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 If anyone is going to fandom conventions and wants to help promote Fanlore, I have two flyers from 2011 that were approved by the Wiki Committee to hand out.

I also have flyers for other projects - 
Fanzine Preservation (multiple universities), the Sandy Hereld Digitized Fanzine Archives at TAMU, the Media Fandom Oral history project, the online zine about vidding, Videlicit etc. PM me or email me at morgandawn @ and I can email you the flyers.

Vividcon - Aug 4-7, 2017 - Chicago (vidding) 
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WorldCon Aug 9-17, 2017 - Finland - anyone going?

Confluence 4-6 August, 2017 - Sheraton Pittsburgh Airport Hotel - anyone going?

Dragon Con -- 1-4 Sept, 2017 Atlanta, GA - anyone going?

World Fantasy Convention 2017
 -- 2-5 November 2017  San Antonio, TX. - anyone going?

Other lists of conventions:
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CreaSpaceRu- a random collection of vids submitted to the CreativeSpace contest over the years. A different vidding aesthetic than the one I am used to. Thanks to VidUKon for putting on a vid show just for the CreaCon contest vids year after year.

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A new scholarship for 2017 has been endowed through the efforts of our transgender mistresses of technology, Evelyn D.

The scholarship is need based and applications are open to anyone identifying as non-binary or transgender.

To apply or nominate a fellow fan email with name and preferred pronouns of the potential recipient, the best way to contact them, an introduction, and one thing Escapade or slash fandom in general could do to improve visibility or awareness of gender non-conforming issues. The ideas will be shared with the fan community so be sure to let us know if you do not wish to be credited.

Please limit applications and nominations to those who would otherwise be unable to attend for financial reasons.

Please reblog, retweet, and otherwise help signal boost!



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 Does anyone who attended Zebracon or Mediawest in the 1980s or 1990s (through 1994) have copies of their progress reports or program guides? W're trying to track down some vidding history.
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One of the things I really miss at Vividcon is  having a "State of Vidding" panel where we gather to talk about events and items  of vidding interest from the previous year. I have suggested  to  VVC that they resume offering it as an annual panel idea. But here are some of the topics  that came up in my private chats with people.  Please feel free to offer up links to any posts, discussions or articles in the comments below. Also feel free to link to this post on tumblr or twitter or elsewhere. Final note: this is a stream of consciousnesses post so most of the nuances and details are missing. These are comments I overheard and they are being offered up without edits, they may be garbled. conflated or may be wholly inaccurate.  Memory lapses, typos and grammar errors abound. Typing remains difficult for me.
There was some discussions about it becoming harder to upload vids to Vimeo in the past year due to their content matching system. Someone else said that they had "grandfathered" in existing vids, and the problems were mainly for newer vids. Since Vimeo is the platform of choice for many vidders in our community, I'd like to hear more. Could not find any posts about this, but with our vidding community continuing to be decentralized, not surprising.
Vidding Outreach
This was the result of several vague conversations where members expressed a desire to connect with other  vidders outside the well worn paths. Reasons:  Survivalbility  (new members promote growth) as well as supporting creative growth (new vidding techniques and styles).  Plus: more chance to garner squee for your fanworks.  Youtube was mentioned frequently as a place where Vividcon and the Vividcon attendees  need to have a greater presence. See the Youtube section below for some of the ideas. Example of one step to take now:  start subscribing to each others Channels on Youtube. The other idea is to include basic text whenever we post a VVC premiere: "Premiered at Vividcon, a fan run convention about fan vids held in Chicago each August. Vidders and fans of fan vids are both welcomed."  

Vividcon should also start using their existing YT channel to start promoting vids that were shown at VVC that year (showcased with Vidder permission) including linking to a week/monthly VVC Premiere vid as part of a featured vid or playlist.

Finally there was discussion of cross-promotional advertising at  existing fan run conventions (ex: there is  Kiscon convention with a vid show in LA in Sept 2017. There will be a femmeslash convention with a vid show in LA in 2017. Both VVC and our community could be mentioned by the convention organizers, flyers created etc). Outreach might also include going to larger conventions that focus on broader aspects of video editing like Vidcon. Getting vidders onto a  existing Vidcon panel would be a great start, or getting a few vids into one of the shows. Other possibilities:  offering a room party or staffing a table. 

