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I suddenly started getting Facebook messages sent to my gmail account. I traced it back and found another Morgan Dawn on Facebook - she signed up to Facebook using her new gmail account. But it turns out she was using my email address by mistake.  On google you own the full name even with dots and + and other symbols.

So morgandawn is the same as morgan.dawn as is m.organ.dawn

So if you use the wrong gmail address to sign up for another service, you will never have control of the other service (Facebook, banks, etc)

Since this is not a hack, just someone who does not know how Google works I tried to send her a Facebook message to tell her she needs to create a new gmail account  that does not use morgandawn and that she  needs to change her Facebook email address to that new gmail address.  Unfortunately, she does not accept Facebook messages from non-friends. But since I am being flooded with messages from her friends, I tracked down two who do have Facebook messaging enabled and asked them to have her contact me (at another email address). She probably wont be able to log into Facebook for a while.  And luckily she has only used my email for Facebook (I think).  I did make certain that my gmail recovery email is set to another address and that I have the appropriate gmail security.

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Copying this from a mailing list announcement.

"Gmail has suddenly started seeing LJ notifications as spam. 

You can set up a filter by clicking on the little gear icon under your sign-in name (top right) and selecting "settings", then "filters". Select "create a new filter" and put in the "from" field, then choose "continue" at the bottom and check the box that says "never send to spam", then save or update.

 Or you can just check the "not spam" box on any messages and hope gmail will catch on for the future, but I wouldn't count on it!


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