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 Syn Ferguson passed away on Dec 9, 2016. I reached out to her quilting group and they confirmed it (they did not provide any further details). She was 74 years old.
I had hoped to interview her for the oral history project this summer. 
I've updated her Fanlore page and have added a Memorial section. Please feel free to share this news and encourage fans to add their memories to Fanlore.
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 My positional vertigo is not gone but lies lurking, ready to jump out at me like a jack in the box. Flying in planes and looking up or down seems to trigger it. The anti-vomiting meds are still effective.

I have had right ankle problems since April and have been working with a podiatrist to find a pair of shoes that will cushion my feet more. I already have custom orthotics and will need a new pair made. But I have been walking twice daily even with the right ankle pain. During my recent trip, I cut my walking in half and the pain went away. Unfortunately that level of walking = sedentary and I cannot maintain my current weight (nor my overall cardio health). A stationary or recumbent bike would be a good choice except  I'd have to use low resistance and it hurts my back. To match the daily walks I would have to spend three hours a day on the bike.   So I resumed my twice daily walks and now... my left ankle is swollen and hurting and I cannot wriggle a few of my toes. Another visit to the foot surgeon surgeon next month. Last time he only took xrays and told me to start physical therapy for the right foot.  I am still looking for a physical therapist who can handle EDS patients. So I am back to the walking very little and am finding that the increased sitting is making my back flare up.   Jack in the boxes and whack a moles seems to be  my thing nowawdays.

In short, I will continue to be preoccupied by health and may be distracted, extra cranky and may ignore you.  

On another note: The only Star Trek series I did not watch from start to finish was Voyager so I have started that on Netflix.  
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 I've seen this mentioned in numerous places but have not yet found the name of the case.

"Boldly Going Where No Copyright Claim Has Gone Before

One of the most notorious cases of copyright omission happened in connection with a little show called Star Trek— another NBC series, but this one a production of Desilu Studios. When originally telecast during the 1966-67 TV season, the entire first season’s voyages of the starship Enterprise aired without a single indication of copyright anywhere in the program.

It wasn’t until years later — and after Star Trek had metamorphosed from a short-lived cult TV show into a cultural phenomenon and highly prized commodity — that the copyright lapse even drew any attention. It was at the time of the advent of home video, when a number of small mom-and-pop outfits, believing that first year of Star Trekto be in the public domain, began selling copies of the episodes on videocassette.

Paramount, which had inherited the Star Trek franchise and produced the remaining two years of the series and all of its spin-offs after parent company Gulf + Western purchased Desilu in 1967, sought to regain exclusive rights to the first season by mounting a legal challenge to the little nickel-and-dime distributors that were circulating those first 26 episodes.

The upshot? Based on its existing copyrights on all subsequent Star Trek properties, Paramount won the right to retroactively copyright the entire first season of Star Trek, in the process, successfully suing all of those little companies — the ones that thought they were in the clear selling public domain shows — right out of business."

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 The recording "T'hy'la" is a K/S filk song. We have been unable - so far - to ID who wrote it or who sung it. It does not help that the recording is poor. Having said this, we'd love to 'crowd-source" transcribing the lyrics. Below are 2 transcribed versions of the lyrics - questionable words are in brackets. If you're interested in helping, drop me a note or email me at mdawn6 @ and I'll send you the link to the file.

Version A


You needed me now
I needed you then
The time has
come to [heal] again

my t'hy'la
:28 time marker
From a distant [year] you call my name
From a distant land I came

:40 time marker
Reach out
to me my brother
Call out my name in your
No matter where I am I'll hear
seek me out and see what you find


1:15 time marker
I thought I could make it
without you
[Heritage can't be denied]
Somehow you reached out and touched
Somehow a part of me [cries]


1:45 time marker
[Away for 3 years from Vulcan]
Vulcan nature or thought
1:53 [Friendship] is something forever
Feelings could never be fought


You needed me now
I needed you
The time has come to [begin] again

Version B


You needed me now
I needed you then
The time has come to [heal] again

my t'hy'la
From a distant [year] you call my name
From a distant land [I kind]

Reach out to me my brother
Call out my name in your mind
No matter where I am I'll hear you
[pick] me out and see what you find


I thought I could make it without you
Where have you cast me tonight
Somehow you reached out and touched me
Some how a part of me [cries]


1:45 [I'm very unsure about most of this verse]
A way for be it a Vulcan
Vulcan nature or thought
1:53 Stretch him is something forever
Feelings could never be fought


You needed me now
I needed you then
The time has come to heal again

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Get a room?

