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 So [personal profile] xlorp  and I have decided we'll do what we can (which is all any of us can do). We plan to make 1 phone call a week (since phone calls are what moves the DC machinery) and also focus on local topics which have a big impact on our quality of life

To help us select what to focus on, we'll be using several resources. This one is public and open to anyone:

A call a day keeps fascism away! Scripts & strategies for contacting elected officials and other forms of resistance. 
Sign up here: or peruse  their archive

edited: there is also a Weekly Call To Action Google Doc. The first link goes to a set of tips. The second link goes to the actual list. Last week is was about Bannon, This week the ACA and getting the House Oversight Committee to start looking into Trumps conflict of interest issues

Two amazing tools to help you reach out to your Congresspersons (we have tested both)

Jessica Fish (@Fishica) tweeted at 0:57 PM on Thu, Nov 17, 2016:
MAGIC ALERT: You call this number and it auto-connects you to ALL of your congressfolks offices, hops from 1 to the next. 1 (844) 872-0234

Add Their Numbers To Your Phone
Text your US address to (520) 200-2223 to get a list of your star and federal reps.

(zip alone is often enough. If you are really paranoid, use the address of that neighbor who leaves their dog home alone on long weekends until it barks itself hoarsely to sleep).

This year we're skipping holiday gifts and we donated to:

TransLifeLine (transgender support hotline)
Southern Poverty Law Center
Planned Parenthood


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TM Alexander is a fan artist, fan writer, a zine publisher. She has contributed to many fandoms ranging from Due South to Sentinel, from Miami Vice to X-Files. Her most recent publication was the Sherlock Holmes fan novel, The Blue Daemon. 

Direct fundraising link: 


Her art from the Due South novella “Northwest Passage”

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I have not verified all of these GoFundMe/YouCaring Campaigns. I decided to give to the ones with the least amount raised so far (since I don't have enough to give to everyone). Additional links appreciated. Check here for the latest updated list.

Bennetta Bet-Badal:
Aurora Godoy:
Robert Adams:
Tin Nguyen:
Michael Wetzel:
Nicholas Thalasinos:
Juan Espinoza:
Harry Bowman:
Yvette Velasco:
Sierra Clayborn:

If you can afford only one donation consider:

San Bernardino United Relief Fund (

Arrowhead United Way, a nonprofit, has set up the San Bernardino United Relief Fund to help those affected by the mass shooting. Donations can be made online or by texting "SBUNITED" to 71777. You can also send checks made payable to SBUNITED, Arrowhead United Way, 646 North D. St., San Bernardino, CA 92401.

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Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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Look what I found on my door step!

Why look! Fans printing their fic  and selling hard copies for charity. The circle is complete.

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501 Mile walk | Kevin Doyle's Fundraiser
On June 6th I will begin a 501 plus mile walk from San Francisco to San Diego in my Star Wars Stormtrooper armor.

Husband is walking from George Lucas Museum in Petaluma, CA to ComicCon in San Diego, CA in memory of his wife. Funds will go to support his cancer charity. They’ve only raised 15% of his goal, so if you can spare any, please donate.

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Help fund a student's education in another country. The School Fund project helps crowd source the education costs for students all over the world. You can communicate with the students and where possible they post receipts for the tuition.  Average costs are around $400 a year.

Here is Shadya. She lives in Tanzania and is attending Ummu Salama Secondary School, The project funded her first two years of  schooling (2013 and 2014). She is now raising funds for 2015. She wants to become a doctor: "The kind of doctor I would like to be is a doctor special for children and women."

Read more:
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Help a woman with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome move into an accessible apartment in Munich Germany. For those of you who do not live in Europe, many renters must "buy" or pay for "fixtures" (the kitchen and the washing machine) before they move in. [personal profile] mathsnerd is disabled and needs to raise funds by August 1 so that she can move into an accessible apartment. Her existing lease will end in a few months. More info is here and her GoFundMe page is here. However, for US donations it may be easier to go through paypal (she gives her paypal address in the first link). And for those who care to do due diligence before donating, [personal profile] mathsnerd assures us that her cats have reviewed the new accommodations and approve of the move.
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1. Donate to Planned Parenthood. You can also donate at the local level. And then consider donating to RAIIN, an organization that helps rape and abuse survivors.

2. Demand that your access to over the air programming be restored and that cloud computing be allowed to develop and grow and flourish. Imagine if the Supreme Court
had ruled that VCRs were infringing back in 1984...we wouldn't have much of the personal media technology we have today.


"In an open letter on Tuesday, [Aero CEO] Kanojia asked
the public to help restore Aereo:
Contact your lawmakers and tell them how disappointing it is to you that the nation's highest court has issued a decision that could take away your right to use a cloud-based antenna to access live over-the-air broadcast television.

The spectrum that the broadcasters use to transmit over-the-air programming belongs to the American public and you should have a right to access that programming whether your antenna sits on the roof of your home, on top of your television, or in the cloud.

Ask your elected officials to take action to protect your right use an antenna to access live free-to-air broadcasts, including a modern antenna located in the cloud."