These outreach efforts do not have to be tied to Vividcon and in fact it might be better if they were not. The outreach  could be part of an OTW outreach or even individual vidder community outreach depending on what is needed to gain access to the other communities (Ex: Vidcon panel might need the weight of the OTW to happen).  While VVC is a focal point for our corner of vidding fandom, we need to think larger and offer multiple ways of hooking up with one another and reach out to newer vidding boards/communities in places like YoutubeTumblrimzy (see below) or (when out of beta).

On that note of outreach, Vividcon has playlists for the fanvids that were shown, some with links: To send them a link to your newly uploaded vid go here: And check out the wonderful Fandom Life vid show playlist.  Here is the partial unofficial  Youtube version
Vidding Newsletter
A few people thought that it would be great if someone would re-start the periodic Vidding Meta/News Roundup, cross-posted to tumblr and the Vidding LJ/DW communities. Less content now on DW/LJ  so it would be easier to track. Using the tumblr vidding tags is also doable. (I edged away from this part of the conversation lest anyone look in my direction).

There was some meta discussion going on in the Festivids community as to what constitutes a "fanvid" for the purpose of excluding a fandom from the exchange. (Festivids is similar to Yuletide where the greater the number of existing vids, the less chance the fandom has to be included).  Are 6 second "Vines" a fanvid? Are trailers a fan vid? More here.  If anyone has other links or summary posts, please drop them below.
A new platform, has been created - a cross between LJ and Redditt.  You can set privacy controls, it allows threaded discussions, you can have multiple pseuds and other fandom friendly features. Possible tumblr alternative when  Tumblr implodes, also a great place to have discussion like discussions.  It is currently invite only but more and more vidders are joining  and there are invites floating around. Someone suggested we should start a vidding community there.   Again, any roundup or summary links welcomed.
Lots and lots of discussion here. Uploading your vids to YouTube allows both you and the community greater outreach as well exposes us as vidders to new ideas (and vice versa).  
**Youtube Copyright
Always an ongoing issue. Many issues can be circumvented except for the formal DMCA take down request. You are still limited to 3  DMCA take down requests. Third strike and your account is deleted but you can contest and if you win, it does not count against you.   Someone said that the OTW offers updated template language to contest.  Does anyone have a link? Those who use YT can  comment below but there are existing strategies to deal with 3 Strikes Account Deletion - create a backup channel with a notice on the main channel ("if my account is ever deleted you can find me here"). Create a dummy channel and test upload vids beforehand.  Other issues are country and platform blocking (many vids are blocked on phones). Again there are multiple strategies - link to a proxy website in the notes section of the YT vid directing blocked people where they can view the vid, offer a Vimeo link, or better yet link back to an AO3 placeholder post where you can list the multiple ways to view your vid.  Again, people more familiar with with recent YT policies and workarounds, please feel free to weigh in below. lim has two great posts about Youtube which I have reblogged here and here

(on a personal note: when vidders kept saying they were "contesting" Youtube  I could not tell if they were talking about a "3 Strikes Take Down" or a platform/country block based on the music of video.)
**YouTube Playlists
Great way to compile a list of recommended vids and they are infinitely embed-able. Conventions should be using them to create playlists of vids to showcase both the vidder and the convention. Individual vidders can also create playlists and you can copy someone else's playlist. Advantage: YT is now accessible to many more Smart TVs allowing people to watch your vids on a big screen in their living room with friends. Examples of individual playlists are: Astolat's VVC 2016 Playlistmy 2016 VVC Playlistmy Escapade 2016 PlaylistMy Kiscon 2015 Playlist etc....Downside: Youtube blocks playback for some vids playing on mobile devices (which includes Smart TV) and those missing vids don't show up as missing. Ex: my YT VVC 2016 Playlist has 23 videos on my Android phone but only 18 on my Smart TV. Confusing.
A reminder that you can create a AO3 placeholder for each fanvid and then link to multiple streaming/download  locations (if you are blocked on YT or Vimeo). That way if or when you have to move your vids, you only need to update links and embeds in one place. Plus, any AO3 comments or kudos won't disappear if the vid is deleted.
Speaking of Youtube comments: you can archive your vids (or any vid on YT) plus all comments with Firefox plugin Youtube Saver. If you want to avoid those pesky YT comments there are other Firefox plugins: No Youtube Comments. Additional YT tools and tips welcomed
Some vidders have started uploading high quality uploads under the paid plan.  People like the quality of the HD streaming. Subscription process is confusing and fans still struggle to differntiate between (the legacy site containing 18,000 older 15fps vids) and Vidder Tube (the newer site with HD playing at 30fps). Is not clear if the newer Vidder.Tube has been authorized for embedding on AO3 ( is still listed as authorized). Questions about sexually explicit footage being allowed and/or if allowed, what notices and warnings need to be placed on the vids (this last part was muddled - I think sexually explicit material is allowed but must be manually approved by the moderator. And I have no clue what is considered sexually explicit.).  I suggest that people contact the admin directly for clarification of any and all above:
Vancouver Mashup Exhibit
Francesca curated an display about vidding as part of a Vancouver, Canada museum exhibit about modern culture. Several vids were shown and she wrote an essay that was included in the museum book. bironic's vid "Starships" was among the vids shown and she brought her copy of the museum book to Vividcon and made photocopies of the vidding article available. I also have copies the essay in PDF format and have been given permission by the author to hand it out ,so email me if you are interested: morgandawn @ bironic attended the event in person and has a write-up here .
I will update this post as I remember more topics discussed.

