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Over the summer pharis offered to remaster "Wonder of Birds" a Due South vid that  laurashapiro and I made a while back (it was my first computer vid BTW).

So here it is - you can download it via laura's journal here

or watch it here (you can download the lyrics at laura's journal)
A huge thank you to pharis for remastering!
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Debuted at  a Vividcon Premiere vid show 3 yrs ago. This is the streaming version on iMeem. If you'd like a high quality download drop me a note. 

Fandom: Jeremiah
Song: "I Am The Highway"
Artist: Audioslave
Summary: A lonely journey through a post-apocalyptic world.

The Highway from morgandawn on Vimeo.

Password: Jeremiah



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notes are here. This is the online streaming version.

Ghost from Fan Fandom on Vimeo.

Vid by Morgan Dawn. Premiered at the 2005 Vividcon vid show.

Password: thedoctor

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God Says Nothing Back streaming version
If you'd like a high quality download drop me a note. 
(This is a vid I made years ago)

God Says Nothing Back from morgandawn on Vimeo.


edited to add: at a friend's request, I add (somewhat tongue in cheek) vidder's notes. I normally don't post notes. But here is the short version: POV = Sam Winchester. He is asking the universe: "why me? why do I have to live this life? why did my mother and Jess die?"

The universe (not being into direct communication - kinda like a passive aggressive SO) uses the people in his life to answer back:
Mom - God says nothing back
Dad - Time says nothing back
Dean - Love says nothing back
Jess - Death says nothing back.

If you haven't picked it up yet: the universe (the bastard) isn't answering Sam's question ("I told you so"). Which leaves Sam, in the end, poised between hope (fire/doves & burning Madonna) and the demon. Gasping, out of breath, caught between fear and determination. additional in-depth commentary from a viewer of the vid here: edited 3/3/2015: removed the imeem link, added vimeo
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A follow-up to this post and idea here:

Please feel free to drop a link to the first vid you made. Any fandom, any date is welcome. Even if your first vid has been online for while you can participate. Ditto if your first vid was made only days ago - or last year. Or last decade. Or whenever. All first vids in all fandoms are welcome. The idea is to show case our first efforts, remind of us where we started and encourage others who have just started vidding.

My first vid was made in 1995. It is streamed here here on iMeem .

Title: Ordinary World
Fandom: The Professionals
Artist: Duran, Duran

I made this vid using two VCRs and second or third generation copies of the TV show on videotape. Looking back it has all the hallmarks of a 'great' first time vid: cuts off (not on) the beat, long clips (although to be fair we all had limits on how fast we could cut using VCRs - but trust me, these are looong clips), talking heads etc.

The idea came to me while I was living apart from

[ profile] xlorp and working on a huge project that took me to Los Angeles for a year and a half. I would drive home to my rented room in the evening and listen to this song and think of him and how much I missed him. The line 'Where is my friend when I need him most?" captured for me the dynamics of my (then) favorite pairing of Bodie and Doyle. The 'ordinary world' the singer keeps singing about is (surprise surprise) all the girlfriends they love and lost. I guess that means they were fated to be together, eh?


Edited in 2008: Another 'first vid' thread has been started here

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Premiered at Bascon 2006

: The Journey
Artist: Loreena M.
Fandom: LOTR
Size: 46MB Xvid AVI (zipped)
Co-Vidders: GF & Morgan Dawn

Frodo's journey between the darkness and the light. In the end, he carries both away with him.

Streaming version.

Click here to download the vid. Please note that my site requires a password for access.
Just follow the instructions on the main page.

For those of you who already have the password, it has not changed.

I normally don't go in for extensive vidder's notes (so I won't). Suffice it to say, this vid would not have been made without the encouragement of my friends who counseled me through health induced changes in my editing methods that were both painful and frustrating.

Nov. 7, 1:50pm PST: The web hosting company for my website is back up.
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This premiered at Vividcon this weekend. It is on the con DVD set.

Song: Ghost
Artist: Live
Fandom: Dr Who
Format: 20MB DivX file (both PC & Mac compatible)
Summary: The Doctor & Rose learn that some people can haunt you forever.

Permament streaming version at AO3

Ghost from Fan Fandom on Vimeo.

Vid by Morgan Dawn. Premiered at the 2005 Vividcon vid show.

Password: thedoctor

You can view a streaming version of the vid here. If you'd like a high quality download drop me a note. 

Edited: I actually had to scroll through my mailbox to help my overtaxed memory, but thanks to the following who were my betas/collaborators: [personal profile] gattagrigia (for crucial help on reshaping the song into a more narrative structure), [personal profile] laurashapiro (color, color and more color!), and [personal profile] permetaform (beats are our friends). And a special thanks to [personal profile] xlorp for patiently walking into the room every 15 minutes when I called out: "oooh, look at this clip. And this clip. And this clip....Oh look! Another clip."

Some random technical comments. I’ve never offered any comments before on a vid. It seems time consuming, somewhat self-reflective, and boring. But never let it be said, I was afraid to be boring. Or self-absorbed.
Read more... )
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Am back from Vividcon. It was a wonderful con (more posts hopefully later). But before I am swamped heading back to work, here is the info on my latest video.

Debuted at Vividcon Premiere vid show.

Fandom: Jeremiah
Song: "I Am The Highway"
Artist: Audioslave
Size: 20MB (Windows Media Player)
Summary: A lonely journey through a post-apocalyptic world.

Download Site: (password required, instructions on site)


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