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 in order to post to DW from tumblr I have to use DW post  by email service which works great.   problem is that all the formatting gets stripped from the DW post

I need help figuring out if this is a problem with the IFTT recipe that grabs the tumblr post and sends it to DW or if it is DW stripping the formatting.

any help appreciated.
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 Recently there has been much discussion on the limits of  the tumblr platform to allow threaded commentary and longer meta posts. That usually is followed by even more commentary on the shortcomings of DW and LJ and how things  were not better in the olden days. That is not this post.

Instead, I will be riffing on a possible workflow  to cross-post from tumblr to DW/LJ.  The goal is to encourage more....discussion like discussions. Note: this is sadly not a technical post because neither tumblr nor DW nor LJ allow cross-posting. Tumblr does allow cross-posting to twitter and FB. See Workflow #2 Below

Workflow Method 1 - Dreamwidth To Tumblr Manual
1. When you want to make a meta/discussion post,  start with DW/ LJ.  Write up your meta post.
2. Copy a brief section into tumblr. You can  do this as a text  post or if you have a snazzy gifset, you can include  it as a link inside an image post.  Make the tumblr post as appealing/sexy/snazzy as you can.  The goal is to overcome the normal inertia of leaving a platform.
3. Click on the Add Link button and link back to your DW entry.
4, Add a note about anonymous commenting (if turned on) and OpenID. Make certain your DW/LJ post is unlocked.
5. (Optional) Add a link back to tumblr to allow DW/LJ readers to follow and peek at the tumblr reblogs.

Note: this  is a workflow mainly for text  based meta. Giftset meta you might need to reverse.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Things I missed? 

Workflow Method 2 - Dreamwidth To Tumblr Automatic - Detailed instructions

Instructions Short version
1. Create IFTT Account
2. Use Pre-existing IFFT recipe (IFTT recipe here) 
3. Verify DW settings and make DW post
4. DW post appears on tumblr

Workflow Method 3 - Dreamwidth To Tumblr Automatic
Instructions Short Version
1. Install Mobile "Share On Tumblr" Bookmarklet into your browser
2. Navigate to the DW/LJ post you want to Share on Tumblr
3. Click on the bookmarklet - when the window pops up you can add text and tags and post to tumblr. Note: only a bare bones link will show up. Not the full text or photos unless you manually add them

Workflow Method  4 - Tumblr to Dreamwidth Automatic - more details/instructions pending
(IFTT recipe here)
Instructions Short Version
1. Create IFTT Account
2. Use Pre-existing IFFT recipe
3. Make tumblr post
4. Tumblr post appears on DW

And dear God, someone please come up with a way to automate/streamline/integrate or something to make these platfotms work for us ...instead of us working for them.

edited to add: I am testing If Then Then That to see if I can funnel selected tumblr posts to DW via Gmail. The main problem is that it does not create a link in my tumblr post to DW but will continue exploring.
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Don't use it as I don;t have much time/painfree moments left for short attention span computer interactions. In my cost benefit world of pain free moments the tumblr math does not (yet) add up.

All that being said, I am using RSS feeds to follow a few tumblr accounts and am enjoying them. One word on RSS feeds - if you are using tumblr and want your content to be available only a week having readers use RSS feeds to keep up with your posts should work. If you want people to find older posts (say a rec list or vids) the RSS feed will carry only the latest content and won't have tags. The same in reverse for readers who use RSS feeds - the only way to find older content is to go to the tumblr account and try to use the navigation there.

Cross-posting is the way to go but tools are scarce. Here is discussion of a wordpress crosspost plugin

This tumblr to LJ crosspost tool looks promising: anyone tested it? edited: as someone reminded me, a cross-posting tool would defeat the purpose of using tumblr to avoid social interaction/social pressures/discussions. But I know that tumblr usage varies and people have different reasons/motivations for using the platform so I think the tool may be of interest to some.

Are there any other tumblr/lj/dw cross-posting methods in use?


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