the surface narratives being presented within SPN. For shared suffering, the vids changed the canon narrative of familial love being strength and putting your family first as an ultimate goal into something often far more dark and twisted. Instead of providing strength to Sam and Dean as in canon, vids with the shared suffering theme consistently point out the ways in which this loyalty and familial piety actually works to destroy the Winchester family. With the beauty of men’s pain, vidders actually deconstruct the canon narrative in two ways.

First, by focusing on the artistic images of men in pain, they are ignoring the far more prevalent images of women in pain. The vids also highlight a contrast of the sexualization of pain between the two genders in canon; women’s deaths are more likely to be shown on camera, more likely to be brutal, and more likely to be sexualized through location (e.g., bedrooms) or apparel (e.g., nightclothes, undergarments). Men’s deaths are rarely shown on screen and even of the male leads and the three other reoccurring male characters (i.e., John Winchester, Bobby Singer, Castiel), the audience is rarely going to see any of them hurt or injured. So the vidding emphasis on men’s pain, compared to the canon’s emphasis or glorification of women’s pain provides a unique contrast. 

It also becomes the second way in which vidding contradicts canon by highlighting the ways in which canon’s heteronormative masculinity is broken. While the scenes vidders use are from canon and the argument could be made that canon itself is deviating from its presentations of masculinity, the difference between the presentation on screen and the self-concept held by the characters is never clearer than in these vids. Within the context of canon, the injuries
suffered by the men are often downplayed or treated as “war wounds.” The display of pain and hurt becomes both heroic and masculine within canon. In the beauty of men’s pain, the heroism is removed from the narrative to be replaced with weakness.”

Source: “Veni, vidi, vids: Transforming cultural narratives through the art of audiovisual storytellingBrownfield, Kristi.Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2015. 3733178. “

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This is a vid I made years ago for the post-apocalyptic TV show Jeremiah with Luke Perry and Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Streaming version:

Please test it by playing it all the way through and leave me a note here.

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Thread by @coolcurrybooks: "I've talked before about how diverse adult SFF gets so much less attention than diverse YA SFF. So here's a thread of diverse (AKA SFF by an […]" Tags:books, DWCrosspost

Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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***Please feel free to signal boost***

 Escapade is the longest running slash convention in the US. Every year it hosts a vid show of fanvids in front of a live audience. This year, fans have put together a streaming playlist of the vids that were shown over the weekend.   Just click on this link and the vid show should start playing.
Caveat: the first vid is a password protected vid. When you run into  a password protected vid, the password can be found be in the info box below the vid. You will enter it, hit play and the playlist should start. If a vid pauses, no worries. Just click play and the playlist will resume.
Please leave feedback to the vidders by clicking on the blue button  "Comment On My AO3" page.  If there is no AO3 page, please click on on the logo (usually in the lower right hand corner) and it will take you to where the vidder has uploaded their vid and you can leave your feedback there.
Finally, not all vids are included in the Escapade 2019 vid playlist.  
Bonus! Escapade received so many vid submissions this year that they were able to offer a 1 hr Overflow vid show. The playlist for the overflow vid show is here:
Coming soon : a vid playlist for the Escapade Dance Party.
About the playlist host site Viddercon:  

Viddercon is brand new site (many months in the making) that allows fans to build playlists across multiple streaming video platforms. Playlists on this network allow for a mix of vids from You Tube, Vimeo, Peertube, Tumblr, etc. This site is a proof of concept and currently in its very early stages. It is being built by fans for fans. Fans currently working on the project are vidders Garfield (VidderKidder) and Morgan Dawn (MeeeDeee). 

As you wander through the site, you may come across other convention vids shows, vid challenges or personal recommendation playlists. The convention vid shows are unofficial collections that the site has been using to test playlist creation and embedding under "real world" conditions. All playlists have been created using publicly posted info and all have been clearly marked as "unofficial". 
Read more about the site via the FAQ:

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[personal profile] franzeska posted: How I do the Escapade Dance Party
I start by going to the youtube copy of everything, assuming it has one. I put all of those URLs into 4K Video Downloader. This is a free program, and it is hands-down the best of the easy options. That got me roughly 80% of the final list. Next, I tried it on the non-youtube URLs, which it mostly choked on. For bilibili, I tried different website interfaces until I found one that is working this year. I'll probably have to do that again next year. My spreadsheet tab on download methods shows that I used this time. A few youtube vids just wouldn't download via 4K Video Downloader. These I grabbed with My biggest problem this year was actually Vimeo!

Dear vidders whom I know and love and who are part of the community that cares about cons: please stop turning off the damn download feature on Vimeo!
Your separate download links invariably go dead! I'm going to get your video from Vimeo eventually anyway! The only thing you are gaining is my irritation.