edited 8/20/2016

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 I came back from Vividcon* with lots of ideas. one is how to get our niche of fandom to post more vids on Youtube (for various personal and strategic reasons, which I may post about later). But I figured I should walk the walk first and started uploading my older vids (or at least those that might still hold up today).  

So ...Dear Diary, today I learned the difference between “Your video has copyrighted content and you cannot monetize/ads may appear” vs “Your video may have copyrighted content and may be blocked in some countries” and “Your video has copyrighted content and has been taken down and this is your X strike.” Only the latter has serious repercussions for fan vidders. I am not happy with the first, but if that is the price we “pay” to play for now, I can handle it. The second (blocked in some countries) proved to me more tricky, but I’ve added a note about proxy services that viewers might use: “You can try to use a proxy service such as but proceed at your own risk. If you are using Firefox, you can install ProxyTube, a free add on:"

Are there any other YouTube proxy services I can mention?

*Vividcon is a fan run convention about fanvids held in Chicago each August. Both vidders and fans of vids are welcomed

edited to add the ProxyTube suggestion

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 Mediawest is one of the oldest media (TV/movie/book) conventions in the world. The event is fan run (no paid speakers or actor-guests and run by volunteers) and held in Michigan each May. They offer 4 days of panels with fandom, meta and technical tracks, an art show and a vid show. The vid show has declined over the years for a variety of reasons. Last week one attendee posted the following and asked me to spread the word:

"For those who attend MediaWest, it's no secret the vid show is slowly sinking into oblivion. Last year, there were only a few slash vids, and even the gen vids weren't very numerous. Sadly, the My Little Pony fandom had a better showing that most of our usual fandoms.

If you are a vidder, and would be willing to make a vid, or share a recent vid, even if you're not attending, I would be glad to take the DVD with me and deliver it to the vid show coordinator. Even if you are attending and don't want to mess with it, I'll take it. :-) If you have something you'd like me to take and submit for you, e-mail me for my mailing address.

The vid show rules are here:

If you want to get in touch with the volunteer, email me at mdawn6 @
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One downside of the OTW event calendar is that (a) they don't get many submissions about conventions  and (b) when they do, they only post about it in the month the event is happening so it gives no time to plan.

So here is my list of known conventions. It is not comprehensive - the event has to be fan run with a focus on media fandom  and no Creation Cons or actor cons.   As always caveat emptor,  especially with events that don't have a track record.

Multifandom Gen
Mediawest (also has slash programming). May 2016, Lansing, Michigan USA
Southern Media (Southern USA)

Multifandom Slash
CON.TXTJuly 2016, Arlington VA (mostly slash, gen welcomed)
Connexions - 2017? (East Coast, USA)
Escapade - Feb 2016, Los Angeles, CA USA 
Get/Together - Wellington, New Zealand, usually early October, multifandom slash focus
PacificCon - April 2016, Seattle, WA, USA (slash and some gen)
Revelcon March 2016, (Houston, Texas)
Sinpozium - Sydney Australia, usually early June, multifandom slash focus
Slash/Night - Feb 2016, part of the Brighton Digital Festival, UK
TGIFemslash - Feb 2016, Los Angeles, CA USA
Tribal Forces (Pennsylvania, USA)
Wincon (also has gen programing) - moves around the US, 2016 dates and location not yet announced

