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Now all it needs is for some of you to head over to Fanlore and add your favorite stories. The stories can have appeared in either zines or online. The template you use is here

When you are done add the Due South Fanfic "tag" at the bottom like this:

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If you don't have a list of favorite stories handy, you can add the stories that have been recommended at crack van over the years. Those stories can be found here and here.

Please feel free to cross-post or link to other Due South fans.

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I used to host panels at conventions, something I still miss. But as my health grew more...complicated, I stopped doing panels. Below are the notes from one of the last panels I held. I think it was at Bascon in the early 2000s. It was a Due South panel and at the time, few fans were willing to step into the gaping wound left behind by the Ray Wars to hold public discussions. That's is when my co-panelist (Mary E) and I came up with the (not so original) idea of using Fraser as the bridge between the two pairing sides. Because, really who does not love Fraser?

Although after the panel, I am not certain everyone was as comfortable with Fraser. The title of the panel was: "Fraser: Saint or Dark Manipulator. Does Fraser live in a delusion that he somehow shares with those around him? Does being friends with Fraser mean falling sway to this delusion or Is he actually the only completely sane person In a nasty, greedy world? (This discussion will be Ray-Ray neutral!) "

Panel notes are below, if you click on them several times you should get to a readable copy.

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Dear Due South veterans of the Ray got nothing on the Beauty and the Beast Classic Wars.

This from a season 1 & 2 fan: "I can't even look at 3S artwork, not at all. I had to have a friend lead me through the artroom at the LA con and tell me where not to go and what not to look at to avoid any pictures of Diana."
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If you are a vidder who has used Blip.TV to stream your vids, your vids will most likely be removed in the next few weeks. I did not receive a notification email, but thanks to [personal profile] laurashapiro I logged in today and found that indeed, they are removing all of my vids.

The streaming options are poor, but I am testing out the AO3's "vid shell" - this is where you host your vid elsewhere  (vimeo, youtube etc) and then use AO3 to create a stable "shell" (or link) to hand out. You can always update where the vid is actually hosted without having to change the link.

Anyhow, here is my Due South vid.

Flying Home (Vid) by Morgan Dawn
Fandom: due South
Relationships: Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski, Benton Fraser/Ray Vecchio
Summary: Fraser character study: his past, present and future life.

And my Supernatural vid

God Says Nothing Back (vid)  by Morgan Dawn
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: Not Rated
Summary: The universe has a message for Sam, but is it one he wants to hear?

I also moved two of my favorite vids by other vidders:
Nights in White Satin (Wiseguy) by Lynn C and Tashery S
Continental Drift (Blake's 7) by Gayle F and Tashery S

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...make you fall in love with your fandom all over again. This vid by [personal profile] heresluck did it for me today.

Also, the next Fanlore editing chat will be this Saturday April 14. Details here.

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A Better Man (18,000 words) 
Published Feb. 2004 in "Hawk & Handsaw"

Back from Florida and his failed marriage, Ray Vecchio deals with the reality of Fraser’s new partnership with Kowalski.

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Over the summer pharis offered to remaster "Wonder of Birds" a Due South vid that  laurashapiro and I made a while back (it was my first computer vid BTW).

So here it is - you can download it via laura's journal here

or watch it here (you can download the lyrics at laura's journal)
A huge thank you to pharis for remastering!


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