3. Recharge your fandom love with this Star Trek vid: "
Long Live (Star Trek)". As I watched it, I am reminded of the many Star Trek fans that I have tracked down and spoken with this past year for the Sandy Hereld Memorial Digitized Media Fanzine Collection. These women from the 1970s-80s-90s have said: "Star Trek played such a big role in my life back then. It is wonderful it is being remembered." What I sometimes say back to them is this: "It is you who we are remembering."
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Sadly, we lost two older fans this past week. Page Lewis was a Star Trek fan who ran fan clubs for George Takei and Grace Lee Whitney. She also published fanzines and was a frequent attendee at Shore Leave. We have set up her Fanlore page here:

Her friend Roberta Rogow asked me to pass along this info:
"Condolences may be sent to Page's brother, James Lewis, 869 Brimer Rd, Newnan GA 30263. We discussed memorials and floral tributes, and he thinks that a donation to a local charity that directly benefits people struggling with mental and physical difficulties would be more appropriate, since Page wasn't a fan of cut flowers (she said they bothered her sinuses, and the cat might eat them!)."

Star Trek and Professionals fan Sharon Fetter also passed recently.  Her Fanlore page is here: and you are welcome to add your memories. If you don't have a Fanlore account, you can email the Gardeners at:  or  drop me a note and I will add it to Fanlore for you.

We have a tag set up for fans who have passed. If you are in a reflective or contemplative mood, check out the list and see if you have memories or recollections you'd like to include:

And last, shortly after the actor Deforest Kelly died in 1999, charitable donations were set up in his name. One charity that was selected was the North Shore Animal League. Fans have revived the donation to help out the shelter. Info is here:

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First up, the Prancing Elites, an African American gay dance troop from Alabama is offering a special gift for those who donate $25 to their Kickstarter fundraising drive. More details here: "We have a Christmas special for our kickstarter program... if you donate $25 you'll be able to receive a screen print Prancing Elites graphic tshirt & a Prancing Elites towel... Hopefully you all have a great Christmas... we love you all."

And I just saw one of my comments about the group appear on a random tweet...I am glad it was not the burka version.  The tweet was in reference to the fact that they have been dis-invited from the Mobile New Years parade even though they offered to wear tracksuits that cover their entire body.

this is my favorite photo from the Semmes Christmas parade (link to the article here).

And last, a video of the Prancing Elites dancing to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' Same Love,"

direct link

"Clemons believes parents who think their appearance will affect their children, "should tell their children that 'God made everyone different, and they are just males who are different.' Us passing by them for two seconds is not going to have any effect on their lives, but telling them everything in a negative way is going to change them for the rest of their lives."

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The Prancing Elites, the gay dance troop from Mobile, Alabama were just dis-invited from the Mobile, Alabama New Years Parade. They even offered to wear baggy tracksuits so as to not offend any children or childish adults watching the parade (sarcasm alert). This came after protests over their participation in a Christmas parade in another town. Video of them in the Xmas parade is here.

Anyhow, if you want to help them out emotionally, there is a poll here. And financially, here is the post I made about their fundraiser to find a safe place to practice.

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This dance group has chosen a difficult path to walk: they are an all-male, African-American gay dance team from Mobile, Alabama.

They have 8 days left to raise funds for next year. Like many Kickstarter campaigns if they do not reach their goal, they do not get funded. They are at the 1/3 level.

The type of fallout they typically encounter.
"We love performing at football games. We were performing in the stands at a game in our hometown of Mobile, Alabama, and the police officer told us, “You all are not the entertainment, and you should be ashamed of yourselves for being up here dancing like girls. If you all get up and even look like you're dancing then we are going to put you out and you will not be getting refunded.”

Why they need funds?
"We practice all year round, regardless if it’s raining, freezing cold, or scorching hot, we still have to practice. The only sad part about this situation is that we don’t have a practice space. We practice at night from 10pm-2am five nights a week in an elementary school parking lot and their P.E. field. The neighborhood where the school is located causes us to worry at night when unfamiliar cars ride by numerous times. We are scared for our lives, because being in the South, there are still a lot of homophobic people and we never know who’s having a bad day and may harm us physically. The reason for the late practice is because several members have jobs and are full time students. This in itself should show you our passion still outweighs all the compromising situations we encounter. So with all that being said, we are trying to help raise money to have a safe practice space where we can just do what we love and feel safe from any violence."

edited: And finally, because Kickstarter campaigns are not funded if they do not reach their goal: "If our project unsuccessful, would you mind donating the pledged amount that you pledged on our project to our team's paypal account. Our need is still there, even if all the funds aren't met. You won't be charged by kickstarter if our project isn't successful. If you don't mind pledging your amount to our PayPal account, send an email of your intended amount to:"

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The brief also urges the Court to clarify that the sender of a takedown notice is required make reasonable determinations about the law.  In other words, if a copyright holder is going to claim someone violates copyright law, it should first have some idea of what qualifies as a violation. Too often, we have seen copyright owners send takedown notices informed by only the vaguest notion of what actually qualifies as infringement. As we explain:

A law that grants a private actor the power to do what even a court cannot—cause the prior restraint of speech based on a purely ex parte review—alters not only the traditional contours of copyright protection but of our fundamental free speech doctrines. Such a law can only be tolerated, if at all, if the exercise of that power is tied to an obligation to understand what the law is, and to make reasonable assertions based on that understanding.

More here


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