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These notes go along with this episode (transcript on its way)!

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“When someone is making money from fan labor, there is always an opportunity for censorship. When fans have to depend on someone else, that someone else might take something down that they don’t like, and we don’t have to think too hard about why they might not like it—maybe they won’t like it for copyright reasons, maybe they won’t like it for trademark reasons, maybe they won’t like it for content reasons, maybe they won’t like it for personality reasons. But there’s a sort of personal autonomy element to fandom that I think is a really important thing to preserve. Maybe not the only important thing to preserve, but a thing that matters, and I think that’s part of what mattered to the [Organization for Transformative Works].”

-Betsy Rosenblatt in the newest episode of fansplaining, talking about some of the driving ideas behind the founding of transformativeworks (via fansplaining)

AO3 = Archive OOur Own = A Room Of One’s Own   = “noted in its argument for both a literal and figural space for women writers within a literary tradition dominated by patriarchy. “

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back cover T'hy'la #12 by Marilyn Cole

front cover T'hy'la #12 by Marilyn Cole

Interested in reading K/S fanzines?
The US K/S Press Fanzine Library has fanzines to loan.

The K/S Press is a free monthly newsletter that any K/S fan can subscribe to by contacting

The Press offers two lending libraries - one in the US and
one in the UK.

The US librarian has run the KS Press Fanzine Library for many years. She knows the zines very well and can assist new readers, guiding them to zines that will be just what they’re looking for. To borrow from the library, you need to become a K/S Press member. There is a small yearly fee charged to use the library.
Here is a listing of the US Libraries holdings.

Why The Library?
Although the library does not lend out zines that are still in print, there is a whole legacy of zines available. Zines with art and poetry. Zines with stories that will never be published on the internet or archives such as AO3 or The K/S Archive. Classics such as
Courts of Honor that may be difficult to read off of a computer screen.

The US library will mail up to three zines for a period of five weeks; a week to read each zine plus a week at each end for mailing. They usually mail zines at the Media Mail rate, which is the cheapest way, but of course will mail at any rate the borrower wishes. When the zines are returned the postage costs to get the zines to the reader are returned as well.

The Chris Soto Memorial Library
The US KS Press librarian also administers The
Chris Soto Memorial Library which consists of tapes and professional books about Star Trek including all the episodes and the animated series. All titles in the zine library including hard-to-find gen zines galore, are printed each month in the KSP.

Questions? Contact Carolyn Spencer @
Carspence @ (please contact catalenamara first as you need to be a member of KS Press in order to borrow from the library)

*The covers for
T'hy'la #12 merge to form a panoramic view of Spock spinning a web around Kirk. Artwork by Marilyn Cole

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