The issue with Vimeo is that most of the download options can't handle a video with password protection, while some of the great browser add-ons I used a few years ago now put hideous watermarks on everything unless you buy an expensive subscription. Vimeo is great. It also has a great download option that you can easily leave on. I'm just saying.

I see that Morgan Dawn actually posted to DW about a Chrome extension that can grab [password protected]* Vimeo videos. I wish I'd read my flist! The method I actually used involves looking at a couple of layers of page source. (There's a tutorial here, though I had to modify it a little bit.)"

*How To Download Vimeo Password Protected Vids (Chrome Users) by meeedeee (Jan 2019)
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[personal profile] franzeska posted: for the Rest of Us
I keep seeing people talk about how bad AO3 is for anything but fic. What they mean is either that it doesn't have native hosting or that it's not optimized for fan art. As a vidder, I've started rolling my eyes hard at how vids get lumped in with visual art. The lack of file hosting is a problem, but I never really expected unlimited video uploads from a free site. Even on Vimeo, I pay to get the features I want. I think this tendency to group vids in is because most people have no idea what a good vidding site would look like. They've been on multiple fic archives. If they care about art, they've been on DeviantArt and Pixiv. If they like podfic, they're still mourning the data loss on the Audiofic Archive. The conversation around vids is 99% about stable hosting. Understandably so. But I think this preoccupation has disguised just what's so awesome about AO3 for vids.

When I think about vidding sites in terms of metadata rather than hosting, there is one definitive example, an example that has set the standard for two decades:
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[community profile] vidrecs posted: Supernatural: Live Through This by Sisabet and Sweetestdrain
Vid Title: Live Through This: A Supernatural Vid Album
Vidder: [personal profile] sisabet and [personal profile] sweetestdrain
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: "fuck you, make me real" Twelve vids about the women of Supernatural.
Reccer's Comments: This is an awesome vid album that is a follow-up/ continuation of [personal profile] sisabet and [personal profile] luminosity's vid Women's Work. It's angry and incisive and extremely well put together.
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[community profile] vidbigbang posted: The first VidBigBang is live!
Long vids and vid projects are a huge commitment: Kudos and thank-yous to the vidders who managed to complete their epic vids and projects. It can't be understated how difficult these long projects can be but you guys rocked it.

I definitely wasn't expecting a whole vid album the first year!

You can browse this year's vidbigbang collection at ao3 here:
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[community profile] fanworks posted: 2019 Sparkle Motion Vid Sign-ups are Open

We're having a dance party and we'd love to show your vids! Sign-ups are now open for vidders who wish to make premiering vids for the Sparkle Motion dance party at this year's FanWorks convention.

Sign-ups allow us to make sure we don't have two vids to the same song and also allow us to check the song to see if it's danceable. It's not likely that we'll reject your song choice but it's best to know now that we don't think it will work on the dancefloor than to find out after you made the vid.

The deadline for submitting Sparkle Motion vids is:

Sunday, June 2nd at midnight EST!!

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[syndicated profile] eff_feed posted: Don’t Sacrifice Fair Use to the Bots

Three years ago, we warned of a string of dangerous new policy proposals on the horizon. Under these proposals, platforms would be forced to implement copyright bots that sniffed all of the media that users uploaded to them, deleting your uploads with no human review.

It’s happening.

The European Parliament is weeks away from a vote on Article 13, which would force most platforms, services, and communities that host user uploads to install filters to block uploads that seem to match materials in a database of copyrighted works. If the filter detected enough similarity between your video and something from the list of copyrighted works, your video would be banned. Hollywood lobbyists have proposed similar measures here in the U.S.

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[personal profile] hit_the_books posted: Recently been reading: The Bright Lights of Disturbia (re-read)
Yesterday I finished re-reading The Bright Lights of Disturbia by leonidaslion. It's a pretty dark Wincest fic, over 350,000 words long. Heed the tags, please.

Not all of our scars are worn on the outside ...

It's a canon divergent fic set around s1 and s2 of Supernatural before going off on its own timeline...

And it majorly plays on consent and having an unreliable narrator: Sam.
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[personal profile] franzeska posted: How I do the Escapade Dance Party
The dance party has grown to be one of my favorite parts of Escapade. At the party this year, I was joking that people never send me requests, so I just play what I want. Someone I'd been talking to was like: "You're not being fair to yourself! You just told me how much time you spend!" They had a point. Self-deprecating humor aside, the way I make the dance party playlist is actually kind of complicated. And you know what that means: It's time for a tl;dr post!
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[community profile] fancake posted: Round 100: Pre-AO3 Fic
Fanlore tells me AO3 entered open beta in November 2009, so we're looking for fics that are roughly 10+ years old and were initially posted elsewhere - though most will now be on AO3. We don't expect you to hunt down their old links, but if you feel like it, you're welcome to include archived waybackmachine pages in your posts.
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[community profile] viddingnews posted: February 2019
Welcome to the first Monthly Vid Round-Up. This is a special newsletter containing only links to individual vid announcement posts that have been posted in the previous month.
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Posted in full at: on February 28, 2019 at 05:45PM

1.  Lim has posted basic tutorials on YouTube (color, aspect ratio, and keyboard shortcuts etc). They are  Adobe Premiere focused,  but transferable

2. Additional viddertips on Tumblr   These tips can sometime be off the mark,  but it is a great resource for new vidders.