Doctor Who
Coal Hill Con - May 2016, New Hampshire, USA

Harry Potter
Misti Con (next one in May 2017), New Hampshire, USA

My Little Pony
Everyfree - May 2016, Seattle, WA, USA (note: this event has paid guests, including actors and may be more commercial than fan focused)

The Professionals Slash
Pros (somewhere in the middle of the USA)

Sherlock Holmes
221BCon - April 2016, Atlanta GA  (note: this event has paid guests, including actors)
Sherlock Seattle - Oct 2016, Seattle, WA, USA (this event is still seeking funding - check out their fundraising page)
A Scintillation of Scions, June 2016, Maryland, USA: (pn thier page they also link to another Washington DC event, Gridlock DC that was held in 2015)

Starsky & Hutch Slash
Starsky & Hutch: (Maryland)

Star Trek Slash
Kiscon 2015 - USA - just ended so keep an eye out for the next one
Kimset UK - Sept 2016 - Buckinghamshire, UK

Destielcon  Cincinnati, Ohio, USA - (held in 2015 in the USA and they're doing a survey to see if they can host one in 2016)

Vividcon - Aug 2016, Chicago, IL, USA
VidUKon - June 2016, Cardiff, Wales, UK

I am certain there are more events, so I will use this post as a master list that you can link to. Drop a comment or send me an ask if you know of any other fan run, non-actor conventions.

EDITED: This list will focus on media fandom conventions. Many general sci-fi events have some media fandom panels, but I'd like to keep this list focused on TV, movie and anime fandoms and events which do not featured paid guests (actors, authors, show runners, celebrities etc).   Please include a link to the convention's website/tumblr/blog.

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This vid was shown at Kiscon 2015.

Vidder:  Yunuen

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This vid was shown at Kiscon 2015. It starts off very funny and then takes shift to pathos.  

The complete list of vids shown at Kiscon 2015 is here:

Vid by  TheJAMFactor

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This AU vid was shown at Kiscon 2015.  The full list is here:

Vidder:  MorraMorgenstern

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This vid was shown at Kiscon 2015.  The full list is here:

Vidder:Joe Jojo

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vidder: MissSheenie

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Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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larissabernstein. KiScon 2015 - All the vid shows!:

I will be reblogging a few of these vids each day for the next week. Should be over by Tuesday.

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We are ramping up for Escapade 26 and are working to finalize our contract with an LAX-adjacent hotel.

Dates: We are 95% certain that Escapade 26 will be held February 26-28, 2016 (with early check-in on the evening of the 25th). If you are already registered, and the final dates selected don’t work, let us know promptly and we will refund your membership or roll the full amount to 2017.

Hotel: TBD, but it will be on the LAX strip (Los Angeles, CA), with a free airport shuttle and available self-parking. We will post an update and hotel reservation link within the week.

Extended Discount: Because hotel negotiations are taking longer than expected, we are extending the discounted registration price of $110 through November 10th. Please take advantage of the discount and register now.

Website: We have re-worked the Escapade site to better support membership information, dealers, artists and vidders. The member information requires a login, which will allow you to view and update all your own information. If you have any questions, Ellie is available to assist you.  Her email is:

Already registered for 2016? If you registered in person at last year’s convention (or volunteered), we have pre-registered you to the website and credited the appropriate amount toward your membership for Escapade 26. Go here to generate an email link & set your own password: You can either enter the email you gave us last year, or your badge name (without any spaces). If you have any trouble getting logged in, Ellie will be happy to help. Her email is:

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I finally get it.  I finally understand what bugs the haters so much about DestielCon.  This is gold.

They keep making the argument “Why can’t you just do that in your pjs over Tumblr?  Why can’t you just go out to eat and hang out?  Or Skype?  You’re paying to see your friends that’s so obsessive and weird.”

They honestly have no earthly idea how many Destiel shippers there actually are.  They’re either completely ignorant of it or are choosing to not look into it.  Because those suggestions are all fine and dandy when there’s like, fifteen of you or something.  Hell even like twenty.