This vid was shown at Kiscon 2015.

Vidder:  parapandaful

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Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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This vid was shown at Kiscon 2015. Like most viewers, I wish it was longer. NSFW

Vidder: BrTutty

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Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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The Test (by here’s luck)
fandom: Star Trek reboot (plus bonus TOS)
music: The Chemical Brothers feat. Richard Ashcroft
summary: Now I think I see the light. Kirk, K/S.
originally posted: March 2010
see also: AO3 | DW | LJ

password: shining

This vid was shown at Kiscon 2015.

vidder: here’s luck

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This vid was shown at Kiscon 2015. Tomorrow will be the final day of Kiscon vid recs,

Vidder:  MissSheenie

Vidder’s summary:  Working on the Enterprise is pretty much a non-stop party as far as I’m concerned. (Probably because the only parts I pay attention to are the Kirk/Spock moments, Scotty when he’s drinking, Chekov when he’s macking on his girlfriend and doing no work, and Uhura singing and just HAVING A GOOF in general.

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Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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This vid was shown at Kiscon 2015.

Vidder:  Yunuen

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Vidder’s summary:  Do not attempt to adjust your television set…
Signal interference with the past and present is normal. If crossing of alternate realities persists for more than 4 hours–god help you.

This vid was shown at Kiscon 2015. The complete list of vids is here:

Vidder:  Kerinaty’s channel

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This vid was shown at Kiscon 2015. It starts off very funny and then takes shift to pathos.  

The complete list of vids shown at Kiscon 2015 is here:

Vid by  TheJAMFactor

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This vid was shown at Kiscon 2015.  The full list is here:

Vidder: Estalita11

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This AU vid was shown at Kiscon 2015.  The full list is here:

Vidder:  MorraMorgenstern

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This vid was shown at Kiscon 2015.  The full list is here:

Vidder:Joe Jojo

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larissabernstein. KiScon 2015 - All the vid shows!:

I will be reblogging a few of these vids each day for the next week. Should be over by Tuesday.

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Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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This vid was shown at the Kiscon 2015 Star Trek convention.

Vid by  MorraMorgenstern

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The first of many vids from this year’s Kiscon vid show. The full list is here:

Vid by EimeoMoon

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The cake.

Star Trek K/S fans held their annual Kiscon convention in Seattle this weekend. This is the celebratory cake, festooned with artwork from Courts of Honor. Courts of Honor was written by Syn Ferguson who was the guest of Honor.

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So [my roommate from college]‘s aunt and uncle were old-school fen, back in the day.  This is what she recently inherited:

Now, I’m going to omit credits on these, simply because some of the names of the artists may be their real names.  Since what fandom was then is not what fandom is fandom now, and there’s a big difference between ‘publishing something in a limited-run mail-order printed fanzine in 1973’ and ‘posting it online where google can find it in 2015,’ my policy here is to add credits only if the artists request it (they can email me at this username dot gmail dot com).

Ready, friends?

Are you sure?

It gets better.

Aw, that’s…

…oh hey tentacles, nice to know some things were always classics.

“Draw me like one of your french girls” before Titanic was even a thing.

Is that Risa?

It’s gotta be Risa.

I actually really like this artist.  Fortunately, they were fairly prolific:

You know what, I know what the context for this one and the next is, but they’re better without.

And then the classic ‘caught changing’ pinup, which I find much more entertaining than the reboot version:

And lest you think it’s all about the dudes:

…this is just a small sampling.  I haven’t even got to the tentacle-penis pinup or the slavery AU or the “did they go to a Roman planet? and is that a crucifixion in the background of the kirk/spock snogging” pics.  Or the tribble humping a wig stand.  But this post is long enough.

There are some research library fanzine collections (Univ of Iowa and Univ of Texas specifically) that would LOVE to have those, eventually, if you felt like making sure they’d be preserved for fandom. Beautiful stuff, early slash fandom. Incredibly courageous.

Oh please donate them to either Iowa or TAMU. They’d both love them.

The “prolific” artist is Gayle F (you can find more of her work on Fanlore).

Lots more info about all of these zines under the Star Trek zine categories.


