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Image 1: If ebooks-Tree has links to your fanfic on AO3, this is the screen you will see. The number of stories is in the upper left corner.

Image 2: If ebooks-Tree does not have links to your fanfic on AO3, there will be no stories listed. There will be a fake download link in the center that will take you to a pay website that will ask you for your credit card to download the story. I do not know if you can download stories from this “fake” website link because they require a credit card to test.

Image 3: If the story is on ebooks-Tree you will find an individual page (This story is “A Visit From the Home Office” by [personal profile] esteefee). There are two links: the center link is to the pay website that will ask for a credit card to download your fic. The smaller link to the far left is a direct link to the story on A03. The mobi file in this second link is still stored on A03.

Image 4: The last page is what happens if you click on the “free” link to the left to the mobi file stored on A03. As of 4/13/2015, AO3 has disabled the direct links and this is the page the reader will see. They will not be able to download the A03 file. They will not be able to go to your AO3 page. However, the “fake” link remains - I do not know if you can still access the story from there as it requires a credit card to test.

edited: as of 4/14/2014, ebooks-Tree has found a way to bypass the AO3 block.


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