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I backup a lot. I backup my backups. But one thing that is hard to backup are your installed software, profiles and configurations. Yes, there are system images but they can be tricky to re-install, especially when a hard drive is replaced and you have to decode whether to do a fresh OS install.

In any event, my hard drive failed the Short Disk Self Test so HP is sending me a new hard drive (with a human to arrive later in the week) to install it on Friday. My 3 year extended warranty dies in....7 days.   I ran  few of my own tests and found only 15 bad sectors on a 1.8 TB drive.  Which makes me worry it is a software corruption and not necessarily just a bad hard drive. Which makes the system images I am laboriously making a bit less attractive. But trying to reinstall years of software with license keys that may or may not work...if I can find them. And if I can find the older versions of the software that go along with them.

The other risk is that when the tech shows up they will crack open the case look at ait and say: Holy Fuck!! and take it all back and I will really be without any computer for weeks. I am not kind to my computers. I know I will one day have to answer to the Great Computer In The Sky for my misdeeds.

In the meantime, don't email me anything important. Expect that I will have forgotten any and all commitments by the time I re-emerge. Feel free to ping me again when I give the all clear sign.


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