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Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)


Feb. 18th, 2015 09:31 pm
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I have blogged about fan made scrapbooks before. This weekend, I helped sort a fan friend’s papers (she passed away in November). In the bottom of a pile, I found her Star Trek themed notebook/scrapbook. On the first page she writes that the year is 1982: "I attended [several Star Trek] conventions. I had fun, purchased memorabilia, watched the bloopers but I have lost most of the souvenirs including a tribble…..I do not have fellow fans or others to share - now I am a lone fan. I am dedicating this book (which I intend to fill with pictures and autographs, ST quotes and personal memories) to Star Trek and what ST means to my life. I wish to not lose and forget something I enjoy so much.”

I do not know if my friend - Stacy Doyle - ever found her lost tribble. But I can say that 30 years later she was still in love with fandom and had made lifelong fan friends. For her fandom was a way of life (FIAWOL) and not just a teenage phase or passing hobby.

So in her words (and the words of so many other Star Trek fans): Star Trek Lives!

I may post excerpts from her notebook from time time. These excerpts are being used with her family’s permission.

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The early Star Trek conventions were fan produced and fan run. The conventions were hugely popular and thousands of people would show up. The history of some of these early fan conventions has been documented onFanlore, the fan run wiki here.

After the 1975 convention, fans wrote a filk song about their experiences. 

A 1975 filk, “Battle Hymn of the 1975 ST Con” in Tetrumbriant #7, by “A Cast of Thousands” : 

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the ending of The Con.

They were tramping out the carpet when the movies were not on.

They were pushing back the walls

the guests had rested hands upon.

Praise GhuG,* they are all gone!


Glory, Glory Roddenberry!

Glory, Glory Roddenberry!

Glory, Glory Roddenberry!

Praise GhuG, they are all Gone!!

They were lurking in the corridors

where Gene and Majel lived,

Our security arrangements were as leaky as a sieve,

Room numbers Committee didn’t know

Trekkies would gladly give!

Praise GhuG, they are all gone!

Chorus 3X.

Bill Shatner, owes his life,

to fen who’s names he’ll never know.

They are placing their fragile bodies,

where Trekkies want to go.

And all are deeply thankful

Leonard Nimoy did not show!

Praise GhuG, they are all gone!

Chorus 3X.

Our Guests were wont to wander,

where Helpers fear to go.

Dear George once tried to roam around

and thought no one would know.

We picked up what was left of him

and put him in the show.

Praise GhuG, they are all gone!

Chorus 3X.

Ike Asimov made speeches where he told

all he did know.

Jeff Maynard set up for six days,

to put on his Light Show!

Robert Lansing gave us extra work,

he knows where he can go!

Praise GhuG, they are all gone!

Chorus 3X.

There wasn’t much of Destiny,

her costume didn’t show!

The Vulcan Hooker, Patia

matched her blow for blow!

But the Helpers didn’t notice —

they were busy clearing rows!

Praise GhuG, they are all gone!


Chorus 3X.

Bob Lansing, Gene and Majel were all

drinking in the suite.

The Committee and Assistants are all nursing blistered feet.

We’ll discuss our plans for next year’s con


Praise GhuG, they are all gone!

Chorus 3X.

David Gerrold brought some fur with him,

A Tribble it was called.

Dick Hoagland gave us speeches on

the Space Program, now stalled.

And Bill Theiss showed us costumes

which we all thought would fall.

Praise GhuG, they are all gone! [31]

 *If anyone knows what “Praise GhuG” means drop me a note.

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The original of this drawing arrived in the mail today. I wish we could put together a traveling gallery of all the stunning K/S fan art to take to fan conventions. Until then, enjoy this low resolution version.

From Fanlore, the fan run, non-profit wiki about media fandom

Pieta back cover First Time #46, [artist: Shelly Butler]. The pose, which is an art classic, was used decades earlier in the drawing by Wendy Pearson accompanying the poem Pieta in Starbase M.T.L. #6. One comment on the work: "The image is a reflection of the glorious sculpture, Pieta. Here, a long-haired Spock lovingly holds an angelic Kirk on his lap. Notice Spock’s hand delicately and gently placed on a vulnerable Kirk’s belly. Kirk’s blissful, sublime expression relates to their intimate relationship, and a soft light seems to shine on him.

Another fan wrote this: “The impression I get from Pieta is that Spock is preparing to infuse the man in his lap with something great, mysterious, and ultimately very powerful. Dare I call it by its name? Love.”

 More art commentary is here.

The drawing won a STIFfie Award in 1997.

PS. I did contact a few of the fandom archives about displaying fan art - while they can preserve/archive fan art, they do not have space to display it. That is typical of most special collections.