3. Other suggestions: join an open MEP (multi editor project) on YouTube to get weekly input and motivation for 20 seconds of vid exercises 

MEPs are sometimes a collaboration group (aka ‘studio’) but anyone can open a MEP, choose a song, and split it up into parts. People claim the sections (usually 10 or 20 seconds), then a week later the organizer joins them together to create a MEP .  MEPs are fun and you can meet people that way. Some MEPS are once a week or a month and some have themes

To find a MEP:

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[community profile] viddingnews posted: Announcement: New Monthly Vid Round-Up Post
Since there was a bunch of interest, I will also be posting a special monthly newsletter that contains links to individual vids that have been posted that month.

This will be posted on the 1st of every month, and if you would like to be included, please use the link below to submit:

How to submit a vid
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[personal profile] trelkez posted: The Magicians: some content warnings for seasons 1 - 3
I made this list for people who told me after watching my Magicians Margo/Eliot/Quentin vid, After the Storm, that they wanted to watch the show. Just in case this is helpful to anyone who is thinking of watching the show after my vid showed at Escapade, I thought I should post it here.
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[personal profile] przed posted: Two Days to Go...
In two days, my website will be no more.

So, if you haven't yet downloaded any of my vids, they're all up here:

But that's not totally the end for my vids.

The lovely [personal profile] morgandawn kindly took it upon herself to help me create an account at the Internet Archive, and then went an uploaded nine of my vids. You can find them at

The vids there are both streamable and downloadable, so that's awesome. And I'll be uploading the rest as I have time.
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Posted in full at: on February 25, 2019 at 04:43PM

Is it possible to make fanvids without a desktop/laptop? Example: if you have an IPad? Or possibly online?

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Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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This is a service that allows me to share a YT video, add some comments/annotations and will allow others to add comments or even new annotations.

The idea is that we would type up a meta post about several vids

Watch Me Rise - The Good Wife by [personal profile] anoel

You can (1)  respond there  (create a guest login, we recommend using a fake email account as email addresses will be visible, remember the email so you can  respond again)

or (2) respond here (vid thread below)

Heartlines by [personal profile] bonibaru 

Comment (1) There  (if you create a guest account be aware your email address will be visible)

(2) here below 

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Vidding is both exhausting and exhilarating (Feb 2018) 
This year one of my goals is learning to vid and I'm excited! colls has given me some quality vidding advice and guidance and here is my awesome vid_bingocard.  
End of Year Vidding Meme 2018 (kiki-miserychic)
(Last) Year in Vid Review - 2018 (cherry)
Has anyone set up an AO3 feed for fanvids?
Answer: it requires that the AO3 Tag Wranglers agree to set up the Video tag as canonical; in the meantime absolutedestiny has cobbled together a partial/limited RSS feed
Sony Vegas Editing Talk
Screencap of final video file for the Venom Suit vid by colls
This is what a finished video file typically looks like
Vidding - the mess of creation
Closeup of Audio Editing
Twitter Thread About Vidding Technique
Where to host your vids - Wordpress Video Plugin

Self-Curated Vidshow Challenge
Trelkez recently ran a self-curated vidshow challenge, which were released on 2/9. There were 47 vidshows by 31 different vidders.
Vidding Newsletter | Vol. 003 | 17th February 2019
[community profile]vidukon_cardiffPremieres Deadline (plus other important dates) for VidUKon
VidUKon, the UK's vidding convention, is seeking premieres and other programming. The deadline for premieres is May 13, and anyone can make one, regardless of attendance at the con. The post also contains some info about other important dates in the run-up to VidUKon.
 TGIF/F Femslash Bonus Vidshow
Vid Bingo Vidding Chatter
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If your fanvid has been blocked on YouTube and Vimeo, you can embed it into your WordPress site (get one for free) if the free Wordpress site allows you to install custom/3rd party plugins. From there you can then stream the vid stored on, Google Drive or Dropbox using a Wordpress Media Plugin.

Each of these storage sites has bandwidth limits (see discussion about Dropbox, and Google Drive) so you would use this only for vids that have been blocked on YouTube.

The name of the plugin is WP Cloud Plugins

You can compare the various plugins for, Google drive and Dropbox here

One time license cost

Thanks to [personal profile] vidderkidder for the info


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