But there’s WAY more than that.  There was over a hundred people that came to the con last year, THE FIRST ONE EVER, which is entirely UNHEARD OF when it comes to fan made cons to have those kind of numbers on its first run-through.  I don’t know the count from this year’s con, but it’s likely more than last year.

You can’t fucking Skype with over a hundred people at a time.  You can’t just go out to eat with a hundred people, especially since they’re scattered everywhere across the country.  Those suggestions are absolutely ludicrous to consider when you have THAT MANY people that want to convene and have fun together.

I can’t stop laughing I mean, this is hilarious.  They’ve been telling themselves Destiel fans are so small and only 1% etc etc for so long that they literally cannot wrap their head around the fact that our numbers REQUIRE a convention environment if we want to all convene and celebrate with each other at the same time.  Like come on.  That’s fucking brilliantly ignorant.


140 this year. And yes, that’s a very, very tiny fraction of the destiel fandom. I’d guess the bulk of the destiel fandom still doesn’t know about the con, and of those that do, even more can’t make it to due to schedule conflicts, traveling expenses, or just being way too far away to be able to consider it. There a plethora of reasons someone might not be able to make it. Then there are some aren’t in to the idea, and that’s fine too.

140 sounds small but in context to other fan conventions, that it only just finished its second year, and other outside factors, that’s huge.

And yeah, I’d like to see a Skype call with 140 people. Epic.

As someone who started participating in fandom both online and going to in person events, it seems odd to favor only one way of interacting with fellow fans. I love both types.

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Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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From the convention organizer
"Escapade is in 9 days, 20 hours, and 20 minutes. I am--I'd say "unreasonably," but it's completely reasonable--excited about this, our 25th anniversary convention. 

For regular attendees, much is familiar: same hotel, many familiar friends, hot topics with scintillating discussion, and a certain amount of kvetching because there isn't room on the schedule (or in a day or a weekend) for every panel topic we wanted to discuss. 

Some things will be different. We have more new people this year, and some old friends are joining us again. With 25 years behind us, we're celebrating how we got here. With 25 years before us (yes, we're up for 25 more), we're looking at ourselves and the world around us through different lenses, and we expect spirited and enthusiastic debate. 

We have a few spaces left. If you're on the fence, now is the time to take action. Wednesday, February 25 is the last day to get hotel rooms at the con rate. We look forward to seeing you. 

Please link/forward/share this post. Thank you."
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I know this was a US slash convention and was in the late 1990s or early 2000s. Links should take you to the full size version/.



Possible candidates (1998-2000)
*Connexions - one fan remembers this as being the 1998 program
*Mountain Media Con
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The early Star Trek conventions were fan produced and fan run. The conventions were hugely popular and thousands of people would show up. The history of some of these early fan conventions has been documented onFanlore, the fan run wiki here.

After the 1975 convention, fans wrote a filk song about their experiences. 

A 1975 filk, “Battle Hymn of the 1975 ST Con” in Tetrumbriant #7, by “A Cast of Thousands” : 

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the ending of The Con.

They were tramping out the carpet when the movies were not on.

They were pushing back the walls

the guests had rested hands upon.

Praise GhuG,* they are all gone!


Glory, Glory Roddenberry!

Glory, Glory Roddenberry!

Glory, Glory Roddenberry!

Praise GhuG, they are all Gone!!

They were lurking in the corridors

where Gene and Majel lived,

Our security arrangements were as leaky as a sieve,

Room numbers Committee didn’t know

Trekkies would gladly give!

Praise GhuG, they are all gone!

Chorus 3X.

Bill Shatner, owes his life,

to fen who’s names he’ll never know.

They are placing their fragile bodies,

where Trekkies want to go.

And all are deeply thankful

Leonard Nimoy did not show!

Praise GhuG, they are all gone!

Chorus 3X.

Our Guests were wont to wander,

where Helpers fear to go.

Dear George once tried to roam around

and thought no one would know.

We picked up what was left of him

and put him in the show.

Praise GhuG, they are all gone!

Chorus 3X.

Ike Asimov made speeches where he told

all he did know.

Jeff Maynard set up for six days,

to put on his Light Show!

Robert Lansing gave us extra work,

he knows where he can go!

Praise GhuG, they are all gone!

Chorus 3X.

There wasn’t much of Destiny,

her costume didn’t show!

The Vulcan Hooker, Patia

matched her blow for blow!