PPS. How awesome is it that there are "a few...fandom archives" in the US? 

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On occasion, people will ask me: “Why is there a digital media fanzine collection at Texas A&M University. TAMU is not…is not….well, it’s not that science fiction-y. Is it?

The answer is (a) yes it is, (b) TAMU has one of the oldest science fiction and fantasy special collections, (c) TAMU has hosted Aggie-Con, a gathering of science fiction and fantasy fans for decades (how does 45 years sound?) and (d) the archivists are wildly enthusiastic about all things fannish, including media fanzines and filk. So check out TAMU’s sci-fi/fantasy collection and the Sandy Hereld Memorial Digital Fanzine collection.

Article printed in “The Eagle” dated March 25, 1976

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1. Donate to Planned Parenthood. You can also donate at the local level. And then consider donating to RAIIN, an organization that helps rape and abuse survivors.

2. Demand that your access to over the air programming be restored and that cloud computing be allowed to develop and grow and flourish. Imagine if the Supreme Court
had ruled that VCRs were infringing back in 1984...we wouldn't have much of the personal media technology we have today.


"In an open letter on Tuesday, [Aero CEO] Kanojia asked
the public to help restore Aereo:
Contact your lawmakers and tell them how disappointing it is to you that the nation's highest court has issued a decision that could take away your right to use a cloud-based antenna to access live over-the-air broadcast television.

The spectrum that the broadcasters use to transmit over-the-air programming belongs to the American public and you should have a right to access that programming whether your antenna sits on the roof of your home, on top of your television, or in the cloud.

Ask your elected officials to take action to protect your right use an antenna to access live free-to-air broadcasts, including a modern antenna located in the cloud."

3. Recharge your fandom love with this Star Trek vid: "
Long Live (Star Trek)". As I watched it, I am reminded of the many Star Trek fans that I have tracked down and spoken with this past year for the Sandy Hereld Memorial Digitized Media Fanzine Collection. These women from the 1970s-80s-90s have said: "Star Trek played such a big role in my life back then. It is wonderful it is being remembered." What I sometimes say back to them is this: "It is you who we are remembering."
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Does anyone have copies of The Halkan Council #1-5 (The Halkan Council was an early Star Trek letterzine). We'd like to borrow it to scan for the preservation project. We have the remaining issues through 26/27.
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The LNAF was a fan club for the Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy. They published fanzines and newsletters and every year would put out a Yearbook collecting fanfic, news, articles and essays. The year is 1978 and for most fan, the computers of Star Trek are decades away. Except for one fan whose husband discovered that his computer was not all that impressed by his gaming strategy.

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Proof that cheesy lyrics demand cheesy vid effects. That Kirk/Spock are DESTINY.  And there was a profound imbalance of bare-chested Spock to bare-chested Kirk scenes. We should immediately notify the Reboot script writers.

Direct link

They say, be afraid
You're not like the others
Futuristic lover
Different DNA
They don't understand you

You're from a whole 'nother world
A different dimension
You open my eyes
And I'm ready to go
Lead me into the light

Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me
Infect me with your love and
Fill me with your poison

Take me, ta-ta-take me
Wanna be a victim
Ready for abduction

PS. What a Fox Mulder vid this would have made...

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This arrived in my inbox over the weekend. What can I say...I have the best friends.

"Because sometimes life is like this, and all you can do is contemplate The Duck."

Drawing is from the Kirk/Spock fanzine Beyond Dreams #5. "Child's Play" art by Ingela

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Finding fanzine posts on tumblr is hard. Imagine trying to find media fanzine references on twitter. Impossible. I did find one fan selling her copy of The Trekker Cookbook here.

First up:  Enterprise Eggnog (click for larger version)
Pages from Star Trek The Trekker Cookbook REBUILT

"Captain, I do not object to the diverse
ingredients included in the
liquid solution known as eggnog...
though I find many of them frivolous
rather than nutritional ...."

~Mr Spock in "Survivor" written by Alan Dean Foster

Eggnog, according to the Cookbook is the perfect drink for the Enterprise holiday parties.

"It’s Christmas!
The Captain’s bluff worked (again)!
The planet really was inhabitable (and uninhabited)
They found the vaccine!
This star-mapping gets boring; let’s throw a party
~The Trekker Cookbook

Next: The Pon Farr Cocktail followed by some leftover Vulcan Thanksgiving pie (click for larger version)
Pages from Star Trek The Trekker Cookbook REBUILT-3
Art by Amy Harlib

And finally, don't forget to try the Vulcan's Delight.
Pages from Star Trek The Trekker Cookbook REBUILT-2
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"An Astounding Personal Testament to the Star Trek mythos" — Forbes

Star Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz. The exhibit is based in Los Angeles and admission is free.

I've loved Juan Ortiz's poster art for years and am pleased it is getting recognition. But, yes the irony.....

Another reason I am glad  that the OTW and Fanlore exists.....
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From time to time, I come across fans arguing that preservation is "unnatural" - that everything - including websites - "dies a natural death" and that we should not be trying to preserve "it" without permission.*

In 1997, Sara Conklin, a Beauty and the Beast fan and Star Trek fan died - there was an outpouring of memories on mailing lists and a few tribute websites set up. One website was on and is thankfully preserved by the Internet Archive.

This memory caught my eye: "Sara was buried in her Star Trek uniform, complete with working communicator button. Jackie said that when they were leaving Sara's house for the last time, Sara made Jackie go back and get it. After Sara died, when Jackie when to the funeral director, he asked for the clothes to bury Sara in. She gave him the uniform and he smiled and said "we only get coffins here, we don't have any photon torpedoes!" Can you imagine decades from now, archaeologists digging up the MILITARY commentary and finding everyone else in their military uniforms and Sara in her Star Trek outfit!!!!!!"

Websites (and their contents) are not living things - but neither are they just static words and empty spaces. They neither live nor die natural or unnatural deaths. That they once existed cannot be denied - even if some wished it were not so.  No one deserves to be forgotten - it will happen in spite of our efforts, as time and entropy and vast distances overwrite everything eventually. But we should not be rushing to erase each other or our memories. We will get there soon enough.

"Put a little light out in the tunnel for me -- it doesn't have to chase away the darkness - it only has to guide me." ~ Sara Conklin

*Broadly paraphrased from

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Within a year the flow of stories to the new newsgroup slowed significantly and some fans suggested that the moderation be removed to encourage fans to post their family friendly fiction. The moderators insisted however that the newsgroup was not dead, it was just "resting".

Read about Alt.startrek.creative Slash Wars.
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Whenever someone starts talking about fandom community rules, fandom morals, fandom etiquette,  fandom "my way is the Way and it has always been", I remember the good old days of the Internet. In 1997 a few fans complained about the existence of adult fanfiction on the Internet saying that because the Usenet was a  public forum, we had to keep the "airwaves"  child friendly.   Why?: Because  ".....restraint and rules are necessary for society to function. Yes, you are free to express yourself -- but within the limits of society -- or else you will have only chaos and anarchy."

And the Net's response: "....this isn't "society" -- whatever the hell *that* is! -- this is the Internet.  And it goes all over the entire world, and the only real rule is, there ARE no systemwide rules.  There are a few customs, observed by more users than not.  But there are NO hard and fast "rules", and I for one hope that there never will be.  We have  handed over far too much of our freedom to well-meaning moralistic prudes. This [newsgroup] , and the 'Net in general, are where I personally draw the line.  In case you hadn't noticed, the very essence of the 'Net is decentralized chaos -- and for the most part it works really well."

Read more from the "Less NC17 Stories!" thread at alt.startrek.creative here. This debate led to an attempt to - surprise surprise - create spaces that would be free of fiction that "introduced the concept of homosexuality"   (aka No Slash Here).

Bottom line: anyone speaking for Fandom ("Fandom with a capital F and that spells Trouble right here! in River City"), can only truthfully represent their own limited POV.  The fandom world is vast, multicultural, multilingual and multi-POV. Just take a peek at tumblr and twitter and remember: "This has all happened before. And it will all happen again." Please report back to me when it does. Thank you kindly.

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Dear Diary, this weekend I spent time with this fan. This is a photo of her in her younger years wearing her award winning sehlat costume at a 1970s Star Trek convention. She is still a Trek fan 40 years later, proving you are never too old or too embarrassed to be  a fan.

(photo used with permission)


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This week I scanned this zine for the authors and their families.

The zine, The Rack, was a response to the K/S premise by carrying forward the then current views about homosexuality into the Star Trek future with devastating consequences. It made quite an impact when it was published in 1980. And it, in turn, created more response fic.