But the Helpers didn’t notice —

they were busy clearing rows!

Praise GhuG, they are all gone!


Chorus 3X.

Bob Lansing, Gene and Majel were all

drinking in the suite.

The Committee and Assistants are all nursing blistered feet.

We’ll discuss our plans for next year’s con


Praise GhuG, they are all gone!

Chorus 3X.

David Gerrold brought some fur with him,

A Tribble it was called.

Dick Hoagland gave us speeches on

the Space Program, now stalled.

And Bill Theiss showed us costumes

which we all thought would fall.

Praise GhuG, they are all gone! [31]

 *If anyone knows what “Praise GhuG” means drop me a note.

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On occasion, people will ask me: “Why is there a digital media fanzine collection at Texas A&M University. TAMU is not…is not….well, it’s not that science fiction-y. Is it?

The answer is (a) yes it is, (b) TAMU has one of the oldest science fiction and fantasy special collections, (c) TAMU has hosted Aggie-Con, a gathering of science fiction and fantasy fans for decades (how does 45 years sound?) and (d) the archivists are wildly enthusiastic about all things fannish, including media fanzines and filk. So check out TAMU’s sci-fi/fantasy collection and the Sandy Hereld Memorial Digital Fanzine collection.

Article printed in “The Eagle” dated March 25, 1976

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What is ConneXions?

ConneXions is a gen-friendly, slash multimedia convention.  It is open to fans 18 and over.  It will be held on odd years in August.  The 2015 ConneXions will be held August 14-16 at the Holiday Inn at Ballston in Arlington, Virginia.  Be sure to watch for the Con Com in their tiaras.

The Early Bird Registration is up and running for ConneXions 2015. Early Bird Registration is on until January 2015!


Jul. 18th, 2014 07:57 am
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Are you a fan vidder? A fan of fanvids? A vid looking for fans? Well Vividcon is for you: a convention devoted entirely to media fanvids - by fans and for fans.

Reposting:  “It’s three weeks until VividCon, and the official con schedule is now available online!  You can see this year’s vidshow and panel offerings here: 

Also, if you’d like to volunteer an hour to help out, it’s not too late!  Shoshanna has details here: 

It’s also not too late to register for an attending membership if you’ve been thinking of going to VividCon but haven’t yet taken the plunge…

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There is a long history of fan run conventions which, for the most part, have been successful and fun.  Some of the early Star Trek conventions in the 1970s, which drew crowds of thousands, were also organized by teenagers with little or no experience in running events.  And whether you are a Star Trek fan, an anime fan, a filker, a slasher, or a furry, there has been a convention made for fan by fans where you could gather and let your freak flag fly free.

cover of the program guide for the first Star Trek convention
held in 1969 at a local library in New Jersey.

That is not to say that all fan run events were perfectly run. In fact, the list of snafus and cock-ups are legion and there have instances where events veered into gross negligence or fraud.   In the 1970s, a Star Trek convention run by Lisa Boyton was so badly oversold that is was the subject of an investigation by the New York Attorney General.  Two years before, another Star Trek convention organizer, Al Schuster left the Committee that had been organizing the Star Trek fan events until then and took with him some of their operating funds.  In the 1980s, The Houston Ultimate Fantasy Convention failed to apply prepaid funds to convention goers hotel rooms and local fans put them up in their homes. In 2003, fan Victoria Bitter allegedly defrauded Lord of the Rings fans in connection with a charity event.   But the list of fan run conventions is long and proud.

So if you are thinking on putting on a fan run convention, know that you will be part of a grand “can do” tradition. And also know, you do not have to do it alone: you can reach out to these other convention organizers and ask questions. How to set up a dealer’s room? Should I offer a con suite? How do I negotiate a hotel contract? What is a room block and how can I avoid getting hit with thousands of dollars of penalties if I don’t meet the “numbers”.  Should I have celebrity guests or would my event be better with just fan created programming? Is it really OK to use Klingons for security?

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  THERE IS STILL TIME TO REGISTER FOR VIDUKON! Registration for attending and supporting memberships closes on MONDAY 26 May 2014. We’d LOVE to see you there. Please consider joining us - it’s a great time!


Registration for attending and supporting memberships closes on MONDAY 26 May 2014.  

We’d LOVE to see you there.  Please consider joining us - it’s a great time!"