As the authors explained: "We have stated that many readers were emotionally upset by the tragedy of THE RACK. Some expressed their feelings through Letters of Comment, while others were compelled to write their own stories, poems and vignettes, ideas inspired by the heartwrenching, difficult-to-accept ending... Other stories, published elsewhere, were also inspired by our novella. Mariann H, in TRIAL (NEXUS 1), delivers an alternate ending which had its own impact on fandom. While we don't agree with her premise, we know Mariann's story did satisfy those for whom the unhappy ending of THE RACK was difficult to handle....People have been compelled to analyze the story, write alternate endings for it and continue to request we reprint ALL THE KING'S HORSES. Working on THE RACK, its sequel and this 'zine has been a unique and important experience for us as writers. The stories have touched our lives, becoming part of us in a very personal way — we've learned a lot about people in general, fandom and the art of writing"

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ScotPress, one of the earliest Star Trek fanzine publishers in the UK has posted the first 10 issues of their letterzine IDIC online. You can read the issues here. And there is more info about the newsletter's history on Fanlore here.

Here's a snippet from the first newsletter:

"It was the advent of video which changed the face of
conventions. At first, the technology was too expensive for the average 'man on the street,' but conventions could afford to hire the equipment, and although blank tapes were £15.00 a time, a secondary programme of available episodes began to take shape, splitting the attendees into smaller groups. The 'one big happy family' feeling began to dissipate; I'm told of a convention where Trek episodes were available 24 hours a day on the hotel's in-house system, resulted in some people never leaving their rooms for the entire weekend!... Nowadays if an original Trek episode formed part of the main programme at a convention, it would have a very poor attendance indeed, and it seems that a higher percentage expect to be entertained 24 hours a day, rather than being prepared to make their own amusements."

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Because everyone looks fantastic in a Christmas sweater! I’ll even bet Mr. Spock has a matching one…

(The last image is a drawing by Vel Jaeger an excellent Star Trek fan artist from the days of fanzines, stone knives, bear skins, and knitting needles. You can see more of her art on Fanlore here:

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Today, with Leslie Fish's and Joesph Abbott's permission I was able to add this photo to  the Banned From Argo page on Fanlore, thereby closing the circle on a long standing bit of sci-fi fandom and filk history.
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My earlier post about  Star Trek audio recordings is here. Today, I came across this essay written by Lillian Stewart Carl in which she talks about her friendship with Lois Bujold, their love of Star Trek and the Star Trek fanzine they wrote and published (one of the earliest media fanzines). I am only quoting the section about the audio recordings, but the entire essay is worth a read:

"Then, one fall, I returned home from a vacation to find Lois enthusing over a new television program, one that linked naturally into her years of reading science fiction.

I watched Star Trek. I fell for it too. Spock made intelligence classy. He was so cool, so—unattainable. Unlike Kirk, who was incessantly Available. And there were women on the Enterprise. They wore miniskirts and said, “Hailing frequencies open,” and “Captain, I'm scared”, but they were female nonetheless.

Every Thursday evening during our senior year found us sitting in front of Lois's television (she had the color set) watching Star Trek.We suborned other friends into joining us. We rigged up Lois's father's reel-to-reel tape recorder and recorded each episode—audio only, the concept of the VCR being science fiction itself.

The tape would pick up the sound of the telephone ringing in the background, chairs scooting, popcorn crunching. And during the previews to the episode This Side of Paradise, it recorded half-a-dozen female squeals as Spock actually (be still, my teenage hormones) smiled!

I wish we still had the tape which immortalized her mother's voice saying, “You girls are going to be so embarrassed when you grow up and remember how you acted over this program.”


Our graduation from high school took place on a Thursday night, forcing us to miss the episode Shore Leave. Strangely, our families refused to attend the ceremonies without us. The younger sister of a friend was deputized to do the taping and fill in the video portion with gestures and expressions.

The next fall I went away to college, in a town that had only two television stations, neither of which showed Star Trek. Lots transcribed the episode Amok Time, including the stage directions (“bowl of soup flies across passageway”) and sent it to me. My roommate sniffed and said I was psychologically abnormal. But another friend gave me a poster of Spock."
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In the 1970s, if you missed the live airing of an episode of Star Trek, then you missed it. Maybe, sometime over the summer, the episode might be offered as a rerun at 2am. But without any VCRs or DVRs or DVD players, there was nothing to record an episode, let alone to view one. You watched what was presented to you, when it was presented to you, and how it was presented to you (no skipping commercials) on the TV or in the movie theatre.

Unless you were a die-hard Star Trek fan. Then you’d buy (for $14 in today’s dollars) a single audio cassette recording of your favorite TV show. And then, alone in your room, you’d close your eyes and imagine Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock…well, they *could* have been kissing. With your eyes closed, how would you know? Or not know?

And if you were really a die-hard fan, living in Australia where many US shows never aired, you might host a Star Trek (or Starsky & Hutch) audio cassette slumber party where you’d sit around the bonfire and listen to your favorite episodes under the stars.

some [Starsky & Hutch] fans in Australia, unable to attend Zebra Con, had their own little con. It was 14 people in a house, a book of clippings to browse, two episodes on video cassettes, and six sound tapes of various episodes. They remarked that like fans in the UK, they hadn’t seen season four yet and were being “driven white-haired” with frustration with the hints in the letterzine. Some fans slept in the caravan in the back yard, and they sat around singing into the night: “You Needed Me” (which they thought fit the episode “The Fix”) and “Sometimes When We Touch” (“whose chorus belongs in that scene in Wilderness”). Source: Fanlore.

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Come admire the customs of my peoples.

Name: Star Trek In The Park
Date: 2011
Location: Portland, Oregon
Episode: Mirror, Mirror

July is now officially Star Trek (in the Park) Month in Portland

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And fans defy stereotypes. Here is a sweet little poem about K/S (written by someone with a male sounding name) and published in STAG, a gen UK newsletter (or N/L)  sometime in the late 1980s. Hopefully if you click on it you'll be able to read it full size.

Picture 1

You can read more about the UK fanzine publishers ScotPress here on Fanlore. And they have posted some of their early Star Trek zines on their website here.

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Back in the olden days, fanzine publishers had to physically pick up their K/S fic and art and hand carry it to a local print shop. And then another. And then another. The tales of their journeys to find a print shop that would publish Captain Krik and Mr Spock in...intimate situations.....are epic, amusing and inspiring. All hail to our brave Foresmutters.

Here are a few of them

Publisher 1:
"Once I finished "T'hy'la" #1, I needed to get the zine in print and that would require finding a new printer. If I took "T'hy'la" to the printer I'd been using for my genzine, he'd have a heart attack....It was, I admit, a bit difficult to go in there for the first time. I was a bit...embarrassed. After all, I was asking them to print explicit art of naked men doing sexual things with each other...The people who owned the print shop were as cool as they could be....My printer really enjoyed printing my zines. By the time I'd done my 3rd or 4th issue, he told me the women in the bindery always looked forward to my zines. They'd post prints of the artwork on the bindery walls to keep them entertained while they worked."

Publisher 2:
"The manager, long inured to what she's been so faithfully producing for us, engaged me in a discussion about a Gayle F picture! The one where Kirk is straddling Spock in the grass, he is obviously being penetrated, Spock is raised up just a bit so he can twist Kirk's nipples, Kirk has Spock's cock in his hand, and our captain's head is thrown back in a fair imitation of ecstasy. I don't know if you can get more explicit that this picture.
"Oh, look at this," she said. That's really nice."
"Yes," I enthused." She's a terrific artist."
"No," the manager chided me. "I meant the quality. We caught most of the details."

Publisher 3:
"K/S Tale of Woe of the Month: So I was having [my K/S zine]  printed a few weeks ago, along with some additional artwork reprints that I needed. Specifically, a computer-generated piece of art (CGA) that had been done..... It's a fabulous work of art, one of my absolute favorites, and if I ever get a K/S room of my own, it will be up on my wall. Anyway, this work is reproduced by using a disk and not an original on a piece of paper. I was picking my order up when I casually asked the manager if there had been any problems with reproduction. She replied that she and her trusty assistant (both of them women in their 60s who aren't too computer literate) hadn't been able to get the disk to work properly, so they had enlisted the aid of "Jeremy." I blanched. "Jeremy?" I asked. He is young and enthusiastic and has never impressed me as a reasoned thinker. "Did he, uh, give you any trouble with the content?" (The picture in question shows Spock in a white shirt sitting on the floor against the side of a bed, between Kirk's knees, as Kirk sits, naked, behind him on the bed. Yeah, I did say it was a favorite....) "Oh, don't worry about it," the manager reassured me. "By now, almost everybody around here has seen your pictures. If they have a problem with what you're doing, they keep it to themselves." Oh. Great. So now I know why occasionally I get some strange looks.... Why the fellow who carries most of my boxes out to the car seems intent on talking about God all the time, and why the women up front seem so friendly.... "

Publisher 4
"The fanzine is a little late. Some of this is in the nature of fanzines, which always seem to take longer than planned to produce. A good chunk of the delay may be laid at the door of my original color printer. This man managed to leaf through [my sample zines] Mirrors of Mind and Flesh, The Price and The Prize, Greater California K/S, and T'Hy'La without noticing anything explicit enough to bother him. He seemed bemused but accepting of the project. Then, when I brought in my color art, he announced he couldn't print it. Upsetting in the waste of time, and the additional expense, but who wants a blind printer?"