For those who cannot attend, consider a supporting membership : "You'll be sent a copy of the Premieres DVD and get real-time access to VirtUKon - and even more of our undying adoration. Sadly, no scones.

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If you've never been to a fan run convention and want to see what type of fan art/fan crafts are displayed and sold there, the Escapade art show is posting photos of 50 art pieces that were submitted to this year's art show. If you are on tumblr, you can subscribe to the escapadecon tumblr.

And if you are not on tumblr, just check back weekly here: and don't forget to scroll back for older entries

Among the items showcased so far...

Teen Wolf - a wolf and his boy
Despicable Me Minion hats (worn by the art show volunteers during the auction)
A dapper Pacific Rim portrait
A knitted Dalek
Thor and Loki linocut

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A fan run media/sci-fi convention in Australia us looking for fanvids made with either Australian music or Australian source. Deadline is end of May 2014. Read more here.

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Vidukon, the fan run vidding convention in the UK is open for registration and they have a few more memberships left. Even if you cannot attend, a supporting membership will get you the convention DVD and live access to the streaming content.  More here.

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There is a (shudder) Burger King near the hotel. But really, why bother when an In and Out Burger is one mile away?  A bit too far to walk (for some), but the Big Blue Bus will take you there in 10 minutes. And if you have a car, it is only 3 minutes away.

North of the In and Out Burger on Sepulveda Blvd  is a CVS Pharmacy, a Trader Joes and a Ralphs grocery store. Parking for some of these stores is behind the stores on the Sepulveda Westway. Basically, if there is no parking lot in front, take the streets that will lead you to the back.

The nearest Starbucks
The nearest liquor store
The low cost shuttle to Manhatten Beach

If you want your food delivered to you, check out GrubHub.

As an aside the Big Blue Bus can also take you to Venice Beach (1hr) and the Santa Monica Pier (30 min).

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

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Escapade 2014-black tee shirts
Escapade 2014-black tee shirts by EscapadeCon

If anyone is planning on getting Escapade items there is a 30-50% discount today. Coupon code: SEASONOFLOVE, ends today (2/4/2014)

You can get discounts on mugs, tote bags, buttons, t-shirts and more with the code.

The theme for Escapade 2014 is "Hollywood" and we have a lovely new
theme image to match! Also, because we live in the future, we can now
offer print-on-demand t-shirts through Zazzle!

There are several image variations available and you can get them
printed on a bewildering array of shirts. You can even get tank tops or
hoodies! There are also a large variety of sizes: women's shirts go up
to XL or 3XL depending on the style while the men's styles run bigger,
with the Basic t-shirt going up to 6x.

First pick a design, then choose a shirt style and color. If you're
feeling really adventurous, you can also customize the design by
resizing it and/or moving it to the pocket or the back of the shirt.
You can also add text or other images. The sky's the limit!

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From the Escapade mailing list:

"A few people have asked, so here it is: We are now offering Significant  Other memberships.

What is it, you ask? I'll tell you -- if you're registered and coming to Escapade, you can bring your possibly less fannish S.O. for a mere  $65.00. Your S.O. will be welcomed at the Welcome Party, the Vid Show, the Art Show and Auction, the Sunday morning breakfast, the con suite, the dealer's room... Basically, they're welcome to all areas of the con except for panel discussions."

Escapade is one a fan run slash convention held each year in Southern California. This year it will be held near LAX for easier access for those flying is. More here.

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Warning: This convention contains graphic depictions and/or discussions of sex, violence, maiming, mutilation, torture, love, fetishism, fluffybunnyism, sesquipedalianism, betrayal, death, bondage, bonding, brutality, mortality, immortality, immorality, amorality, and the occasional use of harsh language. Blindfolds available upon request, and also cucumber sandwiches.”

Escapade - a slash slumber party will be held this year end of February at a hotel close to LAX airport (that’s sunny Los Angeles, California for you freezing folks). Lots of fandoms represented, a vid show, an art show, a dealer’s room…..More here:


Escapade - a slash slumber party will be held this year end of February at a hotel close to LAX airport (that’s sunny Los Angeles, California for you freezing folks). Lots of fandoms  represented, a vid show, an art show, a dealer’s room…..More here:

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I used to host panels at conventions, something I still miss. But as my health grew more...complicated, I stopped doing panels. Below are the notes from one of the last panels I held. I think it was at Bascon in the early 2000s. It was a Due South panel and at the time, few fans were willing to step into the gaping wound left behind by the Ray Wars to hold public discussions. That's is when my co-panelist (Mary E) and I came up with the (not so original) idea of using Fraser as the bridge between the two pairing sides. Because, really who does not love Fraser?