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Star Trek offered a "Writer's Guide" to writers who wanted to write scripts for the show. There are two versions that I have found: one a serious one that gives background on the characters, their inner motivations ("Captain Kirk is lonely in his command chair. So very very  lonely" or "Mr Spock has a secret crush on his Captain but will never admit it.") Think of them as an early FAQ.

But there are occasional flashes of humor. In the two pages below, the wannabe writer is asked to take part in a quiz. Hopefully if you click several times you will get to a full size, readable version.

Pages from 2013_08_06_11_16_28_Page_1
page 1
Pages from 2013_08_06_11_16_28_Page_2
page 2

The guide ends with the following question

Q: Are you people on LSD?
A: We tried, but we couldn't keep it lit.

PS. Bonus points if you guess the real correct answer to "who would Captain Kirk hug on the bridge with only seconds to live?"
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Direct link. "Instead of Spock beaming down to Vulcan, battling Kirk, overcoming his Pon Farr, etc, the Enterprise is unable to temporarily change course to Vulcan. After days of riveting impulses rattling his mind and body, Spock succumbs to his urges and asks of Kirk to act as a temporary manner of relief."
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I don't care if it the first draft (1965) or the final revised draft (1967). No amount of scanning of The Omega Glory will make it better. Aren't we glad the script was not accepted as the second pilot?

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Today I am reading the draft script for the Star Trek episode A Piece of the Action and learned:
*The original title was Mission Into Chaos (and someone has handwritten the new title "A Piece of the Action" on the front of the script)
*No Terran book "Chicago Mobs of the Twenties" had been left behind by a Starfleet ship to mold the planet's culture along Earth lines. They apparently developed Chicago Mob culture on their own.
*Kirk had to deal with the Romulans who were trying to do a legal takeover of the planet (and failing that the Romulans were going to forcibly take it over). Kirk uses the presence of Romulans to get around the Prime Directive
*There was no card game called "Fizzbin" (it has another, lamer sounding name)
*And no awesome tag line about how one day the Iotians may want a "piece of our action".

All in all, I can see why some of these are first drafts.

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In the first draft of the Star Trek episode "Amok Time" by Theodore Sturgeon, both T'Pring (Spock's fiancée/wife) and Stonn (T'Pring's chosen consort) are stripped of their rights after Spock kills Captain Kirk. Stonn because prior to the fight he flies into rage and attempts to murder Spock and is behaving irrationally and illogically. He is pronounced "not Vulcan" by T'Pau and becomes the property of Mr Spock. In this draft, being Vulcan is not an ethnic/genetic identity, but a citizenship status

T'Pring becomes Spock's property because she challenged Spock and lost and is now obligated to give him absolute obedience. And then in a twist, Spock gives Stonn back to Vulcan ("it is possible but has never been done before" says T'Pau) and then "gifts" T'Pring to Stonn as his property with the requirement of absolute obedience. "See that you exact what is due to you - as her absolute owner."

Much of this was removed from the aired version. Vulcan is a very harsh patriarchal world. And Vulcans know how to exact their due when their beloved captain is murdered.

This factoid brought to you courtesy a Star Trek fan who was given these scripts in the 1970s by someone who worked in the TV entertainment industry.

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A fan recollects her first Star Trek Convention in 1976 (photos even include the hotel receipt and her mom's notes)

"That was the first time I was exposed to erotic Star Trek art too; I’ll never forget there was a nude pencil sketch of Spock, reclining on his right elbow, with his left arm modestly concealing his manhood. As I recall, the picture was titled “R&R”. Of course my Mom wasn’t too thrilled with it –’That’s dirty!’ — But one could not deny the female fans their fantasies. In the end I was just forever grateful to my Mom for letting me go to this convention, and putting up with all the Trek mania around her."

There are several blog entries posted under the tag so scroll down for more stories.


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