Although after the panel, I am not certain everyone was as comfortable with Fraser. The title of the panel was: "Fraser: Saint or Dark Manipulator. Does Fraser live in a delusion that he somehow shares with those around him? Does being friends with Fraser mean falling sway to this delusion or Is he actually the only completely sane person In a nasty, greedy world? (This discussion will be Ray-Ray neutral!) "

Panel notes are below, if you click on them several times you should get to a readable copy.

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Warning: “This convention contains graphic depictions and/or discussions of sex, violence, maiming, mutilation, torture, love, fetishism, fluffybunnyism, sesquipedalianism, betrayal, death, bondage, bonding, brutality, mortality, immortality, immorality, amorality, and the occasional use of harsh language. Blindfolds available upon request, and also cucumber sandwiches.Source

Escapade - a slash slumber party will be held this year end of February at a hotel close to LAX airport (that’s sunny Los Angeles, California for you freezing folks). Lots of fandoms represented, a vid show, an art show, a dealer’s room…..More here:


Escapade - a slash slumber party will be held this year end of February at a hotel close to LAX airport (that’s sunny Los Angeles, California for you freezing folks). Lots of fandoms  represented, a vid show, an art show, a dealer’s room…..More here:

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There is a (shudder) Burger King near the hotel. But really, why bother when an In and Out Burger is one mile away?  A bit too far to walk (for some), but the Big Blue Bus will take you there in 10 minutes. And if you have a car, it is only 3 minutes away.

As an aside the Big Blue Bus can also take you to Venice Beach (1hr) and the Santa Monica Pier (30 min).

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The LAX hotels run a private shuttle to Manhattan Beach (and other restaurants/shopping malls). The Ocean Express. Details here. And a flight attendant review of the bus is here.
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Moving on to the next important liquid category: the local liquor store on the corner

View Larger Map

Even more amusing is that someone took the time to post photos of the liquor store (all 15 of them) Sample below. More here.

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Because you never know when the fate of the world depends on finding the nearest Starbucks.  (Escapade hotel is on the corner of Airport Boulevard and W 98th Street)

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In the grand filk tradition, take a peek at this recruitment video for first time DashCon attendees. Lyrics and singing by Mallory.

"meeting all my friends for the first time,
am I gonna fit in?....

So hard without a laptop in front of me
it's definitely not an online party
'cause all I see are real people
I wonder how this is gonna go?...

I'll be back online tonight....."

Working Youtube link

edited: I am having such a lovely "Star Trek in the early days convention" flashback. Teenagers persuading their parents to let them take the bus across country to meet total strangers. And if not, getting their parents to take them. Fans caravaning to the event.  Organizing 3,000+ conventions  from the very start. Reminding one another that even though they need more wood to build the booths, to not carry the wood back home on the city buses.
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DashCon/Tumblr-Con (July 2014, Chicago). They are expecting between 3,000-7,000 attendees. Minimum age to attend is 14.

Watch on Youtube (working link)

Tumblr fan groups are forming committees, raising funds to attend the event and have panels on their fandoms. Ex Star Trek fans and Supernatural fans. List here

I wonder if the OTW can get a panel/booth/party?

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This vid was shown at the 1980s Uk Blake's 7 conventions Space City (I blogged about the Space City conventions here).

The vid, in all its VHS wavy-vision glory, can be seen here.

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At Vividcon, I picked up this beautiful handmade DVD booklet made by [personal profile] kiki_miserychic . A wonderful way to share your fanvids on DVD. I love the little touches, like the library checkout stamp and the glued on seahorse.

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We need more of this in fandom.

Zine info here.

And to celebrate Vividcon I give you....the Joxer Dance.

Dear Fandom

Jun. 1st, 2012 11:26 pm
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Can I say how much I adore the fact that someone has written a filk song to the con suite?

Oh, the concom
Oh, the con staff
Can't you feed this hungry throng?
It would surely break the budget
Everything you do is wrong.


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